Blackguard Clothing talks Merchandise & More | @OfficialBlackguard #KrownCatchUp | KrownMedia

Blackguard Clothing talks Merchandise & More | @OfficialBlackguard #KrownCatchUp | KrownMedia

I'm right Oh black God clothing official blackguard on Instagram Black Dog Club on sweater and black belt driving on Facebook to be fair we need to do ages but ever since I was about the lower fucking school if she's just designed shit I guess I said like it'd be good if you could make something customized for yourself and people who wearing it yeah and then one day I just thought give it a go finger is a start at 2016 is my new year resolution and I think it's our August time it dropped so it took about about seven months of preparation and they've done the website and they just dropped their the first test really it's research you have to you have to have a look at a lot laws the law was there and had to trademark the name get the name illegal and then finding manufacturers which is quite a big step you've got your samples it the sample was then Troy the products ain't gonna be right so there's a lot of preparation for you and then find the products you want to do it get the money together obviously and then just give it a go it's been mad and I saw tonight super day we abracadabra so I should say all where the war the version one reflective jackets the whole of one to a nation war that we're not Starion when he's in Furman go and I was like October time and you want a mobo just after dinner and to think I was like less than a year ago to Matt it's Matt and obviously the notifications pop up on Facebook know that's been a year just don't seem real it's flew by getting yourself over there and pick the biggest artist that's helped me out cuz obviously tangle here's worried since day one so I see he's he's saw a warrior around the whole of the crowd I was he wears it ranked JK and ducked and he's seen today I know about the Brent and I see help me get to school it's wearing it at the show and then REMS and ice Julius were there just getting yourself out there if this is sort of taking gun book if the message of like they message your back if not you know not something a biggie starts to cool and I ordered in February time it's been order a big stuff to ordered a few things in and its manufacturer took the money enlarged nostoc deleted everything deleted is all company there's no money in the bank nor you can get back so slow it down five g's to from february i think didn't bring nothing out for a few months does he get any money back to give out get it back in and then that's why i don't know the version to Jackie again I'll see a lot of the man was there for them that's the biggest obstacle Associates a big one as well cheese it sounds like a love scene in music videos but music videos are don't even acting like there's someone called cash from the time and he sent me a message one day just like a screenshot of his video and I'd already heard this song anyway before check out the video told me to do it and it's made my jacket in there no see the flashes on so it's just reflected all the way through I did other know like seeing in videos and seeing how many people getting and how many views are there and how many blue but I've actually seen my brand it's a good feeling I've seen I said better to as mad that it's just known for that now hey I don't know I seen something out though this is one of them ideas but I don't know if you've seen something scrolling through things or well one day just get my ideas and I'll rest it down and read down and hopefully sketched it out I probably look good so I did the version one the barcode anything and then I did a new design of the version two and they all start out quick they all flew out so it's just I don't know it's a gamble so I didn't see any other brands doing respective at the time so then obviously a lot more yeah I don't know oh my vision I'd say obviously eventually get stopped in shops I think that's the biggest so achievement for any brand where you said it a whole sigh right and shops buy products off here and then they sell them on but at the moment is just getting more lines out there because it build in everything back what building you've got to get a few product lines I believe I get bits and bobs out and a few colors and a few different styles I think that's the next focus over the next year or two maybe she's trying to get as much out as you can or in different varieties like tracksuits for example bring lesson next thing I'm going to be working on well I think I'm going to do more like fashionable one sort of skinny fit joggers but I know a lot of people prefer the baby a job is so eventually when you can do the whole thing same sort of design we've like different sets I don't enjoy guys for example with sweatshirts for these zip up hoodies that's when that's when you know you'll be doing better I think I serve in you for the next two years try and get a variety out there third stop a lot of people take out a weight when they try to start out their brand by other take out a weight because if you're taking out money that you've invested back into you're never gonna you're never gonna get enough money in there to get a big suck em out Jesse just build it up and build it with be patient being patients the biggest things it takes time it does take a lot of time like everyone gets it easy I have to work now see if you've got a good team around you it's a lot easier so you've got your models photographers graphic designers manufactures if everyone gets on and you've got a good foundation sure it's a lot easier it's much easier with a little bit of help the logo I think that started of sketching a few things and I don't know then I wear the Rose came from to be fair I remember in school I did this Rose piece in art before but like a night star in it so don't every comes in there I was quite decent through him Rosie's so I did it and I did about five six different logos and a lot of people liked the Rose just stands out and the tagline I've made the presents no so it just stuck I'll try to think of something I didn't know what to do so make your presence known I suppose stand out from the crowd be a little bit different be unique it's really sort of revolves about anything in life really I suppose and it just make yourself different make yourself a note do what you got to do and what did I stood there I went to scoring quietly and then I stayed on to the tears of a levels didn't really linked into the clove and write anything to be fair your fingers just to stay on like I did law psychology history and product design I suppose product design sort of influences in ravenna little bits more hands-on it's more drawer into more sketch into my idea work well is that LinkedIn with the club in a little bit and then I went on to do another and college to do barbarian and then he was well as a colleague when I'm doing the barbering it's sort of kicked off then so I say boy wins LinkedIn with a lot of people so I see a lot of people know about the brand if they come into the shop etc with guys to what I've studied about the craving I did a lot of law so I've suppose outfitted in for that what you need to know about the laws obviously trademarks copyright laws where you kind of what you can't do about study manufactures as well that's a big thing like a kind of no manufacture that's never done any big brand etc if there's study materials however long they kind of last it's just lower two different things you have to look out for to me for any little thing that you've been caught I can miss out good karma see a carpet about okay there's a lot of there's a food max that did it and as I said this didn't work out as well Josie it's a bit better for me because less competition but just score by overtime him I'm not gonna sell research name's Ben I've got everything perfect you still know there's a lot of things still need to be done but the majority of his covered yeah and something people don't know my Barbara on the side worked for a barber shop in Kings you could and I don't think many people know how local the brand actually is so see they see a lot of it in Wyoming them etcetera but I don't think a lot of people around here and what establish Dudley area know how local the brand actually came from suppose I think that's it I think that's a good fact that nobody really knows obviously you've got your friends and at that another book I don't think many people do I think I think it's from Birmingham or Roone Dimmick etc and then we ship worldwide as well it's also a good fat that dude yeah that was a difficult question yeah yeah you can go to for any of the blackguard items at the moment that we've got we sold out in the black scribbles but stone ones left it got the white been peaks white snapbacks the very very popular reflective version two jackets they're low on stock at the moment again they all started out creek so be quick if you're going to get one of those they've got a few t-shirts on sale as well I think the next thing that I'm gonna do where we like to send the truck to bring us the next thing so I've been interested in attracts you just watch out

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  1. I just won the reflective jackets on their giveaway.I'm super thrilled.Great video with lots of information.Can't wait to see the next clothing

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