Beyond The Uniform: William Hannay, Costumer

Beyond The Uniform: William Hannay, Costumer

Hi, my name is SSgt. William
Hannay, I’m a weapons load crew team chief. So the character that I was gonna be doing
today is “The Batman Who Laughs,” so I built the- I made the coat completely on
my own, punched the leather and all that. There’s so many different techniques, a
lot of it like this piece is actually foam work; it’s just five millimeter foam,
styrofoam spikes. I love building it, I love seeing people’s reactions to the
work that I put into it, but I think I also just love the community.
It’s not, “Oh, I’m not going to tell you how I built this because it’s a trade
secret or my costume is better than yours,” it’s, “Hey man, yours is awesome! Oh,
yours is awesome! How did you do this? Oh, I did this and
this or hey tried this technique instead of this technique.” For the most part, the
community is is so widespread and everyone is very open and welcoming and
they try and help each other out. I think as it’s, it’s very much a stress
relief. You know, you know when you’re in the service you deal with all these all
the different stressors: testing for promotion or deployments or TDYs or
trying to get awards. I can get out there and I turn on some music and I start digging
into clay or carving in a piece of foam or pouring, pouring the resin or whatever
it is and I lose myself on a project I can go outside and I’ve been out for
eight, nine hours at a time and in a garage in Vegas in the middle of summer with
the door open and not even think about it. I kind of just completely lose
myself and I’m in my happy place, I guess.

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  1. Cosplay is wonderful. Be tactically and technically proficient in your art, and deploy to AnimeBoston! Bring a Battle Buddy!

  2. More mask videos. Google search "pentagon" "child porn". Yep. A story about 6K pentagon employees using work email to buy child porn. People who love war are gross.

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