Blooming jelly clothing haul! The best place for cute clothes

Blooming jelly clothing haul! The best place for cute clothes

hey everybody and welcome back to my channel so today I have a blooming jelly haul I love this online clothing store it's so cute I have worked with them several times in the past and I get lots of compliments on the tops and a lot of you guys are asking where I get some of my clothes some come from TJ Maxx and Ross but a lot of the stuff comes from bloomin jelly so everything that I'm showing you today I will have down in the description box as well as a coupon code just in case you were wanting to check them out and I'm about a size medium to a large and juniors so definitely just if you're wanting clothes make sure you measure give your measurements they always have a guideline of their measurements and what would fit and what size would be correct size for you I will say everything that I do get is spot-on it fits me perfectly so everything that you're going to see today is a large and I think it fits quite perfect so the first top that I have on today is just the black basic tank I think it's so cute because I love you can wear leggings with it because it comes down low and then it's a little high up here it's got the little slit on the side and I absolutely love this top it's just a cute little top for the summer nice and cool and comfortable and sometimes basic tees are just amazing so this is the second top I love the little pocket detail right here I love the plaid and then in the back it's got the plaid in the back super comfortable and soft and then it's kind of long I mean it hits me below the hip I'm pretty short I'm about 5 foot 2 on a very good day so that's kind of how it hits me I think it's super cute and comfortable and all their clothes are really just soft but yeah I mean this is another cute top you can wear in the spring summertime I mean even the winter because it's got the little plaid on the pocket so I don't know I really like this one here is the second top I really love that it has a little tie right there it's just I don't know you guys it's definitely long too so if you wanted to wear it with leggings you can totally do that this is just another nice little summer top with jeans or shorts but I think this is one of my favorites okay speaking of favorites I really love this top of the I love just how beautiful it is right here on the top and then on the bottom it has kind of the same little pattern definitely a very cute summer spring top and I love the black I just think it's classy and you can definitely dress it up and down and so pretty this is another top I really love the detail right here on the shoulders very cute very I mean perfect for the summer this is what it looks like it's nice and loose but I really love the little detail the cross little detail right here I think that is just so cute these shirts are very airy and just perfect perfect summer shirts so this is another little summer shirt I think it's so cute with the buttons I love that it kind of it's high-waisted right here and then it kind of flares out on the side definitely a very easy shirt to wear but you can like put some high hills and you look cute or you can just wear flats and still I mean you can dress this up and dress it down I think it did come in different colors but I just really liked this one I thought it was cute and just really flowy and girly so yeah I'm loving their stuff here is a dress they have tons of beautiful dresses I love this one because of the detail right here I think that's just so pretty then it has a little waist right here so it's tight right you're not too tight but I mean it just kind of cinches in and it's just a very long dress and I love this I mean and it's so comfortable to wear they have so many different dresses and yeah this I think has to be one of my favorites it's definitely I think I'm going to be wearing this a lot just because it's very comfortable so here is the second dress I love the pretty detail right here it's got the lace I love the cut of it this dress has pockets which is so nice but yeah it's just a very simple beautiful dress perfect for the summertime they have so many beautiful dresses on this website they have some cute bathing suits this is the black one that I picked out I cannot wait to wear this during the summer and then here is another dress that I didn't try on but I wanted to show you super cute it fit amazing it's just a really pretty dress okay that was it for my video thank you guys so much for watching I appreciate you guys all so very much I will leave everything down in the description box below along with my coupon code but they have tons of bathing suits like you like I've shown you and then they have a little dress just so many cute clothes and I love their website it's just oh yeah yeah clothes makes me happy and they have the cutest clothes so thank you guys so much for watching if you are new to my channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button on the way out and I will see you guys later bye

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  1. Everythin was so pretty an looks really good on u…tfs Lisa…have a great dayπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. All so beautiful on u! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter to u n yr family n hope you have a wonderful day too!

  3. Hi there….you should be a model for their clothing……wow just gorgeous. …thanks for sharing…keep smiling!

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