Birds of Prey 2020 – Harley Quinn Costumes RANKED

Birds of Prey 2020 – Harley Quinn Costumes RANKED

In honor of Birds of Prey wrapping production this week

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  1. This whole thing looks like a updated version of Who's That Girl. Madonna's character Nikki Finn had the same wacky looks and wacky personality.

  2. I'm one of the people who really liked Suicide Squad but while I also a fan of Jimmy & Amanda's works (Yeah, my bro & & S.I.L.) I wasn't drawn to reading Harley the comic. I am looking forward to this movie because like with S.S. its not just about Harley. That said I did love Margot as Harley and look forward to seeing her play her again. I loved the sexier version so these new costumes aren't lighting me up but also aren't turning me away ether. …much like with many costumed characters I'm waiting to see how they look within the movie. I do say it looks very interesting so far. This is a movie I will go see.

  3. I would take the pants from Elvis, the top from Power Blazer without the blazer and the boots from Shopping Spree and create an outfit with those becasue I don't like none of these outfit tbh

  4. I'm not digging Power Blazer. The pants are awesome and the boots are cute, but that blazer is ugly!
    Roller Derby is YUCK! Those suspenders are AWFUL! 😛 I can't get into the Palmiotti comic! I tried, but I found it just BAD! I'm even more nervous now…
    I'm not digging the trash jacket and those shoes are not good either. I like that they are flats, so there's that.
    Shopping spree is an ok outfit fashion wise. It's not very superhero, but it's nice to look at, which is a BIG improvement over the other ones so far!
    So I want the jacket from Arabian Nights and I own boots like those already, but those pants and shirt don't match with the rest! So close to what could have been a great outfit, but Harley fumbles again! She looks so much better in the comics.
    OG has awesome shimmery pants and the hair looks soooo much better!
    Elvis Harley has such a GORGOUS jacket! I want it! <3 <3 <3
    My ranking 1) Elvis <3 <3 <3 2) OG 3) Shopping spree 4) Arabian Nights 5) Power Blazer 7) Roller Derby and Trash Jacket tie for last because both look like trash!

  5. I just really REALLY hope Margot’s “Harley” doesn’t overshadow and outshine the rest of characters like Canary and Huntress. Love the outfits, but hoping that most of them are in a montage scene.

  6. I hate that they refuse to use the Arkham City design for Harley. that was a true evolution of her costume from the original bodysuit (which wouldn't work on screen) to something way more practical and quite fitting for the big screen.

  7. I hope they film some parts in Coney Island Brooklyn because that’s where the comics took place. Even involved crazy Russian mafia characters

  8. Not establishing a good Joker before you go to Harley is like making a War Machine movie before you establish an Ironman.

  9. Harley Quinn will be feature in:
    1. Birds of Prey
    2. Suicide Squad 2
    3. Joker v Harley Quinn
    4. Gotham City Sirens
    5. BoP v Gotham City Sirens

  10. They are pushing it with the outfits. Movies were never about outfits, not even Suicide Squad. Doesn`t matter if it was the most appealing for most people. I really am scared for this movie.

  11. I just LOVE the 4th outfit, white suits her so well and also the Derby outfit as well with the gold suit!

  12. Those costumes are horrid, the only decent one was the "booty shorts" she had in the first Suicide Squad movie… if she wanted to up her game, she should have used the "slutty nurse" outfit from the first Arkham game.

  13. I'm confident Harley will look great. Just have no strong feelings yet on the actual movie. Hopefully it's done well. I like the Arabian nights one best

  14. Hopefully the movie will be good, really do like the costumes especially “Roller derby” and “trash outfit” Harley. 👑🙏

  15. Personally I think they all are borderline terrible. They have colors that don't go together and overly muted and often busy designs.

  16. If you reference another video you've done can you please link it too pls (eg you mentioned the one where you say why you don't like the beaver)

  17. Harley Quinn 's / Margot Robbie's outfits are so pretty and cute !!!
    She is very unique !!!
    I Love Margot Robbie / Harley Quinn !!!

  18. We should have actual people who understand the character to direct this movie like Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, you know the actual mofos that created Harley Quinn.

  19. Would rather of seen Gotham sirens, properly gonna skip this movie, actress is cool but how is this movie gonna fit in the Dceu? Shazam and Harley Quinn in the same frame 🤨🤔 and the new joker…. 🤨🤨🤔🤨🤔😘🙄 idk how I feel

  20. Hmmm I dont look at the 'Power Blazer' one and think Harley Quinn though, just a woman with a flare for style

  21. They all look awful. She still has face tattoos, which is an instant red light and I won't watch this trainwreck. Fool me once, shame on you – and that's what happened with Suicide Squad.I won't get fooled twice by this Hot Topic trash.

  22. I just can’t comprehend why movie studios find it so hard to stay comics accurate. I mean they make these movies in the first place beacuse theyre popular characters! The design part should be the easiest! This does not look like Harley at all. It’s even too hard for them to keep her hair colored like wtf

  23. Maybe I'm just missing something, but I think all the outfits look like trash. Like if Party City exploded and someone tried to stapled the remains back together and call it a look.

  24. I don't care for the costumes as long as her hair sucks as much as it does. But even with good looking hair I would call the dresses trash and not glam.

  25. Just a touch of the pink & blue (though it looks greenish) in the "blazer" look. Maybe it's later in the film?

  26. why does she have roots? her hair is permanently white blonde after the acme chemicals. didnt have roots in prison…yet now her real hair has magically started growing through? yet she keeps the white skin…

  27. Is no one gonna mention how the screenshot in the beginning has a comment saying "show me your p***y"?! I'm cryinggggg, hahahah

  28. Please tell me she’s gonna take her blazer off and wear that red and black outfit pleaaaaasssseeee😬😬😬😬

  29. I want to like it, I mean of Jimmy Palmiotti stated what he stated then I am holding onto hope, but I don’t know man:/

  30. What if Harley's "superhero" and main outfit appears only in the interior scenes shot in-studio and this is her normal clothes?

  31. For me, all outfits looks so ugly, unfeminin, uncool, unpowerful, unharley… that even Margot in all of them looks total unattractive and uninteresting to such a degree that I even consider not to watch the movie.

  32. Not a fan of any of the costumes and I am a hugeeee Harley Quinn fan, I’m trying to hold off and not judge till there’s an official real trailer but I despise this new Harley Quinn BOP rebranding, soul crushing to say the least. Hoping the movie gonna be at least halfway decent quality.

  33. They better use these outfits to have her go shopping in the film just to recreate the “you’re not taking me in, ‘John law’” scene from the animated series

  34. Okay so I know mk11 is out but imagine if they had Harley Quinn gear from the movie,
    Trash jacket arms in that game 😂😂😂

  35. Harley quinn is my favourite character in all of comicdom, I've spent over £3000 on harley quinn action figures (hot toys, play arts, sideshow) I can't say how disappointing this trailer looks to me, harley in a blazer! Fuck right off!

  36. These costumes look like she like went actually insane. Like she just had a mental breakdown because joker 'died'. So she chopped off all her hair and just had at it.

  37. Can we at least get a descent Red and Black Outfit for Harley Quinn AT LEAST they are her Classic colors

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