Black Widow – D23 Poster Red Guardian, White Costume

Black Widow – D23 Poster Red Guardian, White Costume

oh boy more goodies from Marvel Studios
concept artist Andy Park he came to d23 to play here we’re seeing two new black
widow suits spotlighted one on character concept art and then another on a poster
that he drew up as an exclusive to d23 now as I always say it’s important for
entries and franchises to be able to visually distinguish themselves so at
first glance you can tell what movie you’re looking at and I think through
the hearings I’ve done a pretty good job with that with Black Widow either blue
lines to her suit but most mostly with her hair to be honest and I think we’ve
all enjoyed the journey of black widows hair so far for this movie it seems to
be the worst her hair has ever been like she’s probably like I’ve met so many
movies and when I finally get my own movie my hair looks like crap
what the hell I hope I hope it looks better than it hasn’t and some of the
sad photos and some of the illustrations but anyway I’m so happy
especially if someone who covers these to see not just one but two suits which
are incredibly visually distinct and also such a wonderful homage to the
comics better late than never this is supposedly black widows last
hurrah alright so the white suit is not only reminiscent of she’s like appeared
in it like in once in the comics and everyone’s showing that comic being like
here it is the suit but you know hey All Whites a cool look if you can pull it
off and I’m glad they built in these lines these these cuts into the suit to
give it a more slimming look because white as I said it’s hard to pull off
but it’s funnier because she’s clearly would do battle black widow and it’s
reminiscent of all the fun action figure outfits that they give to your favorite
superheroes and coming up with again action figure variants and they’re
they’re fun to laugh at but it’s fun to not only see them on a live-action
character but a female one at that I don’t know why she has on a black
harness here you would think she want to be able to totally blend in cuz it’s
obviously you would think for camouflage hey you know what maybe it’s not a
winter battle look maybe she’s maybe it’s maybe it’s before Labor Day
it is may she’s gonna kick off the summer and her summer whites right uh
because she doesn’t have a hood either or goggles I would have given it a
hooding goggles so maybe it’s not meant to camouflage it looks cool though and
her hair looks better in this in this concept art I thought that maybe she had
like a braid as she has been known to sport but I think she just actually has
a short very short bob it’s like it’s like a short the Rachel right this suit
was also on the floor at d23 incredibly well realized from concept
art to real life the detailing I think particularly impressive and also you can
see on the back that she has some sort of backpack then let’s go to the poster
now I think the gray panels here were meant to also be slumming but in fact I
think they do the opposite I think they give her a wider look although I do love
that she finally has the gold utility belt and gauntlets that are part of her
iconic costume again better late than never right but the shoulder pads and
the way this harness goes across her chest they just give her a really wide
look and even the utility belt the gold the way it sits on her hips it’s not
particularly flattering and again speaking of not flattering that hair
looks absolutely awful I mean this is an illustration give her better hair Andy
there’s no reason for her not to have better hair in that in this poster you
should always use before you go into battle right and if you don’t have a
friend to help you that’s what they teach you in the Red Room they’re like
if you’re going on a mission with someone else check each other’s hair and
makeup before you make an entrance but you should remember to do it yourself
Natasha all right so anyway elsewhere on the
post you’re speaking of the other black widows you can see Florence pues pues
Elena right behind her looking very ScarJo by the way with her hair pulled
back and the black eye makeup I think she looks great but there seem to be a
couple other widows behind her and it seems to be a very diverse group I think
that looks like an Asian Black Widow behind her and then behind her a black
Black Widow and I think that’s great I think you know you want the idea that
could be that anyone could be a Black Widow which is very cool on the other
side you can see David Harbor as red guardian right Russia’s cast
version of Captain America he didn’t go into the ice he became a loser and I
wondering if that’s the situation with the beard right like is he like he’s
things worked out really poorly for him but he decides to put the suit on again
for Natasha right I think that could be a really interesting way to play it and
we David Harper’s hinted in that and his surprisingly candid discussions I’m sure
after Comic Cons someone was like stop talking David but I think if he puts on
his suit you know after being out of the game for a while I think that could be
like very much like mr. incredible and when you think about it David Harbour
has some pretty strong mr. incredible vibes like if you were to do a live
action The Incredibles David harver would Harbor would be a great mr.
incredible and from what we can see I think the suit looks very good and the
beard actually makes it like really interesting I think cuz it shows that
you know he’s back in the game and then peaking out behind him is Rachel Weitz
we can’t see what she’s wearing really at all although apparently she gets a
black widow style suit as people have said who’ve seen some of the footage
that they’ve been showing exclusively at Comic Con and then again ID 23 and then
of course behind Black Widow herself is taskmaster right skull motif in play you
know hey sky look has the ski goggles look on I think it’s interesting they
also released recently a clip from the New Avengers video game and it had black
widow fighting taskmaster and because of this movie I’m curious to see if Marvel
makes him like officially her villain and I wonder how fast master fans will
feel about that if the movies really cool I think everyone will be fine with
it so what do you think of this additional black widow info I think
people haven’t been too excited about this movie is this helping I think still
at the end of the day really strong action is what’s gonna really push this
movie over the top and when you have taskmaster in play you’ll probably get
it so share your thoughts down below be sure to hit that subscribe button and of
course as always you can check out some more videos right now

100 Replies to “Black Widow – D23 Poster Red Guardian, White Costume”

  1. Don't like the grey suit, but the white looks very good. I don't mind her hair (As a guy, I think ScarJo looks appealing in anything). Overall, the marketing seems to be doing a good job of making it look interesting.

  2. I’ve been hyped for this movie ever since they announced taskmaster, I hope they make Black Widow’s last hurrah a great one

  3. I'm kind of confused about what is going on with this movie in terms of hair/costumes because her hair in the set photos looks like her endgame hair without the blonde tips(braid and all and she didn't braid her hair until Endgame) and these new suits look like variants on her Endgame suit with the baton holster on her back, shoulder pads and paneling on the sides

  4. You made me wish a live action remake of the Incredibles 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I absolutely love TaskMaster. I'm really exciting to seeing him, i just hope they don't kill him off in one movie…

  6. A movie of a carácter that is already died… And Nobody say anyrhing about this no se se Disney secuence and "good build Universe"

  7. She looks like Ant-Man in this animated poster. Do better. She's not getting a franchise. This is her one shot unfortunately.

  8. Have you all noise that Scarlett has a few more marvel movies because they are going to do a black widow trilogy like cap and Tony

  9. Grace for us uncultured guys who can't really tell the difference between good and bad hair, can you do a video breakdown?

  10. Can we just get the long str8 red hair plz! I know she's gonna do flips and ish but a woman knows how to flip the hair masterfully.

  11. Marvel has a opportunity here to ditch the CGI and do a distaff version of a John Wicks movies. Great choreographed fight scenes. It would make total sense. Although it won’t be R rated.

  12. I like her hair. Also the dark suit looks broader mainly because the sides are reflecting the red light so it looks bigger. I wouldnt mind wider hips on Natasha.

  13. Men are not interested in the Disney presentation of Black Widow. Many men don’t like the direction of the menapausal corporation Disney. Black Widow is being presented as a banal woman, unattractive and plain.

  14. Black Widow 😍😍😍She is Awesome 👍❤️❤️❤️I hope her movie goes well and everyone finally gets to know her contribution and value in MCU😊😊😘😘😘👍👍👍

  15. I'm mostly excited about the post credit scene 🙊🙊
    I feel it should have something to do with the soul stone


  17. They have to do a black widow 2 and 3
    They have to at least finish a trilogy because I don’t want them to pull of another hulk and make one film

  18. Maybe it's because I'm a male but whenever Grace goes off on her tangents about hair, I roll my eyes a little. still love her tho but damn son.

  19. "white is hard to pull off". Its Scar Jo. She could make a hefty bag look amazing. But this suit is pretty sweet. Reminds me of Storm Shadow from GI Joe.

  20. It's crazy how a characters first solo movie will also be the "last hoorah".
    Seems like Marvel is totally giving ScarJo this movie to pacify the feminists.

  21. It's starting to sound more interesting but honestly I still think it's too little too late. It feels kinda pointless to do an origin story for a character we've already lost.

  22. Ugh….Andy Park is a really good artist, but he is not a good graphic artist and his concept art should not be used as teaser posters. The overall composition on all the concept work is just not very compelling.

  23. You should be careful with how you word things. Sounded a lot like weight shaming for those who are not extremely thin.

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