Bollywood Movies – Karamati Coat – करामति कोट – Showreel – Irrfan Khan – Hindi Comedy

Bollywood Movies – Karamati Coat – करामति कोट – Showreel – Irrfan Khan – Hindi Comedy

Bingo! Recess still going on for you? Sir, I was going to the classroom.
Raghu stopped me. No sir, he is lying. No sir. Raghu told me. Quiet. Caned again? Tell me. Raghu. Raghu. Didi, I’m hungry. Didn’t eat since morning? Here. Get something to eat. Buy a toffee for Balu too. And bring back eight annas. This one and one biscuit.
– Eight annas. The rupee?
– Must be at home. Go, get it. Lala, give me marbles for Rs. 1. I found this coin on the road.
– This is mine. Mind your business. Give my money first. Let go.
– To hell with your money. Darn you!
– That’s enough. Let go. Move aside. I’ll skin him alive! He must have dropped it. He is bluffing. He has blown it. Now get out
and study on the road. He will never enter my house.
Raghu! Munni. Raghu. So late?
– Keep my bag. Why? You left home?
– Brother-in-law threw me out. Now?
– I’ll stay with Venu and Ganesh. What did he say?
– He doesn’t know anything. But Jaggu’s letter said. Ask Irani of “Fairdausi Hotel”
for “Cobbler of horse-shoes”. “He will give Jaggu’s address.” Tourists .. from ‘Aaraam Lodge.’ Really! Bye. Okay brother. Raghu! Here at this hour? Coming from Venuy Ganesh’s place. Was Jaggu there? There was a lock. Aren’t you the blue haired fairy? So? Munni told me that the one who sees you,
is freed from all his troubles. I’ll give you one rupee.
Take it and go home. I’ll never go there. I don’t want any. Don’t take. Seeing you alone,
I had sat here. Else I was going my way. Go. I don’t need your company. Yes, Yes. I feel sorry for you. Take this coat. Will come handy. I don’t want your coat. Hey you, get lost. Hey, what are you looking at? Can I get some tea? Do you have money in your pocket? Nothing. Two for a rupee.
– Yes. Yes. Take. Put the laces. Venu.
– Ganesh. Raghu? You look so different! I’ve bought all this recently. Money.
– I’ve lots. Come. We’ll have a party. Let’s go. Let’s go. One in the shoe, one with you. Hey, where are you going?
I have paid one rupee. Here, take a rupee. From now on, I’ll also stay with you.
– Yes. – Yes. I’ll even pay Jaggu Boss.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Which Jaggu? Hey, you listen! “Colorful. Sweet candies.” “Red and yellow sweet candy.” “Fill your pouch, money no doubt.” “Yes Nawaz. What do you want?
Don’t be scared. I’ll pay.” “He is our Raghu boss.
Do salute to Raghu boss.” Hello man! Hey Jaggu, When did you come? Look please.
– Alright, keep it. Where had you been
for the last 8-10 days? Magan has been asking for you. Forget about the cop. Did three guys come for me? Oh Yes. They’ve been worrying me too.
Some business of.. “Cobbler of horse shoes.” Yes. Who are they? My business partners. I called them. Now I don’t need them. If anyone asks where the horse
shoe is made? Say you don’t know. Don’t give them my address. Who wants to pay them T. A. & D. A.?
– And if they find your place? I am off to a village.
Will make a keys now. My payment? First, let me make some money,
I’ll pay. You have earned a lot. And tell that cop.
I am not paying him. Alright. Hey Boss. Here they come. I’ll go out from the back door. Hi, there. Hi! Found the “Cobbler”? You won’t. You’re wasting your time here. Let’s go. We can’t find that brat now. But we must! He knows where
Jaggu lives. He was saying so. Do we scan the whole city for him?
It’s best to return. No. I know where he is. Let’s go. You really met the fairy?
– Yes. May I put my hand in? No, I’ll show you. No. I’ll see it. I’m showing you. No. I’ll do it. Okay. Only once. Really it’s a magic coat. This boy can save us. Tomorrow we will nab him. Exactly. And he’ll tell everything
when he sees this knife. Jaggu hasn’t come yet. We don’t want him. Then? You have lots of money. How much? Don’t let him escape. Help! Don’t let him escape.
– Get him. – Help. Raghu – Run. – Run Raghu.
– Get him. Where are the coins hidden? Speak up.
– All right. That’s like a good boy. I can make as many coins as I want. From where?
– From the coat. From the coat? Open up sesame. Me first.
– Okay. Come out! Come out! Come out! But he took those coins out!
We saw it! So why not now?
– The magi does not work this way. Then how? It works only when he wears it. What a blunder!
We should have kidnapped him. Hello. Are you really tourists?
– Yes. We are leaving tonight. After stealing a child’s coat? Coat?
– We have no coat. What’ll we do with a coat? Give it to me. Come on. There is Magan Uncle.. Uncle Magan. Uncle Magan.
– Uncle Magan. Magan Uncle!
Found the coat? They did not have. Don’t crowd here. Hey, Look! The Coat! What happened? No coins. Why should there be?
You believe any crap. They told me.
– Who? Raghu and Venu. Throw the coat. Or people will say you robbed a kid. Hey, I got the coat! Now take out a rupee and show us
– Is anyone watching? Wait, don’t. Magan and those
three know about the magic coat. So we’ll hide it. All right.
But first take out a coin. – Yes. Here you go. The coins can be heard outside. Now stop it. Let it be a 1000. How badly they have tied Raghu! Shall we tell Magan Uncle? No, we’ll free him.
– How? To-night when all are asleep,
we’ll cut the ropes. Who can it be?
– Who is it? Don’t move.
– Leave him. No noise. There he is. Hello! My golden boy. Come on,
Come on. If you try to follow us..
– Raghu, come. Free from here. Where has he gone?
– Not here, there. Stop there! Where is Raghu?
– We’ve come to free him. He ran away from three men.
– What? Must be those three. So let’s go. Raghu. Raghu. Come on.
– Run. Leave Raghu. Or I’ll shout
and wake everyone up. Go home girl. Or we will cut his throat.
– No. Go home and don’t you
dare speak a word. I won’t. I had a cold last night.
What to do? You had to wipe your nose
with the same kerchief? Didn’t you smell chloroform? My nose was blocked.
– Shut up. I told you already.
You should let me do the job. I should’ve given you the job. You would have gone up
if you had smelt the chloroform. He at least survived. Why?
– You are a heart – patient. Hey Baapji. There is the boy. O.K. after a few days. No, right now. At least for today.. Look not today..
– You can’t get away. Get him.
– Get him. Catch.
– Make sure he doesn’t escape. Will you or not. God! What has he done? Oh no! Kajal. The moment I threw the coat
they started crying. Didn’t they jump in?
– Who knows? It is useless for them.
– Why? It gives no money, till I wear it. Really!

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  1. Am sure there are some like me.. I just remember few seen from this movie because I was very little to understand what is a movie when I seen it in dd national.. and today finally I got the details about the movie

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  3. Ye movie original nhi h ,,,ye baad me aai h asli natak dusra h karamati cout ka vo ak dum old h ,Jo youtube pr nhi h ,,,pr ise dekh kr bhi bhut sakoon Mila aaj muje ,,,,bhut dino se Mai is natak ko dund raha Tha

  4. Finaly aj muje b is movie ka name malum ho gya vakai bachpan k di kitne khubsurat hote h bchpan wapas lout k q nh ata i really missing my childhood life full tensan free life… I like karamati coat…☺

  5. Bachpan me ye movie dekha tha kaafi dino se movie ka naam kya tha ye soch rha tha akhir kar youtube par mil hi gai.

    Government school me 3rd standard me dekha tha movie.

    Best movie of childhood

  6. Mea bohot choti si the jab yea movie dekhi the Sachi Wala colaba manntralya k pas us waqt ham bohot garib ur yatim tha aisa lagta tha k wo neelai balo wali bodhya hame bhi mil jae ☺️ aur is movie ka nam dhond liya par ya movie k naam to mea aaj bhi neelai balo wali bodhya hi bolti hno ☺️

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  8. It reminded me of my childhood when i used to eagerly wait for the Fulwari episodes on summer vacations… Those days were really awesome

  9. yar aap logo ko vo serial ka nam yad hai to btaiye………………..
    jisme do dulhan ghunghat me rhti hai…………..aur ……………..sadi ke bad railway station pr adala badali ho jati hai……………….

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