16 Replies to “Bluelots.com Liquidation Unboxing Part 1 Reveal Paid $189.00 Clothing”

  1. I sell clothing and never heard of them brands. That's too high per item. I get familiar designer names way cheaper than that. You will be lucky to break even. This will probably be a loss.

  2. Those items don't look like you'll make a good profit for what you spent I mean I hope you do but they don't really look all that appealing this is the first clothing video I'm seeing of yours

  3. Good morning Heather. "HAPPY, HAPPY EASTER" I do have a question. When clothes come in a bag like that, do you take them out to take pics or leave them in bag to keep brand new status?

  4. I bought my first box today off another site you reviewed. I was wondering how you manage all the shipping and stuff?

  5. These are a lot of products for hiking and outdoor trail wear, look into those type products..!!!

  6. Hi and thanks again for your videos. Just wondering why you don't check how much you can get for items before buying them.

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