Black Man Wears Cinderella Gown At Oscars

Black Man Wears Cinderella Gown At Oscars

praise Lord my brothers and sisters so I was flying back from Texas last night and I saw this african-american man I don't know what his name is but I saw him in a hole full blown down and um you know I shared it and I guess he has a husband or whatever I saw that picture as well and I seen a post from Jada Pinkett Smith this morning and she says this is how you kill or slay a red carpet and um she says you know he should get an award for best dressed man and woman now what I want to what I want to tell you something that I've noticed on the Internet all right everybody knows you got you know different news media sites obviously you have Hollywood and stuff like that but if you go to one of these liberal news sites the news always tries to paint it like just everybody in the world is gay everybody in the world is racist everybody wants this but if you ever go look at the comments even if people like for example some people they don't watch Fox News right because they believe Fox News bias they believe you know whatever they believe about it it's conservative it's the white man it's whatever even if you go to ABC MSNBC CNBC CNN and you look when they report these stories you will even Yahoo News I go to Yahoo News every morning the people in the comments the majority are disagreeing so when Jada pinkett-smith went and she posted this black man in a dress if you go look at the comments on her page no one agrees with her there's maybe like one or two people but the news in the media and Hollywood would think you have to have you thinking it's the majority check out my shirt what it says he says Kingdom over culture you see that the reason why some people their their vision is tank is because you're aligned the culture whether that's your ethnicity ethnicity the race that you know your culture that you have or the Hollywood culture are the media culture your align that to dictate your viewpoint and your perspective let me tell you something they have an agenda all right and that agenda is influenced by the spirit of the Antichrist all right in the media and the Hollywood is what is broadcasting that agenda but us Christians are such a sucker for entertainment we're such a sucker for entertainment right but we're such a sucker for the music industry if God created us and gave us talents and abilities why don't we come up with our own why don't we come up with our own movies come up with our own music something that's beneficial you say oh whoa that's corny and our music is quite you know why you think it's corny because your mindset because the truth is you you lust after the things that they're promoting in Hollywood it's not the reason you think it's corny is because your mindset is wrong you know why you think Christian rap music and in Christian RB is corny because your mindset is part of you like what they're talking about in those worldly messages if your mindset was different you probably wouldn't find it as corny the Christian movies now I get it I get it I I don't lie some of them can be a little you know whatever but we're working on it and if you complaining about it why don't you make a contribution instead of sitting there and just supporting Hollywood in their garbage and their nonsense over and over and over again they got a whole black man and a whole gown looking like looking like a ghetto Cinderella and people are praising it the people in hi this is the thing it's not the regular people that are praising it like I said if you go to Jada Pinkett Smith's posts nobody is agreed with her but her and all the people that you're looking up to they will have you so deceived and have you believe in the whole world is supporting you know this gay agenda the whole world is bowing down to it it's not the truth and then you mess around you give in to the peer pressure are you even mess around and you walk outside and you're thinking that everybody that doesn't look like you is racist and so what we have here we go with my shirt this is the perfect shirt for me to be wearing right now as we have people who promote culture over Kingdom so we have the church divided because you believe everything you see in the Hollywood everything that you see in the news so you feel like man black people just got to do our own thing over here and white people just got to do our own thing over here Hispanic people do our thing over here and what if what ends up happening the enemy has successfully divided the body of Christ and instead of us all coming together with our resources instead of us all come together and functioning as the body of Christ we sit there and we hate on each other we judge each other and we think oh well you can't relate to me man look if we're believers we should be able to relate to one another if we're living out what the Word of God says we should be able to relate to one another the Bible says doing the others as you would have done unto you that that's enough to relate with your black brother white brother Hispanic brother or sister right there from the jump man let me tell you something man I stopped being a sucker for Hollywood the music industry and the media because the devil is the Prince of the air airplay airwaves he's using those things to influence you the way that you think alright that news stuff I wouldn't even the news is not even objective put it this way somebody owns the news station right so they get to pick and choose and dictate what how they're gonna spin the news to you it's not just objective this happened at 7 o'clock on this day and this time no it's like a big Facebook page so when you watch the news it's like you're looking at somebody's Facebook page they're gonna tell you the story how they want want you to see it they're telling you how to think and they're under the influence of the spirit of the Antichrist they got a man and a dress and the world thinks that's acceptable and you probably get in trouble you if you not not not not a skirt not a kilt a full Cinderella ballroom gown the Bible says effeminate men will not enter the kingdom but we get in trouble when we say these things don't be fooled they'll make you think that everybody in the world is just for it and supporting it go go to CNN go to the most liberal networks go to Yahoo News and you will see in the comments that most people don't agree it's all a deception man and this isn't this isn't hate it's just the fact that you know it's crazy that we're not allowed to speak the truth because that's what it really all comes down to right if I look at that man in his dress and I say that there's something mentally wrong with him I say there's some kind of spiritual aspect going on there that he needs deliverance I get in trouble right but eventually you will see the door open for people who are attracted to little children eventually you will see the door open for people who want to marry more than one person because you know if I'm a man and I tell you that I want to be a woman and that's acceptable in America eventually I'm gonna be able to say you know what well I'm attracted to and we already see it right I told you guys about the trans age thing they have a guy and he's a 50 60 years old but he identifies as a 12 year old girl that's why that's the explanation of why he's attracted to little boys because inside he's a little girl though it's coming they're just gonna do it they're gonna snow walk it and keep warming you up they can't look at out far just in the last couple of years that we've come just look at how crazy you've got a man walking on the red carpet with a full ballroom gown and Hollywood is oh just praising and celebrating it's crazy and if I say if I say anything about it I'm a hate like I'm full of hate right I'm a bigot I'm a homophobe no I'm not I can meet dude in his ballroom dress give him a hug love on him talk to him don't wish no evil upon him and still tell them amen there's something wrong so you've got to be paying attention man stop Christians need to stop being a sucker for Hollywood the media and the music industry stop listening to all these celebrities who are under sold their soul to the devil under the sphere of influence of the spirit of the Antichrist I'm gonna wake up pay attention and love you guys you must be encouraged in Jesus name

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  1. How he could get an award for best dress in men and women, he ain't both nor can he be so I don't get the point she is trying to make

  2. We all need to com to gather and work together as Brothers and sisters in Christ Jeues
    Becues like it or not this is wore a special wore and you can bet the enemy is rallying his forces against the body of Christ and the braid of Christ we as followers of Jeues need to wack up and be beware of that stop bickering amongst ourselves with each other and sterd coming together as a family in Jeues name and tack up are swords and put on the full armor of God strengthen our walk with Jesus fight back Insanity forces but keep in mind we cannot do this alone I can only do this in Jesus name but no one gets to the father but through him

  3. Brother you're dead on with this. Folks ride with the Kingdom up until it conflicts with their "culture". We are letting the "cultures" divide the Kingdom.

  4. it's a right of passage to the next level a guy has to publicly dress as a women to go to next level of success part of the blackmail and control and that's what they let you see..its easy to overlook these things until your awakened.. you need to unplug and detox your mind let God guide you he's been working on me for 3 yrs now but you have to invite and ask for his guidance..I can tell you I've gone through spiritual warfare and the closer I get to God the harder they came for me but I have the holy spirit..and God with me

  5. What’s wrong with man wearing a dress? It’s an article of clothing. Fabric doesn’t have a gender. Men have been wearing skirts since the beginning of time. Let the guy wear a dress and express himself. Him putting a skirt on isn’t hurting ANYONE. So, please take a moment to think about what your saying, “If a man wears a dress he is going to hell” it makes no sense right? Preach love, not hate.

    (By the way, the gay agenda is being gay… i.e it doesn’t exist.)

  6. When Hollywood does things like this it's not an agenda for agenda is kept in the shadows. This was done to publicly mock someone. A good example of this was when a nominee gave thanks to Satan so as to mock someone who has sold himself to the devil.

  7. You got a serious fucking problem coming out there like that disrespecting all black men what is the fuck wrong with you ? I believe you honestly hava a mental disorder and you need some serious help and alotta prayer . Stop that shit what's wrong with you ? And you're totally misleading our young man and boys you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't do that shit again foreal .foreal . Get some help

  8. Please say "some" Christians not ALL CHRISTIANS. If we are watching u, we must not be going for the "okie doke". I hope. I'm happy to hear you say the news is not objective.

  9. His name is Billy Porter. He's a celebrity and that's all we need to know. You know what they do, eat and drink in their elite circles, right? Google John Podesta's Famous Walnut Sauce. ;((((((

  10. This is so demonic…and I'm not judging…the look and appreance of it all says so much! If people don't see this…then forgive them for what they truly don't know 🙏

  11. Marcus, I want to thank you for sharing this video and all your video's. You speak the truth always, never sugar-coating..please continue sharing and may God bless you always..I know HE is well pleased with HIS sevant Marcus..🙏🙏

  12. I'm so glad that I watched this! Marcus is talking about what I've been feeling but felt like I couldn't speak on! The media has people thinking that we as Christians have no say in what we believe in. A lot of homosexual things are being interjected into all shows and now the red carpet. I don't care what others do. I don't support men dressing like this. He's black. Already looked upon as negative! But then you wear a dress as if it were law? Jesus Christ 🙏!

  13. Yahoo is very liberal but 95% of the comments are not liberal. Something funny is going on. Like you said the media wants us to believe something that's not true. Liberals control the schools and in the media. Watch your children.

  14. I find it offensive for a man to even think he can be a woman 1st of all. All the effert they put into doing so is absolutely riduclous and still don't come close. Why? Because when God made men He put into their body DNA specific traits that only pertain to a man and vice versa with a woman. We don't have try to be a woman, we just is. It comes naturally and that's the same way with a real man. Everything God created have a natural essence to it. It does what it suppose to do, that's his glory and that's how nature give Him glory. Perversions is the twisting of the truth, and against that which is natural. So if a man or woman have to put in work to become something God haven't created them to be, it's not God. I don't know why their minds don't treat them right to understand this. They call demons of lust love because they don't know what true love is. God is true love, Jesus is that love that was made manifested unto and for us.

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