Bollywood Movies – Karamati Coat Full Movie – करामति कोट – Irrfan Khan Movies – Hindi Dubbed Movies

Bollywood Movies – Karamati Coat Full Movie – करामति कोट – Irrfan Khan Movies – Hindi Dubbed Movies

Bingo! Ten on you
– Give two.. I’ll return all. Here. Three are dented.
– Okay; Take.. They will comeback to me. Recess still going on for you? Sir, I was going to the classroom.
Raghu stopped me. No sir, he is lying. No sir. Raghu told me. Quiet. Give me the marbles. Stretch your hands. No sir.
– Hand. Put your hand out. Put your hand out. Raghu. Raghu! What happened? Caned again? Tell me. Raghu. Raghu. Can’t bear the pain?
See, not a trace here. I’ll never speak to you.
– Fine. But give my marbles. When I have, I’ll.
– I want them now. I haven’t any.
– Then give a rupee. Come Munni Rupee or Marble.
– Leave him. Take your rupee. Come on. Why did you play with him? He forced me
or I was off to the classroom. Why couldn’t you say no? Madam, buy some garlands. It’s nice. For 4 rupees.
No. For 3 rupees. 3 rupees. It’s nice. Very nice. It’s cheap. Buy it. Buy just one. One.
Buy one. Just one. You must have stopped to watch a play.
It’s become a routine! Not only do I have to work all day,
but also take care of Balu. And stay away for 2 hrs. Didi, I’m hungry.
– So. Cooking takes time. Didn’t eat since morning? Here. Get something to eat. Buy a toffee for Balu too. And bring back eight annas. Which toffee do you want? This one and one biscuit.
– Eight annas. The rupee?
– Must be at home. Go, get it. Lala, give me marbles for Rs. 1. I found this coin on the road.
– This is mine. Is your name printed on it?
– Give me. Mind your business.
– Give my money. First, my marbles.
– I won’t. This is not a wrestling ring!
– Give my money first. Let go.
– To hell with your money. Get lost.
– Take your money. Get lost. Does it belong to your grandpa?
Why are you eating up the biscuits? Why did you eat the biscuit? Let your brother-in-law come, I’ll take
the money for these biscuits from him. Where is Jaggu Boss?
– Not come since three days. Let me know when he comes,
I haven’t got my money yet. If you delay too much,
I’ll throw you out of the train. Got it? Losers! But where is Jaggu Boss? God knows.
Magan Cop is simply harassing us. C’mon, man.
Why are you walking so slowly?! Son of.. Shut up Kajal. There is the station. Yes, for the past furlong. Look
at Beni’s condition, he will pop off! Kajal, one day you’ll surely give me
a heart attack. Okay. Hold this.
What’s there to laugh? – One more. You made me pull the chain.
– Oh yes! This time we had tickets. Why harp on ticket less travels?
– Stupid. Sir, looking for a lodge? Yes, is there..
– An “Aaraam Lodge” nearby? Yes sir, not very far off.
– Fine. Carry our bags. Yes. – Munni, keep our boxes,
we won’t take long. Yes. Go.
– Well done. Okay. Come on. Now nothing’s going
to happen to his heart. Come on. Come on. This way, sir. Look. Look. It’s near by.
– Yes sir. Come on. Come on, sir. Sir.
– What? This is the lodge. Okay. Fine. You may go now.
– Thank you. Sir, money? Money? Oh yes. Take one rupee. Only one!!
Give at least 10 bucks, sir. This is really a city of thugs. Okay. ..take two. What a loser! Darn them! Come on.
– Forget it. We want a room. Name?
– Baapji. Baapji. Myself, Beni. Yes, Baapji and Party. Tourists. We’ve come for research. He is only asking our names.
What are the charges? 100 Rs. a day.
How long will you stay? Till our job is done.
– About 4/5 days. In that case, 400 rupees.
– Room no. 3. Yes. 400 rupees advance please.
– 400? Okay. Okay. Excuse me. Rs. 400 advance? Then?
– We’ll be broke. So what!
We’ll take advance from Jaggu. Idiot.. Use your brain sometimes. 1, 2, 3, 4 .. 300. 300? Here 400. 1,2,3,4.. Right. Room No. 8. Up and right.
My boy’ll get your bags. Okay.
– Please. Excuse me. Sign here.
– Okay. Here. No bed-bugs, I hope?
– No No. Oh. Mr. Constable. How are you doing, sir? Hi, Whom have you come to arrest?
– Have come for a fag. Oh. – Wife scolds at home!
And you can’t smoke on duty! Match box please.
– Here. Only one match. Excuse me! Have matches? Come on, hurry up. Mister. I want to buy one like this.
– Take it. Not so soon.
Let us become friends, then I might. May I go?
– Yes, you may. New Clients?
– Yes tourists. Rich party! It’s going to rain. Lovely weather. It’s going to rain. Rain brings us luck.
Doesn’t it Beni? Always. Goodness. Look at this.
Those two boys. Who?
– Those brats duped us. Where? We got down right here. Correct. Look Beni. Look over there. Oh yes. They bluffed us clean. Really, they look us for a ride. I wanted some more onion rings. For 2 bucks you can’t get more. Oh god, the rain is
going to get heavier now. Run. Our boxes will get wet. My basket..
Hey! You dropped my basket. You’ve dropped all my flowers. It’s coming. Run. Run. Hurry up! Rascals. The monsoons will begin early this year. All match sticks are damp. Move. Get lost. Shoo. Everyone starts acting up
when they have to pay up. The landlord. Money. Money is all they want. What happened?
– Nothing. Give me tea, quick. Raghu, go buy a match box. Money? Weren’t eight annas left over?
– That, I I.. That, what?
– Nothing. I’ll get the match-box. Did you speak to the owner? The owner will not keep
any of the old workers at the mill. Now what?
– All of you do labour. I can’t feed everybody alone.
Tell your brother also to find a job. Munni, Munni.
– What happened? Do you have eight annas?
– No. I gave all to mother. Why? Sister gave one rupee. Jugal threw my rupee in the gutter.
I’ve to but matches. Wait. I’ll ask mother. Why are you running
a charity in our house? Do we have a money-bearing tree? Mother please! You took one rupee this morning.
Now you want eight annas. Go away. Go away. Mother, please give eight annas.
– Shut up. Darn you!
– That’s enough. Let go. Move aside. I’ll skin him alive! He must have dropped it. He is bluffing. He has blown it.
I borrow money to run this house. And this one.
No more school from tomorrow. Didi, please. I’ll go. He’ll go to school. – Forget it.
– Wait, I’ll show him. What are you doing? – He’ll go to school.
– What are you doing? Put down the school bag.
– Get aside. He’ll go to school.
He’ll go to school. Here. Now get out
and study on the road. Raghu! Where are you going? Raghu.. Call him back.
– No. He will never enter my house. Now don’t go down.
– No. Leave me. Raghu. Forget him. He was not your own brother.
Come up. Raghu, Come back.
– Come up now. He was evil for us. Go up. I said come up.
– No. Leave me.. Raghu! Come on. I say, come up now.
– Raghu. – Come up. No.
– Come up. Munni. Munni. Raghu. So late?
– Keep my bag. Why? You left home?
– Brother-in-law threw me out. Now?
– I’ll stay with Venu and Ganesh. Where the hell is Irani?
– Patience Beni. Patience?
20 rupees are already blown. Don’t worry. The minute we find Jaggu,
we will claim the money. Yes. But where is Jaggu?
– Sh .. Irani.. Close the kitchen. Hurry up.
Time to shut shop. Er.. any
“Horse-she cobbler” around? Horse Shoe? Horse-shoe is fixed on its hooves.
Goes clink clink, when it trots. Sorry brother. I don’t know. Sir, think again.. The horse-shoe?
Round one? I don’t know brother.
No. What did he say?
– He doesn’t know anything. But Jaggu’s letter said. Ask Irani of “Fairdausi Hotel”
for “Cobbler of horse-shoes”. “He will give Jaggu’s address.” Has Jaggu duped us? Never, Cheats have high principles.
Surely he has a bog job for us. Hello, there!
– duty over? Half an hour to go.
Did Jaggu boss come this way? When he comes, tell him.. How are you? Having dinner? Please have some.
– No, no. Carry on. Let me know if you
any problem. Carry on. Tourists .. from ‘Aaraam Lodge.’ Really! Bye. Okay brother. Tell Jaggu to see me. Okay brother Magan. Yes, yes. Boy. Pull the shutter down. Raghu! Here at this hour? Coming from Venuy Ganesh’s place. Was Jaggu there? There was a lock. Baapji! Does this cop suspect us? Why are you so scared of the cop? Okay, Okay, Let’s go.
– Where did you get this specimen? Hurry. It might rain again.
– I told you so to carry an umbrella. Blue-haired old woman! Talking to me? Aren’t you the blue haired fairy? So? Munni told me that the one who sees you,
is freed from all his troubles. Really? I can’t get rid of my sorrows.
What can I do for others? You have your eyes on the apple.
Didn’t you get food at home? I’ve been thrown out of my house. You must’ve been naughty. Not me.. it was Jugal. That Cop’s son?
You know him? Yes. He blows his
whistle and chases me. That’s why he is a pauper. So, what did his son do to you? He threw my one
rupee coin in the gutter. I’ll give you one rupee.
Take it and go home. I’ll never go there. Then, you’ll spend the night here?
– Yes. You won’t get sleep on an
empty stomach. At least I can’t. Again your mouth is dripping! Okay.. too have some. But you won’t get any after this. I don’t want any. Don’t take. Seeing you alone,
I had sat here. Else I was going my way. Go. I don’t need your company. Yes, Yes. I’m going. Here I can’t even eat in peace.
Wait till you’re cold and hungry. I feel sorry for you. Take this coat. Will come handy. I don’t want your coat. Hey you, get lost. Hey, what are you looking at? Can I get some tea? Do you have money in your pocket? What happened? Nothing. Won’t you go to school today?
– Later. You brother-in-law bought this? Hello Sir! Three omelets parcel. Quick! Three omelets parcel. What do you want?
– Tea. You have money?
– Yes. Brother, any other
‘Firdausi Hotel’ here? No. Why? Er that horse shoe cobbler.. Came here to shoe your horse?
– No, no. Please sit. Get his parcel ready. Sit. Sit. Sit. Good boy. Three omelets parcel. Half cup, one rupee. Not so fast boy!
Take out the money. Or I’ll skin you. Take out the money.
Take out the money. I know where my money fell.
Leave me, I’ll go get it. Why the hell you
came here without money? But. I had a rupee.
– Then where has it gone? Trying to fool me? But I had only one.
I took it out from.. Raghu, your school bag. Red coat! He surely did not pay for his tea. Who? The boy I met at Irani’s shop. Stop it. This Beni’s omelette.
Beni, Kajal is hogging your omelette. Kajal, very bad.
I’ll give you one.. For just a rupee. Quick. Hurry up. For just a rupee. Hurry up. For just a rupee. Hurry up. Come. A good shine for only two.
– A shine for only one. A shine for only two.
– A shine for only one Sir, Shoe-polish?
– Put those white laces. Two for a rupee.
– Yes. Yes. Take. Put the laces. Venu.
– Ganesh. Raghu? You look so different!
– New coat! New shoes! I’ve bought all this recently. Money.
– I’ve lots. Come. We’ll have a party. Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Really. – Come on. Hey, Is this a bloody joke?
One in the shoe, one with you. Hey, where are you going?
I have paid one rupee. Here, take a rupee. From now on, I’ll also stay with you.
– Yes. – Yes. I’ll even pay Jaggu Boss.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Which Jaggu? Hey, you listen! Jugal! Did Raghu come to school? No. But I saw him in a red-coat. Red Coat? Who gave him? Ganesh, how did he
get so much of money? Why bother! Let’s have fun.
– Exactly. Just wait and see
what all Raghu will buy. Not ‘Raghu’.
– Then? Mr. Raghu! Now don’t make it lesser.
Half your stuff is trash. You take on credit.
You have tantrums! Bring me the bag. Leave. Chanda! Did Raghu come last night? Yes, to borrow money.
Why don’t you find him a job? He wants to study. Last night Balu’s father got mad,
and threw him out. Good. A little roughing
will bring him to his senses. Lala! 1/2 Kg. rice and 1/4 of pulses.
I’ll pay you off soon. Lala. Bought a new bag? Yes, see. A tooth brush?
– Yes. No tooth paste?
– Yes, I have. And a comb too. Ah..! Give me please.
I have never combed with a clean one. You let it be, else he too
will become dirty like you. As if you are Mr. Clean!
You two are always smeared with polish. I’ve got soap too.
– Really! – See. Here. what a smell!
– Will you use it everyday? We all will.
– Shall we? Now? Let’s bathe with your soap. Okay, let’s bathe now. Here Venu, catch the soap. Today I had a bath after 15 days. That too with soap! Don’t feel like wearing dirty clothes. You lost he soap.
We could’ve washed our clothes. Silly! Nobody washes clothes
with a bathing soap. Raghu. Go get a washing soap.
– Yes. – Right. Why a soap?
I’ll buy you now clothes. Really!
– Yes. Get me new clothes. Anyway,
we can’t bear to see you in new clothes. O.K. Let’s go. “So much money!” “Exact 200. Want more? Take more.” “What’s the order?” “Stuffed bread, meat bread, curry!” “And bring whatever you have.” “Sir, these kids make a din
got no money, they want chicken.” “Is it your dad’s hotel?” “Hey boy, didn’t you hear?
Don’t cause any trouble.” “Don’t you know Raghu Sahib is here?” “Go get it quickly.” “Waiter! Menu please.” “And cold water.” “Look at the glass.” “First clean it.” “And the table too.” “What’ll Raghu Sahib say?” “Ma’am why do you laugh?” “Meet our Raghu Sahib.” “This is our Raghu Sahib.” “Do salute to Raghu boss.” “What do you want sir?” “Cadbury chocolate.” “Onion rings four place.” “And what else do you have?” “Mutton, chicken, tomato omelets,
pullao, biryani, Veg-cutlette.” “Mutton, chicken, tomato omelets,
pullao, biryani, Veg-cutlette.” “Oil shall be over, I bet.” Quiet. “Cream rolls, fish fry.
What should I serve you guys?” “Get everything, serve everyone.
Raghu Sahib is giving a treat.” “Get everything, serve everyone.
Raghu Sahib is giving a treat.” “He is our Raghu Sahib.” “Do salute to Raghu boss.” “Get us too in a double plate.
Two eggs omelette.” “And me?” “Colorful. Sweet candies.” “Red and yellow sweet candy.” “Fill your pouch, money no doubt.” “Yes Nawaz. What do you want?
Don’t be scared. I’ll pay.” “He is our Raghu boss.
Do salute to Raghu boss.” “Wait and watch,
I’ll grow up to become Amitabh..” “..I’ll have food in six rooms
and books in one.” “Crowds will want autograph.
Press will want photograph.” “He is our Raghu boss.
Do salute to Raghu boss.” “Waiter, get the order.” “Yes sir. Here it is sir.” “Get us more.” “And more and more.” “Enough. It’s Enough.” “We’re stuffed. Enough.” “Oh God!” “Well they even sleep here!” How pretty! Did you buy this too? Yes. It opens on both sides. See?
– Show. Show.
– Now from the other side. A candy!
– Scented eraser! Raghu, let me smell once. Give me, Raghu. Raghu, show me too.
– Me too. I’ll make you smell. If you snatch, I won’t. Okay. You hold it. – What’s going on?
– Raghu’s got a fancy eraser. Show me. No. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hello man! Hey Jaggu, When did you come? Look please.
– Alright, keep it. Where had you been
for the last 8-10 days? Magan has been asking for you. Forget about the cop. Did three guys come for me? Oh Yes. They’ve been worrying me too.
Some business of.. “Cobbler of horse shoes.” Yes. Who are they? My business partners. I called them. Now I don’t need them. If anyone asks where the horse
shoe is made? Say you don’t know. Don’t give them my address. Who wants to pay them T. A. & D. A.?
– And if they find your place? I am off to a village.
Will make a keys now. My payment? First, let me make some money,
I’ll pay. You have earned a lot. And tell that cop.
I am not paying him. Alright. Hey Boss. Here they come. I’ll go out from the back door. Hi, there. Hi! Found the “Cobbler”? You won’t. You’re wasting your time here. Let’s go. We can’t find that brat now. But we must! He knows where
Jaggu lives. He was saying so. Do we scan the whole city for him?
It’s best to return. No. I know where he is. Let’s go. Hey! Khairu, Ganesh, Raghu. Has Jaggu come? When he returns, he’ll come.
Don’t pester us. You live in a tin box because of me,
and you dare to argue with me? Out with my money! We pay Jaggu. O.K. I’ll get the wagons locked. No, please uncle! Then give 200 rupees. From where?
– Steal. I mean do anything! Alright, pay at least 50 rupees. Okay. I’ll get it tomorrow.
– From where? You want money!
You’ll get it. Come Venu. He licks boss Jaggu’s boots. I won’t listen to any excuses tomorrow. What is it?
– Knocking won’t bring him. But I saw him here. Oh! You! I thought it was a crook. But you are tourists. Many hang around you know O.K. Bye! Good bye.
– Bye. – Bye. You’ll surely get us into trouble.
– But I heard the boy utter Jaggu’s name. Shut up.
– What? – Idiot. Come on.
– Where are we going? I’ll tell you. Come quick.
– Hey.. Where are we going? But.
– Come on. Come on. But..
– Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come. Come quick What’s in the bag? Put in your hand. You see. So much money! How did you get it? I won’t tell that. You stole it? No. I made them.
– Meaning? I’ll tell later. First, hold this.
I’ve to give someone 50 rupees. Come quick. You really met the fairy?
– Yes. May I put my hand in? No, I’ll show you. No. I’ll see it. I’m showing you. No. I’ll do it. Okay. Only once. Really it’s a magic coat. Did you tell anyone? None, but you.
– Where are you going? To give Magan cop 50 coins. Don’t tell anyone
my coat is magical. I won’t. Why don’t I meet the fairy? I too have never hurt anyone. 10,11,12.. 13, 14, 15, 16. 316 rupees! Mom, Can I take 10? No, you just keep Rs.2. If you take
Rs.10, everybody will get suspicious. Mom! From where did
Raghu get all the money? Must have looted a telephone booth,
but don’t tell anyone. Not even your father. The power is back. Shall I go
and get the Bhel? – Okay. Go. Listen. For me too, Spicy ones.
– Okay mom. Now I can buy silver anklets. 1..2..3.. Lala! Give me some Kerosene,
I’ll pay tomorrow. You don’t need to pay now.
You can take anything. Raghu’ll pay for everything. Really? He has given me 200. Asha, you got it on credit? No. Raghu gave Rs. 200. From where? Must be working. Won’t steal.
– He can do anything. Look here.
We’ve all this because of him. Now don’t bother about
from where and how he got it? Carry this for me. I can’t carry all this. The house isn’t far away.
I’ll go check on the prince. Where did he get so much
of money from? – Idiot. Munni. New clothes, shoes..
where did you get them? None of your business. Have you found a treasure?
– Leave me. Okay. Now come home straight. I won’t. – Come on. Attitude. Come on. Darn you! Raghu. I won’t spare you. Raghu! Darn you! Raghu! Match, please. You live here?
– Yes You know any
“Cobbler for horse-shoes”? A what? Horse-Shoe, man.
That goes cling, cling. Hey, a horse! A horse cart! Horse carriage? Chowpatty. Wait Raghu! Stop there! Stop there, Raghu! Come, Come. I was looking for you.
You told your friends. You’ll live with Jaggu,
which Jaggu you meant? First, tell my brother-in-law
that I work for you. What’s the matter? He doesn’t want to come home. I work for him. I’ll live there. Don’t worry. He is fine with me.
Come son. Come on. Live where you want. Come on. But get your wages home or else. You fooled your brother-in-law well. He’s a very angry man,
sometimes he even beats up my sister. Must be a villain to do so.
Does he work? No. That is why
I gave money to the grocer. How much?
– 200/- You had so much? Yes, I also gave the cop 50 rupees
to stay at Jaggu’s place. Is Jaggu there? He is out of station. Otherwise they couldn’t
have taken the polish boxes. Who?
– Municipal authorities. I gave them 100 rupees too. Oh God! So much money! Boss wants you. Excuse me. Coming. Excuse me. Yes Boss. Your bill is over Rs. 400/- What’s funny? When’ll you pay? Wait till we find the ‘Cobbler’. That’s not my headache.
Pay or wash dishes in my hotel. For the tea. How do you get coins everyday? Hey wait, I am also coming. Oh no! Now pay Rs. 40/ –
for this jar. I don’t have. I don’t know anything. Wearing new clothes, you’re looking
like a tourist for nothing. I want my money. Please. Please. I’ll pay later.
– What please? Leave him I’ll get you the money. Go. Go get it. Go. You sit there. Sit there. Come on. Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Why don’t you talk to me? You took my money. Which money? That I hid in the wagon. I didn’t. Someone else might have. Only you knew the place. Raghu. Raghu. Don’t talk to me. Yes. A customer broke the jar. Okay – Here.
– Got them? Again coins? Exact 40. Let’s go. This boy can save us. He is a golden boy. But he might have
saved it in piggy bank. So much in a piggy bank?
He gave 50 to the cop. 100 to Municipality,
200 to Lala 40 to Irani. Total 400. Rs. 390/-
– Yes. All new coins. They work for Jaggu.
Must have looted a bank. We better find it
or its jail for us. And we’re broke. Don’t you understand? Who is it? Manager. Get up. He was not the manager. It was someone else.
We got scared for no reason. Baapji, we are trapped in here. That’s why we must nab that boy and
ask him where he gets the money from. Tomorrow we will nab him. Exactly. And he’ll tell everything
when he sees this knife. And if he doesn’t
then we’ll fix him. Raghu. Raghu. I haven’t told anyone
about the magic coat. Raghu. Raghu. Raghu. I don’t want to be your friend. Jaggu hasn’t come yet. We don’t want him. Then? You have lots of money. How much? Don’t let him escape. Help! Don’t let him escape.
– Get him. – Help. Raghu – Run. – Run Raghu.
– Get him. Oh Kajal.
– Run Raghu. Baapji.
– You can’t do anything properly Come on. Chase him. Come on.
– Get down. Raghu, run, run! What the heck! Raghu, run, run! Get him.
– Raghu, run, run! Raghu, run. This is very sharp.
Where is the body? I don’t know. Out with it. Where are the coins hidden? Speak up.
– All right. That’s like a good boy. I can make as many coins as I want. From where?
– From the coat. From the coat? Don’t fool us.
– I am telling the truth. See.. It must be in his pocket. Look, one more. And one more.
– We’ll know in a minute.. Great. From where did you get the coat? A blue-haired old woman gave it. A blue-haired old woman! Can’t you get more than one coin? No. I’ll give you
all the money you want. Now let me go home. Sure. Go home. Go home. But give us this coat.
– No. I won’t. Now this coat is ours. Now this coat is ours. Now this coat is ours. Don’t take my coat. Don’t take my coat. Don’t take my coat. It’s ours. What?
– This means Provident Fund. This coat is our present and future. Now this coat is ours. It’s ours. Hey! My coat!
– Come on. Don’t take away my coat. Why do they want Raghu?
– They want his coat. That’s why they took him away. Just for that coat?
– Yes. It’s a magic coat. We used to pick a rupee from
his pocket every time. So that money? All was from his pocket. Really?
– Yes. Really. There is Raghu. Raghu.
– Raghu. Raghu.
– Raghu. They took my coat. Open up sesame. Me first.
– Okay. Come out! Come out! Come out! What happened?
– No coin. What? Let me see. Give me.
– Wait. Check the other pocket.
– This. This. This one. Was I lying? What! Forget it. We can’t get a penny.
– Let me check. Press as much as you want.
We won’t get anything. Let him see. Anything? – No. It’s impossible. – Why?
– We were idiots to believe that boy. But he took those coins out!
We saw it! So why not now?
– The magi does not work this way. Then how? It works only when he wears it. Right. When we took out the coins,
he was wearing it. Oh dear! What a blunder!
We should have kidnapped him. It must be the manager. Kajal, see. Hello. Move. Are you really tourists?
– Yes. We are leaving tonight. After stealing a child’s coat? Coat?
– We have no coat. What’ll we do with a coat? Give it to me. Come on. Aren’t you ashamed! Robbing a kid? Hey, this is my area. If you wish to live here,
you’ve to live like decent people.. ..else I’ll send you to prison. There the coat is gone.
Now he’ll give it to the boy. There is Magan Uncle.. Uncle Magan. Uncle Magan.
– Uncle Magan. Magan Uncle.. Magan Uncle!
Found the coat? No, I searched the entire room.
Are you framing those poor guys? They are decent people. No. There are thugs. They will be caught. Now get lost. Don’t crowd here. Hey, Look! The Coat! He is hiding the coat. Now he’ll go home and take out coins. Look, what have I got! What have I got! What is this? Talk softly. You wanted anklets. Didn’t you? I’ll load you with gold.
Do you know, what is it? A beggar’s coat. Oh no! This is magic coat.
It gives coins. Now I’ll buy you everything. Here’s the magical coat. What happened? No coins. Why should there be?
You believe any crap. They told me.
– Who? Raghu and Venu. They fooled you.
Good, I bought the anklets. How? Now don’t scold Jugal.
Raghu had hidden lot of coins. Jugal brought them.
– Coins? Must have looted a phone booth. Wait. I’ll catch them.
– No, if you do, I’ll be trapped too. Throw the coat. Or people will say you robbed a kid. Hell with the coat. Hey, I got the coat! Hey, I got the coat! Not there, this way.
– Come on. Now take out a rupee and show us
– Is anyone watching? There’s no one
– Exactly. – Show us now. On one condition;
you won’t tell anyone. We won’t tell. Now take out the coin.
– Yes. Show it. Wait, don’t. Magan and those
three know about the magic coat. So we’ll hide it. And when we want,
Raghu will make coins for us. All right.
But first take out a coin. – Yes. Here you go. A magic coat Put in your hand, and get the coin. Put in your hand. And get the coin. Put in your hand. And get the coin. Live with us quietly. Now we need no charity Agreed? Shall I free you? Hit as much as you like. The coat won’t stop giving coins. See. See. The coins can be heard outside. Now stop it. Let it be a 1000. Is it necessary to take
out 1000 coins every day? Yesterday you took out 1000.
And the day before too. Ok. I’ll take out only 800. Raghu, want bread-butter? Why don’t you listen? Like this, he won’t. Lala, matches. Someone was saying.
– There is a ‘Cobbler for horse-shoes’. Why didn’t you ask him? Why do you ask the same question? Hey? What? Why do you always forget to pay?
– I know. Here. Lala! Lala! Lala! Come here. Got it? – Yes. Yes, 800 You’ll get 700.
– But we settled on 750/- Take it back. I’ll tell the cop.
Raghu and you have looted a bank. Ok. Give 700/-. Now you got it.
Here.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Lala he is…
– Not a cobbler. Is he Raghu’s brother-in-law?
– Yes. How badly they have tied Raghu! Shall we tell Magan Uncle? No, we’ll free him.
– How? To-night when all are asleep,
we’ll cut the ropes. If we stumble in the dark?
– I’ll get my torch. Listen Munni. Listen. Meet us near Raghu’s house.
We’ll keep our boxes and come. Come quickly.
– Okay. Come on, Ballu.
– Yes. I’m coming. Who can it be?
– Who is it? I don’t know. Don’t move.
– Leave him. No noise.
– Where is the golden hen? Speak up.
– Which hen? Raghu. He doesn’t live here.
– Hey. There he is. Hello! My golden boy. How he has tied him!! Don’t you worry.
He has tied him like a beast. Fatso! Son, don’t worry. Come. Come on, my friend.
Just a minute. Come on. If you try to follow us..
– Raghu, come. Free from here. Why are they after Raghu? All his people. I’ve met one of them. Why don’t you follow them? Where are you going? Come on.
– Leave me. – He’ll run away. Hurry up. – Leave me.
– Where are you? Catch him.
– Don’t leave. Get him. Get him. Where has he gone?
– Not here, there. Stop there! You took so long.
– Yes I got late. The torch? Here.
– Checked the cells? – Yes. Come on you two. Don’t argue. Munni! Hurry.
– Yes. Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Where is Raghu?
– We’ve come to free him. He ran away from three men.
– What? Must be those three. So let’s go. Raghu!
– Raghu! You are only watching.
Why don’t you do something? Do I want to die? Didn’t you see their knife?
To hell with Raghu. Raghu!
– Raghu! Raghu! Let’s go this way. No. You both go there.
I’ll look here Raghu!
– Raghu! Raghu!
– Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Raghu! Help, help! Don’t let him go. Shut him up. Help! Help! He is trying. Shut up.
– Help. Raghu!
– Raghu! Raghu!
– Raghu! Come on. Stuff it. Don’t. Don’t do that. Nothing will happen, man.
I’ve mixed lots of water. Even perfume. Nothing will happen to him. Still.. Anything happened?
– But.. Anything happened? Did anything happen, son? Raghu! Raghu! Raghu.
– God! Carry him. Carry him. Now run. Don’t leave me behind. Raghu. Raghu. Come on.
– Run. Leave Raghu. Or I’ll shout
and wake everyone up. Go home girl. Or we will cut his throat.
– No. Go home and don’t you
dare speak a word. I won’t. Now she won’t come. Come on.
– Good. Come on. – Come on.
– Run. – Come on. Raghu.
– Raghu. Look there. Munni. Munni.
– Munni. Munni, found them? Yes. They took him away. Oh my! Let’s go tell Magan uncle. If we tell anyone, they’ll kill him. Who said that? The man with the black cap. Kajal. Kajal. Kajal. Where is the boy? Where is the boy? Get up. Get up. Get up, Kajal. Get up. Were you told to guard or sleep? Where is he? Ask him. Now get up, idiot. There he is. Where? Come down fast. There he is. He is gone, all because of you. Height of carelessness. I had a cold last night.
What to do? You had to wipe your nose
with the same kerchief? Didn’t you smell chloroform? My nose was blocked.
– Shut up. I told you already.
You should let me do the job. I should’ve given you the job. You would have gone up
if you had smelt the chloroform. He at least survived. Why?
– You are a heart – patient. Hey Baapji. There is the boy. Non they can’t catch me. How long can you hide?
Throw the coat. No. It’s a special coat. But it can kill you. O.K. after a few days. No, right now. At least for today.. Look not today..
– You can’t get away. Get him.
– Get him. Raghu, throw the coat.
They’ll kill you. Raghu. Catch.
– Make sure he doesn’t escape. Where is he running to? Where death dawns,
the puppy run to water. Now he is caught. Don’t let him escape.
Don’t let him escape. Don’t let him escape.
– Catch him. Don’t let him escape. Now he has nowhere to go. Go ahead. Why don’t you? Come with us. Give us the coat.
– Yes. We will treasure it. And when we need it.
You wear it for us. Give us this coat. Will you or not. God! What has he done? Oh no! Kajal. Beni. He has thrown the coat in the sea. Kajal, jump .. jump in. Get the coat. Or that Irani and manager
will throw us in jail. Ok, fine by me. But I can’t jump in the sea.
I can’t swim. Isn’t it Beni? Yes. This is the problem.
We only know how to drown. The moment I threw the coat
they started crying. Didn’t they jump in?
– Who knows? It is useless for them.
– Why? It gives no money, till I wear it. Really! So they wanted me with the coat. And I threw the coat. Well done.
You should have thrown them too. Raghu.
– Raghu. We were to meet at the snack-bar. You said you’ll treat us
to some snacks. We waited for an hour. Now I’ve no money. Why from the coat? You left it in the wagon? Which coat? Your coat. Did they take it again? I didn’t have any coat? Don’t fool me.
Where is his coat? Which coat? The one that the old
woman gave him. – Exactly. No one gave me any coat. They must’ve hidden
the coat somewhere.

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