"Black Panther" fans shop for African attire

"Black Panther" fans shop for African attire

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  1. Let me name some
    Do these mfs know how many BLACK superheroes we have you choose to celebrate one like this nigga black panther pay yo bills
    lhh yall dumb af if you need a movie to make you feel better about being black and or afican

  2. This was NOT Marvel's first black superhero film. Blade was, and that came out a loooong time ago, AND was Marvel's first successful movie property.

  3. Stan Lee created this character in the 1960s because it was meant to give black people a voice and the strength to stand up for themselves.

  4. African ruled the world for millions of years .then there was nothing called Africa and the spread all over the world from Africa to turtle island presently called America to Australia and all over Asia.so AFRICA is the center of the world.however when the EUROPEAN destroyed America and Australia now they are trying to portray Africa again bcos they are Afraid of CHINA and INDIAN rising.bcos history will always be rewriten rightly bcos fraud can never be defended for too long.Lets the world watch out for CHINA.INDIA .AFRICA.the 3 great empires that ruled the world before the European new world orders that is fading today's bcos its time is over and the chosen ones shall rise to help and comfort the world.

  5. American blacks couldn't last a day in Africa they have no heart or toughness to them they are on a free welfare ride in USA

  6. 02/24/18 Nice! However, the majority was Caucasian in the packed theater where I viewed the movie. I think that 3D made Black Panther more interesting for me.

  7. I'm all for brothers and sisters supporting independent Black businesses by purchasing African attire to celebrate the movie release, but I wish more of us already had African apparel in our closets before this movie was released. Black Panther may not be the 1st Black superhero, but this is the first superhero movie with a predominately Black cast, and that's what people are excited about, and not just because the cast and director are Black, but because it is a stellar group of actors and actresses bringing this vision to the big screen.

    The thing that I liked the most about the showing I went to was not only did many people show up in African garments, but after the movie, there was an atmosphere of pride, self identification and mutual respect that we rarely see these days, and it has extended through the week as well. I know it's a work of fiction, but that doesn't mean that we can't embrace the professionalism and dedication that made it happen. I hope that the positives vibes continue long after people see Black Panther.

  8. KACHINNNNNNNN😂😂💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  9. If white film goers can dress up like Harry Potter and Dark Vader, then black film goers can dress in African garm. I love it, it’s all in good fun🎉

  10. People who have something to say about how brothers and sisters are supporting this movie and dressing up to see it are just fucking stupid. There's nothing wrong with supporting a fictional character in a fictional African country. No one says shit when people dress up like Batman who's from the fictional city of Gotham, or Superman who's from metropolis. People can put on robes and riding boots talking bout may the force be with you, but now its a problem. We are tired of seeing movies mutha fucks "think" we should support. People are tired of seeing slavery movies, movies about black folks being segregated and treated like animals. We kno that part of history and theres nothing wrong with those movies. People want to see our people shown in a different/ positive light. People want to be entertained and not angry when they come out of a movie. So what if its not "real" history. Look at it like this, imagine how many of our young impressionable children will want to find and read non fiction books about our heritage and culture after seeing this movie. How many children will see the movies and say "hey I can create something like this, write a movie like this, or direct a mega blockbuster when I grow up. There is nothing but positivity coming from this movie. Let a mutha fuckas watch a damn movie with out jackasses tryna tell them what they should be supporting instead or what they shouldn't be wearing.

  11. Lmao birth of a nation real people, real struggles, real characters got no excitement like this fictional character… you'll are finish and delusional

  12. Its as stupid to only like the movie because of its black cast as it is to hate it for the same reason. I mean dam, we all movie experts now? What we read the lists of actors and if they are all black we LOVE THE MOVE? You know how lame and boring that is…..what about the MOVIE? That's liking a bag of chips because you love the isle they were on.

  13. Some Black people have no idea about african history! It is more than a fictional movie can describe! Pick up a book and read!Books surpass this movie when it comes to real African history.

  14. So I could have made a lot of money of those ppl, I'm African and have hella attire at home and I live in the USA, damn these ppl could've hooked Me up, so I'll sell them some original attire and make some money of them lol
    My mum and dad even got a lot of attire they don't use
    I could've been making simple money…. smh

  15. FAKE NEWS!!! It is NOT Marvel's 1st back superhero film. The 3 Blade films are also based on the marvel comic super hero Blade who debuted in the tomb of Dracula marvel comics with a few runs in the Midnight sons comics with Morbus and Ghost Rider as well as his own stand alone comics. Blade was even a recurring character in the 90s Spider-man animated series. Sure you can say Black Panther is the most successful superhero movie to date but he is NOT the 1st black superhero movie or even the 1st Marvel black super movie. Give credit where it's due!

  16. I love how black-americans still feel a little african. Imagine how i feel about this movie as an african.

  17. Go Black Panther knock it out with a big blockbuster. Lose the haters! This is normal for our own African American race to talk against it like crabs pulling each other down. You don't see this happening with other races.

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