Bohemian Journal Textile Bundle

Bohemian Journal Textile Bundle

hey guys it's Randy I wanted to show you a beautiful fabric bundle that I have put together for you and show you what's in it before I put it in my shop I wanted to give you guys first dibs on my youtube subscribers and all my boho day dreamers so I will upload this into the boho day dreams Facebook groups so as soon as I'm done with this and a population take too long to load so you just can have first dibs but after that I will put it into my Etsy shop it's pickled seahorse so here is what is in here um I don't have it lined up perfectly there but there this is a big bundle of fabrics so let's just see how tall we are here we are at about four and a half inches height of gorgeous fabric lusciousness here for your crafting pleasure um so I went to my local fabric shop and they had some gorgeous fabrics and I was just trying to put together a bundle for not a bundle I was trying to get a few fabrics for my bohemian journal that I was working on and I did that but while I was there I saw some really pretty fabrics and I just couldn't resist them so I went around grabbing swatches and before I knew it I end up left in there with a huge bundle of fabrics so when I got home I realized that mm-hmm maybe that wasn't such a good idea so I probably should share it with you guys so let me show you what's in here this is the most beautiful fabric I think I have ever seen it is burgundy in purpley black like when it catches the light it's different colors but look at that pattern in there I'm gonna move this out of the way so maybe you can see that a little bit better look at that gorgeous pattern in there it's so share and bohemian that this was kind of what I had in mind for a bohemian journal look how gorgeous that is I just can't even get over this I just I don't know I just want to make it dress I want to make big clothes I want to make everything I own out of this it's really super pretty that is piece number one and that is a very generous piece of fabric won't let's see what I've got here twelve and just to hear about 20 inches long so that is a really nice chunk of fabric that you have there to work with that would look great in a bohemian Journal let me get this lace out of the way this is some beautiful material it's the sheer it's very lightweight and then it's got that beautiful floral pattern in there this is also a large piece of fabric I would say it's about the same as the previous one that's about 20 inches it's a very nice large piece of fabric there this one is blue and look at that gorgeous this it's kind of tone-on-tone fabric and then the pattern in there is kind of the same color but it's a little bit different texture goes the other way or something it's just really cool and it's leaves and it just looks like floral flower leaves to me it's really pretty this piece is 12 about 14 inches and then it's about 10 inches wide so you know you could totally do a traveler's journal cover with this piece of fabric or any of these other fabric pieces that are coming up as well and I do have some larger pieces in the bottom now this one was really cool it didn't catch my eye at first the blue always catches my eye but um this has oh gosh I got a shadow let's see if I'm gonna be able to might be upside down it's kind of a twelve but it is an understated twilit doesn't really have the picture printed on it more so than imprinted in it it's really cool I don't know what to call this but it's a really pale blue and pattern in the fabric is a cream color and that is really super pretty I've got a couple of thinner fabrics I'm gonna put those to the side initially I show you the thicker ones first I think so this one right here is really cool it's got a lot of texture to it it's got purple it's got some cream sort I think it even has a little bit of black but it's kind of showing up maybe a mulberry color or a wine color here's the other side of it it's dark but this is really soft and these are these are not thin fabrics these are more on the thicker side of the fabric spectrum now this one is super cool it's kind of burgundy in one and it has a pattern in it really really cool I think the sun's going down on me here so if you can see that it's just really different from anything that I've ever seen I thought it was pretty amazing looks like a plum they're really super pretty all these pieces are really large pieces and so you could do a lot with them you could do way more than one project for this now this is my favorite piece of fabric in this whole bundle it's got almost every color in here it's got blue it's got green it's got cream it's got plum it's got Cannon you know every color in here it's got um that's pink it's peachy it you know it's got everything but isn't that a fabulous piece of fabric right there even the back side is pretty if you were to flip that over it's got more the plum on there super gorgeous my favorite hmm this is orange and it's kind of a burnt orange and it's got I don't know some filthy stuff on the back but I thought that was really pretty anytime you need some contrast or you need some texture and a journal would be really good for that and this is super soft material I really like that I think it would be easy to work with easy to sew on that'd be really nice journal cover for the fall will be exceptionally pretty this piece of fabric is gorgeous I always seek out some green for my bundles because a lot of people don't think about green a lot they're always in for the blues or the Burgundy's or the Pink's or the cream but green up there like kind of gets left out and this year I don't know what it was about green but green really seemed to be in and when I feel like I'm thinking about a bohemian journal I always think kind of Burgundy's and wands and plums and oranges and burnt oranges and I feel like a green would be a really pretty complement to that this is a larger piece too so this is about twelve thirty forty fifty seventeen inches so these pieces are really nice and large that you can do a lot with you can cut them up in little tiny pieces if you want to do that you can make tabs you can make a cover out of it you can make flips you can make all kinds of gorgeous things in a bohemian journal with that and that was kind of what I had in my mind with this fabric bundle I'm sure you can tell now everybody needs a good neutral when they're trying to do something because you don't want everything to be off the chain um you need to settle down with something a little bit every now and again so I thought this would be a really nice equalizer to some things that you might be trying to do and this is a really nice large piece of fabric as well that is almost tripled over right there so that's that's a really nice generous piece now let's see what else I have oh gosh yes let's look at this one this is the coolest piece of fabric it kind of changes colors um it's got tans in it you see that shimmer in there too and it's purple and plum and it's the same on both sides there's really no wrong side on this piece of fabric a nice generous piece there it's kind of paper II but not paper if that makes sense it's kind of slick if you can hear that it's like taffeta it's really super pretty it's not very flowy so whatever you do with this it's kind of like a starched piece of taffeta no no but it's really cool and then I have another darker kind of in the orange family piece it's got some it's kind of trying to be our matte orange I guess it's more wine but it picks up the orange in here so let's see if I put this beside it and you can see kind of right here on the edge how they go together and complement each other really well I just thought they were really pretty and I love that pattern in there it's understated and you don't have to worry about a whole lot with it it's just really super pretty the other side is more Browns and so you could really turn this over and use it either way so I think when I have left over here oh yeah there's oh yeah there's a couple more before we get to the center patterns so um this is gorgeous I love this I fell in love with this when I walk by if you know me you know that I love blue my house is blue on the inside like all the walls are painted blue my husband thought it was crazy but it's a it's a really pretty dark blue as well but I love blues um I love blue with a neutral and this is just gorgeous this is kind of a raised pattern in here really super pretty a love love love love that you could do a cover with that a traveler's notebook I don't know if it would do a regular book cover one but that with or netbooks also bake right now this is probably the last piece of the thicker material and um kind of like a canvas except or not as super thick isn't that gorgeous I love that print on there that is one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I have ever seen just just how clear just the clarity of that print right there is really super gorgeous I love that I could look at that all day I'm really diggin red these days too I don't know now this is a really sweet piece it has yes that's the right way it has the word Paris on it's got a postage stamp and a little postmark on there um a key up here and some script there's a little crown up there and this is very sheer it's one of the more sheer pieces and generally the pieces are going to run about 13 by 11 unless they're bigger I don't think there's any smaller sizes in here than that and then here are the thinner pieces that I have originally picked out for my journal and I think this is a really sweet piece of fabric as pink and yellow and I just love pinks and yellow together I think there's two brush and it's got a beautiful print in it love that and that's the depth the thinner material now this is one of my all-time favorites sounds like they're all my favorite doesn't it it has a really pretty distressed blue print in it this is a Waverly fabric and I love how that looks you just can't go wrong with that it's gorgeous this is a pink for you pink lovers out there it's not a pretty print on there super pretty love that that's a look that's a little bit thicker material than that didn't the other two that I showed you as well this is a nice print now um you know while the other prints that I showed you at the very beginning were darker these prints I feel like you could coffee Dodd this um you probably wouldn't need to coffee doubt that but you could coffee dad these and I bet they would be so gorgeous with that cream in it not that it's not gorgeous now but if you want it to look old unless modern and not that this is a really modern print but I'm just saying uh I think this would be really gorgeous if you coffee doubt it and then there's a few other ones like this one it's a really sweet green kind of a secret color understated but if you coffee dad thought that would be fantastic it would look nice and old this one you wouldn't need to do that – this is a pinyin of green isn't that gorgeous this a lotus flower and that's kind of a mistress a mistress I love this dress piece as well it's just different from some fabrics that I have seen before and I thought they were really pretty and coming out with some really cool bohemian prints since that seems to be on trend lately and that pretty I love that really pretty this is um a green and it looks like we're all silk the the bolt of fabric didn't say that it was silk that sure feels like silk I don't think if this shiny it might be polyester but um it really feels and acts like silk it's really pretty you always need a good green to offset not you have to have some grain in there this one is super pretty I love these colors in there these aquas and the turquoise colors and the gold and then there's some in there this will be really pretty coffee dad love that and here's some more orange to go with the other pieces orange I think goes really well with plums you could put it with browns you could put it with greens you could put it with pinks I love pink and orange together I think that's fascinating color combination to look at but I just think this print is so pretty this is one of the thinner materials and then I have one piece left gasps this beautiful red with the blue intertwined in it with that fabulous print there I think that is super pretty and so this is um this is gonna be all one price the shipping included to the continental United States international I don't have much look with lately shipping so I'm just not sure about that but um when I post this I will put it in the group and if you want one of these bundles just let me know I'll post the price there as well shipping included and I hope you guys will enjoy working with this it's a really nice hefty piece a hefty fabric bundle and you get this lace with it which is actually some vintage lace and there are one I haven't counted let's see I think there's 25 pieces 25 or 26 pieces here that you can work with and do multiple multiple projects with so I hope you have enjoyed this and I hope you're able to grab one of these to have a limited amounts available so just let me know if you would like one and I'll be in contact thank you so much bye

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  1. I would love one of your bundles I live in Canada but am aware that the postage is more. Could you let me know if you would consider selling one and how much it would be. Hugs Nola

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