Big Bang Theory: Wedding Dress Shopping and Emotions || Mayim Bialik

Big Bang Theory: Wedding Dress Shopping and Emotions || Mayim Bialik

– Hey everybody! Are you ready for the Amy, Sheldon Big Bang Theory wedding episode? I know I am! Let’s talk though, about
Amy’s wedding dress. It’s no surprise that the
Shamy wedding happens in May. Let’s talk about May, shall we? May, it’s the month of weddings,
it’s the month of spring. The flowers are blooming,
the birds are chirping. All’s good on G-d’s green earth. In such a perfect month, with
such a monumental episode on the horizon, why do I feel mopey? Let’s play multiple choice. Is my Mayim mopey, A, because of Trump. B, because I always
prefer winter over spring. Or C, because trying on
wedding dresses as Amy meant that real life Mayim had to try on traditional wedding dresses
and that’s hard for me. Well, always A, sometimes B and yeah, a lot of C. Oh, before I get into talking about why I’m mopey about wedding dresses, please remember, like this
video, if you like it. Share it and subscribe to my channel. But when you subscribe,
there’s a little bell icon that appears, you have to click the bell so that you get all of my notifications and all of these videos can appear in your life all the time. Okay, let’s get back to
last night’s episode. Amy had to pick a wedding dress and it brought up a lot of things that I personally am not comfortable with. Those things are, number one,
traditional wedding dresses. Number two, trying on
traditional wedding dresses. Number three, being a divorced woman trying on traditional wedding dresses. I think you get the idea. Let’s work our way up from the easiest and most amusing feelings I’m having to the hardest and most
complicated ones I’m having. What’s annoying to me about
traditional wedding dresses? Well, I’m not a traditional person. So about 15 years ago, when I got married, I didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress. So what does traditional mean? Like uh… Like satin and lace and like, puckers and little beads that look like pearls like, clusters, appliqué. Other french words, I’m
sure exist for the things. I didn’t wanna go like the
expensive, traditional route and go to those like, wedding stores where there’s like, the
lady and she’s perky and like, I just (groans). Too much interaction with
people trying to tell me, oh my God you look so pretty. I couldn’t do it. So what did I do for my wedding? Well, there was an antique lace store called Paris 1900 that used to be in Santa Monica, here
in Southern California. And my mom and I went and I
saw this beautiful lace dress, it was the first one I tried
on and that’s what I wore. It wasn’t very expensive, it wasn’t fancy, it was delicate and flattering and modest. And I felt really good in it. That was it, one and done. And so, the idea of
taking a traditional dress in a style that I don’t really
like in the first place, and then having to stand for a seamstress and her putting pins in everything to modify a dress that you’re
literally gonna wear once and probably, rarely,
if ever look at again, while there are homeless children on the streets of every
city in this country. It just, it didn’t sit well with me. And so, when I was at
the wardrobe fitting, trying on the dresses that
Amy would be trying on, I felt self-conscious
because I’m not traditional. And it just feels like, maybe I wished I could be more normal. I have ambivalence about
that and so, it’s just weird. As for the actual trying
on of the wedding dresses, I don’t know that I would have predicted that I would have had this reaction. Even though it’s for a
character, it’s still me. Like, it’s my body, it’s what I look like in a wedding dress. And I don’t know if that’s
in my life’s journey to be in a wedding dress again. So I don’t know, it’s just, it’s hard. Yeah, it’s hard. But a strange thing happened. I tried on many dresses and
some made it to the screen and some did not. Even though they didn’t fit perfectly and some needed to be altered and I didn’t have any makeup on. And I actually wasn’t
feeling that good that day ’cause I had just been sick. What happened was, I actually liked the way that I looked in these dresses. Like, even the traditional frilly ones. This leads to the most
complicated set of feelings that I had about trying
on wedding dresses. I felt like, and I still feel like me in this wedding dress
draws all sorts of like, bride related attention to me and I don’t know that I want that. Because like, I’m divorced. Like, everyone in the wardrobe department and everybody who saw me in the dress was like, oh my God, you look so pretty. But like, I used to be
married and now I’m not and just like (groans). And I really was worried
that my mom would see me in these dresses and be like, oh my God you’re gonna get
married again in real life? ‘Cause you look so pretty, oh my God. That’s not how she talks though, she’s like, oh my God, you’re
gonna get married again? Oh my God. Neither works for me. I worry that people are gonna ask me if I can picture myself
getting married again and I just, I don’t
know how to answer that. And ultimately, this is hard. I wonder if people will feel pity for me because I tried to be married once like I was in that position and I failed, you know? And I know that it’s
not in my best interest to care so much what
other people think of me, because I think I worry about that more than I even care about
what I think about for myself. My real life experience, like
right now and going forward, is in some senses framed by Amy’s. It seems that my life and
all of our lives really, kinda bounces back and forth
between fantasy and reality. Between expectation and disappointment. Between success and failure. Between maybe and yes. Between I’m not sure to maybe
I like what this feels like. And yes, in this month of may, for so many of us, and
for Amy and Sheldon, between I don’t… And I do. What did you think of
Amy’s wedding dress choice? Please leave your comments below and if you liked one of the other dresses that Amy tried on, tell me about that too. Thank you so much for watching and we will see you
for the wedding episode in a couple weeks. And for more about Amy’s dress and Amy and Sheldon’s wedding, make sure to go to

100 Replies to “Big Bang Theory: Wedding Dress Shopping and Emotions || Mayim Bialik”

  1. Staying married when you are clearly done is a failure. Having the courage to go forward after that enlightenment/realization is a spiritual ascension. Oh and Amy's dress suited Amy, but of course was as hideous AF. 😉 Be well sis.

  2. Like the Amy Sheldon TV togetherness.. all the characters relationships adores each other while liking different things. The men give the women what they need to shine and the women motives and tweets them. Its friendship (I think). The wedding dress was right but

  3. I wasn't a fan of Amy's dress, BUT it was soooo Amy. And Sheldon's reaction, I actually cried.
    I'm a huge crier, and it was great to see Amy in the beautiful dresses as opposed to her usual clothes (no judgement) but she chose the perfect dress for her

    Love your channel and after binge watching, I finally clicked that little bell icon, after being subscribed for a while now 😇🙏💚

  4. I loved your real wedding dress. Amy's not so much. I always wanted them to let you be more atractive in the show.
    Just because you're smart you don't need to be frumpy.

  5. You didn't fail! The marriage may have, but that was not you, it simply wasn't the right thing for you at that time in your life. Failure should not be an issue. You were blessed with your children and you know what you wanted and needed, that is a big breakthrough in one's life experience. Love the experience and love the life. No failures, just learning experiences and love always!

  6. Mayim, your divorce was not a failure. It was a miss. Your family can still eat together at holidays, so it is definitely not a failure. Your family is still intact, even if you and your husband parted ways. That's a win.

  7. I hated the dress when you came out in it, but when Sheldon loved it and in the actual wedding episode you looked sort of lovely. Your wedding dress however was stunning

  8. Loved the dress it fit Amy's strange way of dressing. I watch this episode of the wedding over and over. The vows were so beautiful so kudos to the writers.

  9. I truly love that you are so down to earth and so real…have faith your beautiful and sweet…your prince is out there 😊 you are not a failure…divorce is not a failure …Divorce is self awareness that it’s not meant to be…. and in all I did not like Amy’s wedding but Sheldon loved it and that’s all that

  10. You looked great in your own wedding dress, it was true to your nature. Been divorced will hurt for a while, but it’s going to be okay and GOD will bring good out of this experience if you give to him your feelings and dreams.

  11. You are always you. You never failed marriage- takes 2 to tango. You succeeded by PhD, 2 kids who have a real father who cares for them and you. U and ur ex are friends still ( even if just for kids, u don't do what many failed marriages do: u don't bad mouth the other parent.
    So actually! You are a success!
    As women, we are taught to downplay achievements ( like I tried not to get beta club or honor society I had just finished a cow judging event ( I was a farmer with overalls and boots )..point?
    U r a great success.
    Marriage is hardest thing ( after delivery of children)
    As a feminist, u r exactly perfect as is.

  12. "that was it. What a nun"….??
    You're a hoot.
    You're wedding dress was very traditional. I mean traditional in the way as, 1929 post Titanic days. It was very tractional. And lovely. My dress was 125$ tea length dress. I love it. Still have it. M

  13. Why do you always mention being divorced? You still are trying to come to terms with that. You are still so grieving the end of that.
    I grieved 5 or 6yrs. Then I wanted to be married again. I wanted my husband to be a man who wanted it was much as I do. I have that. You will never be married again if you don't decide that you WANT to be married again. Right now, Hun, it's too new. Even now, after all this time, It's too new. M, il.

  14. Is is funny how much power we give to an article of clothing. Wedding day or everyday, clothes give us a part of how we feel about ourselves and our identities. Interesting as we come into this world naked. When does this happen and is it taught.

  15. Why hasn’t it taken me so long to find your Vlog Mayim. Loving your honesty! Thanks for your posts!

  16. I love how real you are in your videos. It's real life good and bad, you just happen to be a celebrity. Thank you for sharing your real thoughts with us!

  17. Your dress is beautiful… You are beautiful. Mayim, if Amy (Yes, I realize she is a character, not real. Lol. ) BUT if such a person can find true love, you can too. it is true that people like us, who are different, unusual, CAN find love again if we want to…some day. YOU didn't fail, ( I hear your voice quiver when you say… you failed.) No, your marriage just didn't work out. Such non success is not just one person's failure. It takes two… and we grow and change as we live life, plus, intelligent woman can be … intimidating to men, some men. No, I'm not feeling pity for you. I think you are beautiful and so ABSOLUTELY intelligent, and you are funny and a genuinely caring person. Your YouTube videos are very honest as well. You are very open. Don't give up Mayim. I am a grandmother, I'm sure you know there are phases in life… You are about to start a new phase in your own life with new adventures and opportunities. It will all be ok, I promise. Sholom!
    God Bless You!

  18. Amy dress is Amy!!! I would not picture her wearing anything different. That was the most perfect dress for her.

    My "wedding dress" was a black skirt, booties, a flowery top and a white cowboy hat with a veil (made by my husband). Nope, I can't see myself in a real wedding dress…

  19. I’m not normal n I don’t do traditional either. I do what I want n like n don’t care what others think.

    Divorce isn’t failure. It’s a learning experience. Learn from it. If I get married/divorced again I won’t do it. It’s a pain in the ass. Just b happy. All that matters. Move forward never look back. The past doesn’t dictate who u r or where ur going.

  20. I too felt like I had failed after my divorce and I remember one day calling my ex and crying asking " What happened to us?" Granted I had just come home from the hospital and the ER had given a pain killer, but still it was embarrassing. LOL I can now look at the situation 30 years later and at my daughter and granddaughters, and admit that my ex and I were just a couple of kids playing house, then we had a baby, and it was just to much at the time, but our daughter and granddaughters were meant to be. I got over the hurt and anger and I would love to thank my ex one day if he'll talk to me, for working with God to give me 3 of the biggest blessings of my life, because if it wasn't for God and him I wouldn't have my family and I'm glad that he found a woman that makes him happy and they got married. You didn't fail, it was a life lesson and you're handling it wonderfully.

  21. Amy rearrange the words = May 😂and the wedding is in May 😂

    Also Amy’s dress I hated it at first but when I saw the actual episode YOU LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL!! So it kinda grew on me, be I did like the other dresses that Amy tries on ❤️😍😘

  22. First of all sorry for my poor english. I´m spanish fan of you and I didn´t use english for a very long time. I have some knowledge of psychology. I have to say that you impress me saying that you failed on been married. I instanly think: "WHAT?". Marriage it´s not about succed or fail!! You talk about it like "MY FAULT". I have spoken with many women that saw her divorce as a complete self-fail. Marriage wokrs or do not work… It´s not anyones fault!!! Divorce can be whatever you think it is. Divorce can be another oportunity to meet with friends, with family, with yourself, and of course, meet your true love. Why the people obsess with the idea that a divorce it´s bad, a fail, a wrong anwer? It can be the best thing that happened in your life! It´s the way you focus the things, positive or negative.

  23. An important distinction (which I’m sure you’re aware of intellectually—of course!): Your marriage failed, you did not! You embarked on a venture which failed. Understanding that distinction and moving from an intellectual knowledge to an emotional one was my key to unlocking powerful resilience after divorce. It’s trite, yet true. My hope is the same for you.

  24. I really loved your real-life wedding dress. It was so beautiful and delicate. The wedding dresses from the show were all beautiful in their own way. But the one you married Sheldon in was perfect because you both loved it. It was so sweet when Sheldon said you “looked like a pile of swans”. Now, that dress is so unique, it’s truly iconic being that people will remember you in it for many years to come. Have a lovely day.

  25. I loved the wedding dress from the lace store Mayim! Gorgeous! PS: "Normal" is subjective. MOST of what society projects on women is abnormal. Look at all you've accomplished. You're a rockstar! Okay. Still watching: RE: Your marriage. The marriage failed. YOU didn't fail. It took 2 people. Learn what you can, glean from the rubble of broken-hopes and self-disappointment but don't live on that road. It's a life-commitment you meant with all your heart and you did not plan on the outcome so don't persecute yourself. Be the best and strongest you can be and when you're not looking, you may meet someone. (Experience talking here.) You're awesome and unique and brilliant and wonderful and —>gasp, imperfect. We all are. Be you, move forward for you and the boys and strive to be happy… One more thing RE: Pitying you. Girl, we have healthy envy of you! You're brilliant, beautiful, a great Mom, a caring Vegan (Me 2) and we wish we had your life's accomplishments! Ride that wave high for us all woman! We're cheering you forward with love!

  26. Awnestly Amy's wedding dress is my favorite when I saw it I said the same thing as Amy "this is the one"

  27. You are just so perfect in expressing the exact emotion… I love that about you, how you managed these complex feelings and are able to explain them. 😘

  28. I loved Amy's dress for Amy – over-the-top-tiara style. BUT YOUR WEDDING DRESS was truly amazing and beautiful. I wish I could talk to you, because you still don't get that YOU are how people are supposed to be. Themselves. Candid. Real. NORMAL.

  29. I think that dress big wow it

    Was a lot of dress oh it was to much fluffing wedding dress

    I never want to wear 1


  31. I loved Amy's wedding dress! It was hilarious and showed the bride's personality. Amy felt herself like a princess in the dress and that is the most important. And Mayim's wedding dress was also fit for her perfectly.

  32. YOU didn't fail – the marriage failed – a marriage is TWO people. Don't put on that shawl of failure – rip that puppy off and stand tall. You tried, it didn't work. That says nothing about the person I see trying in all your videos.

  33. Girl! No one feels pity for you, you are such a beautiful, strong and smart woman. Divorce happens, stop feeling bad about yourself, you didn’t fail, and you deserve to be happy. I know this video was posted a long time ago, but I still needed to say it. Love you so much💗

  34. You make your own traditions. You break the social norm. You decide the fate of the wedding dresses. Bringing back memories from the past that trigger certain emotions isn't always a good idea.

  35. I really liked the first one that you had on. The one that ‘Amy’ picked really fitted her personality.

  36. Thank you for this. As a fellow divorced woman, I appreciate your feelings on this issue. It is interesting how weddings and bride stuff has made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable in the past.

    Amy’s dress was very Amy. I absolutely adore the character you created. When my daughters were younger they were disappointed that you and Jim Parsons weren’t actually a couple. But they were thrilled to learn that your career in science is genuine.

    Thank you for sharing!

  37. Thank you so much Mayim for how you started this video! I too despised the whole wedding dress process (for ALL the reasons you mentioned) and no one understood why. I bought a dress I loved by a designer that does cotillion dresses (which often look like wedding dresses but for a fraction of the price) off eBay for $120 and have zero regrets. It was perfect, got through the day, and no one could tell I had spent so little, or even never walked into a bridal shop. Much appreciation, keep rockin' <3

  38. Oh, Mayim, thank you! I know this is an older video but I so appreciate hearing that someone else shares my feelings about wedding dresses. We all love Amy and her joy at being a bride. It's a pay off to see her feeling so pretty in that huge Scarlett O'Hara dress. But she's a fictional character (okay, okay I know when you put those dresses on you have a little fairy dust moment and I can cope with that). Real life is so much more complex and messy. I don't know if that's good or bad.

    I couldn't see spending a mortgage payment on a one time dress myself. I was also divorced and over 50. Talk about an no, no, nooo moment at the thought of fittings. We got married in Levis in Bisbee, Arizona. At the Copper Queen Hotel second floor sitting room. The absolute high point was some poor man rolling his luggage right through the ceremony and mumbling "oh sh*t, sorry, sorry". We lost it laughing and had to start over.

    I have to tell you I live my life by two mantras right now. 1. It will happen if it happens. Worry about it then. 2. In every situation in my life I did the best I knew at that moment. Well, there's a third one that's been invaluable but it doesn't really apply here. I love it anyway. 3. Sometimes it just isn't about you.

    You did your absolute best at the time. You'll have a new baseline every day of your life as your experiences change. I love the dress you wore for your wedding. It was perfect for you. That's so honest emotionally. Thanks again for coming right out with your opinion and I admire you for it. I took the money I saved on a dress and donated it to the SPCA. Oh and adopted a dog that someone abandoned in Bisbee. My wedding present, hah! LOL

  39. Don't be so self conscious. You looked absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress to the point that my my wife actually cried.

  40. Don't be so self conscious. You looked absolutely beautiful in the wedding dress to the point that my my wife actually cried.

  41. I had been admiring the fact that you left out the usual celebrity political comments. Alas, you seem to have succumbed. I’m so disappointed.

  42. Just because your marriage didn't work out, it doesn't mean YOU are a failure. There were two people in the marriage honey and guess what? Love isn't enough, it just isn't.

  43. Aw you are not a failure. That must have been so weird to try on all those dresses as Amy and I can only imagine. Sometimes relationships are just meant for a season and you may or may not get married again but no matter what you are whole and complete and beautiful with or without a wedding dress. I’ve been a huge fan my whole life since you stuffed socks in your shirt on the Facts of Life finale lol and I love that even through you were a child star you made something of yourself by getting your doctorate and just being so amazing and awesome. I’m sad that TBBT has ended and I hope you continue your acting career in the future. 🙂

  44. Dear Mayim, I don't think anyone thinks you have failed – far from it. I think I speak for most or all of your fans when I say we are so proud of you for your continuing strength in the face of emotional adversity. Your spirit and willingness to do right for it's own sake is exemplary. And, although Amy's wedding dress was not what I would have picked if I was a woman, and not what I would have picked for my beloved wife, I thought it was perfect for Amy and Sheldon – the most romantic couple I have ever seen. And which is a microcosm of The Big Bang Theory as a whole. In an imperfect world, The Big Bang Theory was perfect, and always there for us. Even though the show is over, it was a wonderful party for all of us, and, in the words of a modern day poet, "parties weren't meant to last." Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, and the many tears of joy; the world is a much happier place for your contribution to something so wonderful as The Big Bang Theory. You and the rest of the cast will live on in our hearts. Always.

  45. I guess you are overthinking … You are so beautiful!!! In every dress you put on!!! And about the Amy’s choice… please… You look like a pile of swans!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  46. I love your channel! your honesty and vulnerability are so refreshing.
    Politics, though….not so much. Be about inclusion, even if you don’t agree with the other side. It’s wayyy more flattering.

  47. I mean if you want to get married again go for it otherwise stay who you and try to be happy that is all any of us can ask for.

  48. Baby girl. Thank you for sharing your honest and vulnerable feelings with us. I'm processing everything you said. I hope that thru your process of healing from your divorce, you learn to not see yourself as a failure for not making it last to death do you part. But rather reflect on analyzing how you can grow and be better so that when that opportunity presents itself you bring something strong and unique to the relationship.

  49. I only just got to watch the episode, sorry for being late lol. I liked all the dresses but I loved the one “Amy” picked. It isn’t my style but it was perfect for her personality IMO

  50. I love watching your channel and you are so funny. Your character on The Big Bang was great. Now my 2 cents. Please don’t get political.

  51. You have two beautiful boys you do not need to be married, be good to yourself because you look like a good person be a good mom .

  52. Well, I think that this episode proves that Mayim Bialik is a lot more like Amy Fara Fowler, than she thinks or may want to admit.

    Amy was also not into looks and what other people thought, or so she thought. But she pulled out the Tiara, she felt like the Beautiful Princes she and all women secretly long to be. Then the dresses finished the look.

    Amy saw the beauty in her in those dresses. The beauty she secretly wants to embrace and be. She didn't because of the torment kids put her through and all the pain she experienced when she open herself up to others. That pain strengthened that voice in her head, in all our heads, that puts doubt into our self-view.

    It is that voice that tells us we will fail, we can't get back into science, you won't do it; And yes, it tells us:

    "You ain't so hot, get over yourself".

    When Amy, and Mayim, saw themselves in those dresses looking splendiferous, she saw part of her, and every woman's dream, of beauty.

    The fact that Amy and Mayim though they were above such things is why it was so strange to both. We all want to be beautiful, to have that in some part of our lives. And it will be the most shocking to those who think

    "Not me."

    Mayim's realization that day on the set in those beautiful dresses, each unique, was her learning,
    "Yes, it is Me! I look beautiful in all these."

    And she did.

    Life Lesson Learned. We look for beauty in all things, even ourselves.

  53. Awww… chin up! I DID Love Amy's dress because it was sooo Amy! (I loved when she got her tiara!😁)
    You are single. Free. Individual. Unique. Nice ways of putting it. But, words like alone, lonely, "On your own" can be easy to identify with when living through the thick of hard times. Especially when ya add divorce, exes, done, over, failed, abandoned. Yes, abandoned. Because of the sense that futures have been lost, stolen, and altered drastically. But, not for the worst! The worst would have been giving them married parents who become miserable, isolated, and.. God knows what!! That's just it.. God knows!! The Universe has. A . PLAN! See the signs. Know you ARE watched over. When we need to take sharp turns in life, we may just be headed right where we are supposed to be.
    It is what it is. But, no one should have to live by coulda, shoulda, woulda. You can make amends but NOT change the past. Every individual has ups and downs, likes and dislikes, and we choose . In a life full of compromise, always keep your childlike innocence! The truth. The fun of it! (Love your Tshirt) Search for the little things that YOU enjoy and then keep sharing with others. Find more of all the little things that there is left to experience in this World! There is sooo MUCH!!
    🤩 The Bucket List!

  54. Where there’s the lady and she’s like perky… oh I felt that! I don’t want to deal with any perky people

  55. Amy's dress was just so…Amy. In real life, it would have been a nightmare coming down the aisle, but for the show it was sweet and perfect. Your real life wedding dress is lovely and you looked beautiful.

  56. I think the dress was a tad too much. Maybe not if I lived in the south but you looked good in it. And it’s what Amy would wear and what the heck Sheldon loves it and that was the moat important.

  57. I bought a traditional wedding dress… I got pregnant and never got to wear it because we didn't have a wedding. Wedding dresses make me feel a little hurt because I lost that experience.

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