Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!!

Billiard Tutorial: How to change your pool cloth!!!

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  1. Thanks for at least mentioning how to place the holes in the felt for the rail bolts to go through. I was afraid to simply cut a cross as it may split. Your video is the only one I found with this particular detail. Thanks! My table looks great!

  2. Why did you pick Gray ? I have 860 Simonis Gray cloth, I am using a brush and the Simonis X-1 for cleaning. Now I actually regret the choice. The chalk residue is very pronounced. I have tried Masters Gray, the Kamui 1.21 in Slate, Predator Blue and Blue Diamond World, finally settling on Kamui Roku (which is a blueish turquoise). I was thinking when I put new cloth on my table I would try to match the chalk. Hence my question to you, why gray? Or better yet, next video show everyone how you or your staff keep it clean, you must be using quite a bit of chalk to control the cue ball as much as you do. Thanks, looking forward to your reply. [email protected]

  3. Nice video plz I request you share my OFFICIAL CHANNEL on your community practice for Snooker I am small YouTuber I want to 4000 hours watch time its harmful request plz

  4. hello to Vietnamese brothers, I admire him very much and really like him masse billiard libre. I asked you what billiard material is made of. Many people say that made of paper. But I guess it's made of high quality plastic. I hope you answer. thank you

  5. I’ve done this a couple times on my own (not paying a pro) but the more people you have to help pull the felt the better as you stretch the top to get it tight. Never done the rails b4 but if I could I would pay a professional to do it next time

  6. Get the professionals in without a doubt. U can never get it as good as someone who has done it 1000’s of times. Good luck if attempting this for first time. My advice is TAKE YOUR TIME

  7. I bought my table second hand. The guy helped me take it apart and I reassembled it myself. Took me a couple months learning everything on my own. Most of the time was figuring out how to get it all upstairs on the 3rd floor. I ended up breaking down the table far beyond what its supposed to break down and had to learn a little wood work to put it back together properly. It was a nightmare but it was a big accomplishment when it was finished. I was so exhausted after I didn’t play for a month after it was done. I probably won’t be doing that again and will leave it to a professional next time. With what I know now I could break it down and reassemble it in a day but its tedious work so I’d rather pay a professional. But at least I know now.

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