Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend's Outfits!

Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend's Outfits!

47 Replies to “Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend's Outfits!”

  1. the whole video is her criticizing her boyfriend 😂😂 like she’s so spoiled he should just find someone else 😂 can’t stand her

  2. You remind me of Belle from Beauty in the Beast with the yellow dress 🙂 Yellow looks nice on you!

  3. First of all, those eyebrows are WAY to over lined/filled in, second stop complaining about the sizes, third be appreciative of your boyfriend and his style choices.

  4. Hey Allisa. This is my first time seeing your channel. I think you have a great style and your bf did a pretty good job. I think you should give yourself a chance because that brownish gold looks beautiful on you. I know that’s easier said then done but I promise it looks gorgeous On you. You have a beautiful skin tone. Woman to woman. I mean that 🙂

  5. Yyooohhh I haven't worn such bright colours since I could pick out my own outfits but knowing my boyfriend he would buy the girliest thing in the store just to see me in it

  6. Maybe if you werent short, you would look better on those waist shorts lmfao they look better on tall girls.

  7. Broooooo,Her bf was Mad gud😑At pickin her outfits😍They looked 👀 on fleek💯But ion why she hadda keep on complain😑Be Grateful For whatchu Have😌💯💕

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