Book Nerd Problems | Nobody Gets Your Halloween Costume

Book Nerd Problems | Nobody Gets Your Halloween Costume

[MUSIC] Hey, what are you supposed to be?
>>Clearly, I’m an average girl who’s been chosen to
stand up against an oppressive society which has been posing behind
the facade of a perfect utopia. Armed only with my wits and a good-looking companion.
>>Read the book. [MUSIC]

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  1. This also applies to characters in video games, TV shows, anime, musicians of music you love, and other non "mainstream" pastimes. Uncultured masses… They're missing out!

  2. This applies to TV show inspired costumes too. This year I want to be Drusilla from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Watch everyone I see ask me what I'm supposed to be. 

  3. Last year I dressed up as a shadowhunter, and no body knew who I was. So this year, our school had a Halloween dance, and I wanted to dress up like Amy Pond from Doctor Who where they met the Silence. I mean people watch that show right?! 😀 Nope, only two people knew who I was. -.-

  4. Last year I dressed up as Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and every house I went to asked what I was supposed to be be.  When I told them they were just like, "Ummm… okay."

  5. My country doesn't celebrate Halloween :((((((((((
    So, I'm gonna be that guy with his books on his hands and a nice–warm blanket covering his body…. pfft

  6. I'm being Anna from Anna Dressed in Blood this year. Pretty sure NOBODY will know who i'm supposed to be, but I hope they can tell that i'm a ghost.

  7. For the next Book Nerds Problem: That annoying fly that won't let you read in peace!!! Going through it it's so annoying!!!!

  8. I understand. Last year i was maximum ride and when I went trick or treating, some guy asked me if I was a Victoria secret angel ;-; kill me

  9. I got two Book Nerd Problem ideas:

    -Waiting for a sequel to a cliffhanger ending book
    -Seeing a quote from a book and tearing the book apart to find that quote

  10. unrealistic. even people who have never watched hunger games knows who Katniss Everdeen is -_- but i get the idea 🙂

  11. I'm going to be Tessa Gray for halloween this year. And since she is holding a book on the cover of clockwork princess, I'm going to hold the book clockwork princess for the costume. And if people ask who I am, I will show them the cover.

  12. last year I was Ridley from beautiful creatures and everyone thought I was some weird  emo chick who liked lollipops

  13. Katniss two years ago. 

    Kelsey Hayes from TIGER'S CURSE last year.

    I had to do a bit of explaining. 

  14. OMG! :O It happened to my two years ago! I was a Greek demigod with a orange T-shirt. Obviously no one understood…

  15. This was me on the Halloween of 2014 I dressed up as piper McLean from the Percy Jackson series I got so many questions are you from the hunger games? I'm like just read the book

  16. I wanted to be either a Dauntless Initiate or a DemiGod this year but I'm just going to be Iron – Man . I swear on River Styx that I will be a Demigod or Dauntles Initiate one day

  17. I dressed up as a shadowhunter on costume day at my school and everyone thought I was demonic. No one knew who I was ( except the other fan girls at my school)

  18. Me and my friend went to the school book day as Clary and Isabelle and everyone thought we were from THG -_- Like apparently now Katniss uses Runes to beat the Capitol??

  19. I was Cho Chang a year before the movie came out with her in it. I'm asian and I used the promo pictures to recreate her ravenclaw uniform, hairstyle, and everything……everyone thought I was a generic witch or Hermione |D;;;

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