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  1. I just used this video to make some changes in my simulation & it's running now but so far it's 100% better than what I've been getting on my own. Thx for this.

  2. Man thx for this. Im REALLY having issues with cloth simulation. The problem is that I have a flowing dress on a characterthat has a walk cycle but as her hands pass her thighs they intersect with the dress instead of sliding past it, destroying the dress. I've played with all the settings but can't seem to fix this issue. Would you be willing to take a look at it & tell me where I'm going wrong? Here's a link to Her
    Sosilai Nightshade

  3. This is exactly the kind of visual reference I was looking for and thought couldn't possible exist. Thank you.

  4. this is the best way teaching simulation and particles instead of watching a whole 15 minutes tutorial most of it trivial setup (removing the default cube 🙂 )

  5. Wow I love your rendered comparisons and quick and easy explanations! 😀 I've watched the smoke and so on, too! .D

  6. this is a great way to do tutorial not enough imformation to get you lost but enough to where you can know your way around and get used to things and teach yourself

  7. Im building a kind of steampunk airship with mechanic dragon wings instead of a baloon. The problem is that the cloth simulation ,that im trying to make as the membrans between the "fingers" of the wing, gets screwed by the up/down movment of the wing, any ideas?

  8. way cool! plus it's great to see somebody who knows their physics. The moment i saw the 3 cloths falling at different speeds I wondered about the simulation, but you knew enough to underline the point. Way cool! respekt!

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