49 Replies to “Blonde Redhead – The Dress (Official Video)”

  1. Who’s gorgeous Freeman? I came here for my favorite song by this band, btw, my name’s freeman!

  2. Long ago, I watched Gorgeous Freeman in a noisy place, so I couldn’t really hear any of the music. Several years passed, and I got into the band. Then I came here.
    Some time passes again, I decided to rewatch Gorgeous Freeman and noticed the song and came back here.

  3. When I hear this, I think of only gorgeous Freeman in only breifs reaching to someone in a horse head mask…

    Just like thousands of other people who saw gorgeous Freeman.

  4. [comments on how this was used in a gmod film]
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  5. Песня супер, слов нет, но клип мне этот не нравится – люди пытаются выжать из себя слезы перед камерой…

  6. Never before have I heard about Blonde Redhead but since I watched Gorgeous Freeman Ep3, I came here and now I love the music. Now I watched Rick and Morty as well and once again I stumbled upon one of BR's songs…
    Truly a great way to find such underrated songs.

  7. The scene in gorgeous freeman was so perfect till the horse mask ruined it.. Alyx and Gordon deserved a lovely moment.

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