BONUS: Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial – DIY Costume Squad

BONUS: Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial – DIY Costume Squad

(fast paced, intense music) – Hey guys, it’s Claire. So, uh, I’m gonna
show you how to do a quick makeup for
Edward Scissorhands using the lovely Dustin as my model. – Lovely. – So, I have my supplies here. We have three colors
of creme makeup, white, grey and black. Also, some liquid latex for making a few little
scars on his face. And some makeup sponges. And that is all we need, So, lets get started. – Alright. – This is gonna be
fun with your beard that’s gonna be, (laughs) – Oh, you know what,
I should just go… I’ll shave real quick – [ Claire] Yeah, go ‘head. – Hold that thought. – Baby-faced Dustin,
welcome back! Any parts of your costume
that go over your head, put them on before
you do your makeup! – [Claire] Alright! – Okay, so
I’ll just recite some poetry while I’m here. Bongos, you have bongos? – So, I’m gonna
start with the latex and I’m just gonna
kind of stipple it on with the edge of a sponge
to make little scars. I mean, if you have
scissors for hands it is inevitable that
you’re gonna end up cutting yourself
from time to time. – That’s what happened when I
made the costume. – (laughs) Right on your nose so you get to smell it
extra (laughs) – Mmm. – Alright. So we’ll give
those a second to dry. So now we’re gonna
do the whole face with the white creme makeup. And we’re gonna cover
up your eyebrows too and then I will
draw them back on. – Make me pertty.
– (laughs) So now the scars are dry,
so we’re gonna go ahead and put the makeup on
top of those as well. And, I’m gonna stab Dustin
in the eyeballs, (laughs) Looks pretty good… And so now we’re going
to do the eyes… We’re gonna start with
black on the upper lids. So he has, sort
of darker shadows up under his brow-bone. Fingers are great makeup tools. And then we’ll do some
grey on the lower lids for that lovely, I have
never slept in my life, look. – You just wanna
stab my eyes so much. – I just really enjoy stabbing
Dustin in the eyeballs. Yeah, hahaha. So, now for lips… We have some black
lipstick that’s just kind of in the
center of the mouth. He also has scars
running through his lips so I’m gonna leave where
the scars are uncolored. Alright! You wanna take a
look and see it? – Oh yeah! – (laughs) – Nice! – Yeah, so lets give you
some, gaunt cheekbones. There we go. – It looks really
weird when I smile. – Yeah, you
shouldn’t ever smile. No one smiles in Tim Burton
movies. (laughs) – I can’t hug. I made this costume
actually like 15 years ago, I just had an old wig and I kind of just cut it up
in a weird random way… And it’s kinda just up. – Yep…
– Crazy. ♪ Beauty school drop out ♪ There we go! Whadda you think? – I’m sad. – (laughs) Alright, so that’s
our quick and dirty, Edward Scissorhands makeup. Make sure you watch
the full episode with the making of this costume. And we will see you next time. (electronic tone)

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  1. so glad to see these videos on this channel again keep up the great work. Are you guys going to review "Batman: The killing joke" ? I'm interested on what your thoughts are on it.

  2. I don't know ,maybe that's a little bit too pale since Edward at least had some color in him. On the bright side I can use this for similar characters

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