BOYFRIEND BUYS ME HOT COSTUMES | Getting ready for Halloween

BOYFRIEND BUYS ME HOT COSTUMES | Getting ready for Halloween

[Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s the stuff that gets out the stuff that gets out the pumpkin that is to carve time this year to a first Halloween yeah it’s the first real we’re helping yes it’s not a big thing in Brazil now so we’re gonna carve a pumpkin again yes to get into the holiday spirit oh my god how long do you think it’s gonna take we should put like a time limit yeah otherwise you’re gonna spend like two already destroyed the last time we did it yours is traditional religion mine was out of the box wait which one is yours Lonnegan oh yeah this is mine yeah the screwed-up one is your excuse me look at yours look behind that one has a big hole in it look yeah it looks perfect on the outside just this part as well that this part is perfect you have some like people’s here right I’m gonna show you some juice mine is gonna be better I shouldn’t be competitive I got a witness you know what to do no we have to cut this open for what to get out the seeds because you can’t carve it with the seeds in there no remember last time we did it last time we had a green pumpkin yeah well that harvest one ray better rolled asleep [Music] you’re still trying because you have the good one here’s mine here’s mine Oh yours is rotten – yeah it smells bad it smells really bad but maybe pumpkins smell like that I don’t know they’re very seriously there’s a bedroom I don’t want to be looking at this ugly side of the pumpkin for 30 minutes what about this I’m just gonna choose what sings the best I don’t think I have any good side no how’s yours coming Sakuya wall it’s coming really good you know where’s yours I’m not sure if I made the right decision but I’m going to throw out of the box maybe it’s too much where you trying to spy on my poking you got up twice to go to the sink to wash your hands I just want to see what I’m working with are you excited to try on some constants well you have two costumes – I’m actually surprised I’m proud of this look pumpkin wait are we done oh whoa cuz I can keep going we’re trying to fix something I have to add this back into my pumpkin I went to look crazy why don’t I just keep it simple and do traditional why do I try to go out of the box I should learn by now so not staying there pumpkin is ruined well you know I know I need some tape isn’t blue why do you have ketchup I’m gonna do a little bit of this let me guess it’s a Dracula mmm for how long out-of-the-box you got the little teeth and you’re putting the little ketchup on the teeth the hard way oh you’re just like exploded pop right that’s a good idea baby it’s a good idea what are you doing now it’s just a final touch to make it more horrible oh my god someone died ooh baby that’s my idea from last year get out that was my idea you have a drunk bunkie at least that’s what you said I didn’t see that yeah I can’t wait to see this one we’re sorry I’m gonna win so have our pumpkins turned around so we can look just appreciating the taste of victory one two three that you’re playing the Brazil flag just coming you just offended a whole nation why look I got something oh that’s sweet why is it funny oh sorry this is my scary just by looking at it what it really is you don’t know what it is after you said it no maybe you can see like a Brazilian flag maybe look at that – bellowing yours is just like – the winner that’s what you’re gonna be work that’s the one you choose yeah have you ever dressed up before Halloween mmm no it’s gonna be the first time I’ve been to a Halloween party the zoo like years and years ago but it was like a disaster ha ha almost dressed up bad it was so boring I’m excited to see some of these on you it’s our first Halloween together well where we dressed up you get all dressed up like when you were young no when I was young we couldn’t do anything associated with Halloween because it was the devil’s holiday my two sisters and I we could only dress up as Bible characters I was Jesus I think two years they wouldn’t go out on the streets Jasper candy or it was bad read over fall festivals we had like these little games in the gym and then we would go play the game we would get candy but now my family has changed so now my nephew’s they go out trick-or-treating and they can dress up as whatever they want you gonna try some of these long well it’s true okay let’s go let’s do it which one is gonna be the first one I think that football one okay so be sure of all pants is that right yeah this is it wait we gotta put the final touch we don’t have them those we don’t have us too expensive no I can’t see yeah sorry little animals some tape let’s see what enough without this yeah so football yeah this is after the game what’s this really necessary yeah they wear these they did yeah when they tackle life isn’t just enough for Halloween fun cuz a little we gotta get this stuff off or you can be a Roman isn’t used sucked that’s my kiss but to clean would shed the Romans here’s the room this is how it looks LuAnn we bought it we thought everything came like this but she was gonna calm these little things then it comes a sword doesn’t come just this whole swords what you look ice bother is it tight I think okay very moustache – now the neck the last one the one I like what’s the one you’re like oh yeah like a big like a big thing about that so this is the so you chose to connect you I chose the there’s a wrestling one you like this costume aren’t you I can see this going out in this I don’t like the mustache though it doesn’t stay away Oh Mario say oh my god well there’s the city tight little revealing for this one yeah the wrestling one though remember to go out make me worse and you all have a happy Halloween yes have a really great one and dress up dress up you know whatever costume you sexy awesome look who’s cleaning up this nasty pumpkin the loser should clean it a mess okay I lost I know I lost on this one but next year you’re on

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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! I shouldn't have to post this, but who is the winner when it comes to the pumpkin carving? I think WE ALL know who won (Adam) haha 🙂 Happy Halloween if you celebrate it!

  2. Ainda não acredito que me abandonaram nessa Brasília, mesmo sem nunca ter visto vocês (sempre tive esperança de achar por aí), agora parece mais sem graça essa cidade KK. Ainda não aceitei esse fato

  3. Adam, Brazil called, they’re ALL offended and ur not allowed back in the country…gringo. lmao 😂. It looks like a halloween pac-man.

    Best one-liner: “With a used sock?”

  4. Il est vrai que le Limousin est une belle région. La Nouvelle Aquitaine est également une belle région
    J’habite à La Rochelle connue pour sa petite plage des Minimes, Chatelaillon avec sa grande plage et
    surtout l’Ile de Re.
    De plus , je ne suis pas loin de Bordeaux ( d’eux heures en train) , région viticole et de Biarritz ( 4 heures
    en train) . Il y a de belles régions à découvrir dans le monde et particulièrement aux Etats-Unis et au Brésil. Bisous.

  5. Bernardo can speak Portuguese and English fluently and I can speak French and English fluently..
    I think we are blessed..

  6. Guys . I love you because I feel that you are sensitive guys and I wish you all the best because I feel you
    love each other so much..

  7. My first name is Philippe and I know that I can overreact but I cannot help it . It is part of my personality even if I can feel sorry for what I said after second thought.

  8. I wish I had a relationship some day and it's nice to see people fall in love until the very end. Love is powerful of the bonding you give with out any negative action and love is the way that gives you strength to make sure that your lover is okay and the being sure to always stick to together. In life of how we live is full of chaos, rude people, and lots of people that die through gun shot and other more…. In life it's hard to understand why people are rude is because they are born like that from what happened to them from their pass. My tutor name Ms.V is like a mother to me and she lost husband in a lung disease and once I first met her, she was crying about her husband that she missed him and I told her this: He may be gone but at least you have us Ms.V, Ms.V was so shocked about what I said and so thankful of what I say… Ms.V was with My little brother Jayden, Mom, and myself for 8 years and I couldn't done it without her help. I love her like a mother to me because she's help other people whose in pain with struggle, help kids to stay POSITIVE… Kindness is a way to make other people loved about you of how each person understands their pain. I said to my tutor that if I ever get in love with someone I want a person who understands me, kind, make good decisions and always making sure to be their with the person you loved. Amen.

  9. That looks just like the Safeway in Downtown Portland that I went to and it even says "Welcome PSU Students". Are you guys in Portland? :O

  10. Thanks so much guys for supporting Adam and Bernardo(Steps of 2 Foreigner) Please Like, Share and hit the Notification bell for updates.
    Thank you so much Adam and Bernardo for sharing us your very colorful and wonderful world to us.
    I love you more guys. ❤❤😘😘

  11. I liked the football costumes both of you looked very handsome it was clean, simple and easy to tell what you were right away. the mario and Luigi were funny as well .

  12. You are a beautiful couple and seem truly happy and in love. I hope I can one day come out to my family and find a relationship as lovely as yours x

  13. Adam e Bernardo este vídeo do dia do raloim ficou muito perfeito eu nunca fis raloim e a cho muito legal tadinho do Adam e sempre perde na competição beijos bonitinhos

  14. You both are really good looking,beautiful heart and sexy.
    Love u both.😍😍😍
    Both of your bulge is so good.😘😘😘😚😚

  15. Casal exemplo são lindos tem respeito é muito bom saber que ainda existe casal modelo amo vocês sejam sempre felizes

  16. I'm addicted to your videos; they're the ultimate in "feel good", watching you two lovers making your own traditions. I thought the costumes were getting sexier and hotter. Why did you stop? LOL Highlights for me: the Brazilian flag in the pumpkin (full marks for … something) and Bernardo running his finger inside Adam's wrestling costume (OMG!). We're way past Halloween now, so I'll just wish you guys love and happiness. Love and kisses from Luxembourg

  17. so much laugh with you both. but for me the winner is Adam . its represent the whole nation. haha 🙂 Adam shows he loves Brazil and also Bernardo so much. iloveyou couple from Philippines 🙂

  18. I'm wondering why you guys have a "brazillian drink" that makes you "wooop" in the photo of your last halloween 😂

  19. The pumpkin carving? I laughed until I almost choked. Costumes? Roman Studs? You were both beautiful. Wrestling singlets? You were both beautiful. No need to cover your crotch with your hand. The wrestlers don't. LY R

  20. After I discovered you're not wide, inspiration for me and my husband.! Thank you for sharing beautiful moments with us on the other side. Hugs .
    Alias, your request was perfect ..

  21. Happy Halloween guys, I little late of course, this was a fun video, Bernardo's laugh when he saw Adam's pumpkin, I laughed so hard too… Adam seriously…..hahaha…I think Adam won for the most original, number 2 is Bernardo's pumpkin, love all the costumes, so sexy, especially the roman ones…..damn that was hot and the best!!!!….and Bernardo's "we have our own swords" I think I died of laughing…..thanks for sharing this, love you guys, wish you the best….
    #gooutandmakememories …

  22. 🎃🎃🎃🎃💞💖💞💖😘😘😘 AB 💞 AB 💞 Naima 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👍

  23. b has a big dick….. a has small arms……. dam B your hung! Adam has a nice hairy chest let it grow out Adam! …….you guys are so cute. adorable baby s

  24. shame you covered up in the singlets, we all know you have dicks and surely youtube can't bitch about a bulge, or two. covering them up actually makes people look more (same with those stupid censor blurrs) they draw attention to what your trying not to show
    just post with dick, buts and chests exposed and be happy (plus make everyone else happy too 🙂 )

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