hi ordered and different prom dress and this case hey guys it's Sarah welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm here we've cake hey I touch your faces tough it's a Fieri Kane is guessing cheap bestest expensive prom dresses and this video is like slightly arbiter because Amazon dresses it's a weight an issue they always take forever to comb I also ordered these dresses on caned and the sudden capture I actually paid for them hey guys like this video give it a thumbs up let us know if you want to see cheap bestest expensive bikinis also comment down below your best friends names because Katie's my best friend oh I just punched my best friend that's okay let's get into these sassy fast on the blindfold cane because number one came pasta is a cheetah back no it's not and no material about to get changed in this room so like I'm not charming naked even though I have like the windows open and we got the construction you just have to trust me I'll keep my eyes closed no that's get excited confidence I was confident yesterday now I'm just nervous yes today I'm gonna go get changed into dress number one this is all the dresses sir I have the dress on but I just what they say that I actually ordered some of these dresses in the wrong size I ordered the wrong size and cheap an expensive dress or like it doesn't fit me it's because I stuff not because of the dreaded got it I've already actually left these dress outs or Kane is already seen it but like you don't know how much it cost I don't know if you guys have watched sarah's other prom videos but this reminds me of one of your cheap ones it's a little being at the back so I like tied it up it's crochet honestly you look so cute in this I could have got feeling that it's a cheap one I'm gonna vote cheap good now hochy buzz it do you remember I need pretty good guys I literally only ordered this dress because I tried on like an eBay but I didn't know what last year I was like I wonder if he'll remember I think this dress is so cute like it fit me probably it would be a cute dress moving on to next oh so expensive yes that looks so good oh you're even treading on it seems like a it's like a trail I am literally obsessed with this dress this is like sort working cute I love it it looks very nice and like just the detail here looks expensive do you want to be my date to prom yes I had to order true sizes true because every prom dress on the Internet is sold out so I has a title this one looks expensive you just look really really cute in this one that I feel like you're good at prom in this I'm gonna guess it's expensive this no way promise really good for keep that company if I didn't get this one like I feel like you've cheated me you guys should comment down below if you thought it was expensive or cheap would you guess it was cheap or expensive a few mean I would have thought that this was an expensive dress code I've seen $200 dresses but ugly and bad quality and featuring look at all the fabrics such a bargain so this is a dress I don't really know how I feel about it I don't know what to say so you can pick it up why don't you like this one baby it's so good being on me before I like walked across our apartment in it and it just ended up like here the dress is cute it's like pretty big in the boob area you definitely need to have a little more going on what do you think I think it's re nice you look so cute babe I love that Sarah called ahead for this because you're like so ready to go to prom matching right now well I did not have a talk so I could have been so much better everything about it looks good quality it's really long you look so pretty in it if it's really long it's definitely good quality like nothing's broken so your final answer is expansive yeah feel like I'm a winner now what do you think honestly I've seen like a heap of prom dresses by dating sex done a lot of these videos honestly never went to a prom believe he's doing videos for YouTube I can't see anything wrong with it put like the sequins the whole way the way up yeah when I tried this on for the first time I was like why the wait ha ha you ain't even really strike like a cute promos what is your final answer I like cheese this was an expensive yet honest it was so expensive might be one of the more expensive ones I'm sure when I first put this on I couldn't believe this I just don't understand I feel that in my heart because I thought I had this one it is so pretty to look at but like this is a deal-breaker for me if we aren't from and I we want to dance this is how I do it good and then and then if I push it this way and then I spin you see I have the next round salon maybe can you do a little better this time probably not take it up yeah this one looks are pretty babe Wow this one like it looks really really nice and it like it feels really soft oh sure the back that looks good – I love how excited King gets about these dresses he's like Oh as you can see it looks really really good one might say expensive I get cheap or expensive I'm gonna very expensive [Applause] this is by far my favorite dress as a whole video without the cute back we're gonna cute gal we got this a queue up food situation Wow Sara this is so cute I love this one look at the back to you guys I love this dress if I was gonna get a problem right now I think I would wear this dress oh I love this one this is like the cutest I honestly my favorite dress I've ever seen you in and you've been in a lot of dresses hey hey mommy's gonna go to prom like tomorrow I would totally wear this dress this is so cute if you get to try it I would take you to prom okay I can't see any single thing wrong with this dress I think it's gonna be an expensive one this dress is one is it no oh I actually feel cheated and now I don't have a prom date I told Kane that if he didn't get this dress properly I wouldn't from within so I'm going to learn this is now an ad looking for prom date someone take me there's not even any point of me doing this dress because I feel like he's gonna get it super easy you're gonna make it hard on well how do you think that I could get this on easy but can I just say you look amazing in this like this is like the coolest dress is at least like $200 about sequins on this you look like such a babe in this I just love how Sarah Dunn happens i 100% think this is an expensive dress 100% like being touched right now it's not is it you're doing right this is a cheap prom dress I promise you I ordered a different prom dress and this came it was a sequined dress but this is not the dress that I ordered I ordered a completely different dress I'll put afraid of it this is the dress that I ordered and this came I honestly thought that Kane was gonna tell you that this was a cheap dress like I was shocked in II thought this was expensive I'm bad at this oh wow babe this looks so cute this one's amazing look at it you look so cool being it it looks like your backs gonna move in it comes with a belt it comes with a belt a belt coming with a dress that's at least a few dollars there is never once been a belt in any cheap prom dress dress that would happen I'm still liking all the other prom dresses defense it's kind of weird to have a thought with your dress like it's not normal it's all weird but it's not normal that sounds like someone that's trying to throw you off I don't think it's cheap I don't think it's expensive I know do you looking it bucking it in this dress expect you yes I knew it it's so good because come on you look comment down below should Sara keep the dress I honestly have you're wet with chicken would you buy this – from yeah me too you and from there I wouldn't I think you would guide Sara is so bad you just walked in the room and I can have my blindfold on I like didn't even think about it I just like walked out and didn't ask if Kane had the blindfold on this is a dress there's a lot of detail in it it looks expensive there's like to be an overlay of the leg thing I know how to explain that but it's got like a oh I can't live my life you think it yeah you see I think this one's gonna be expensive again this one is I marry this one like it's just play it's a lot comment down below if you guys think Cain did well I won't be commenting I can't even comment myself oh sorry let me know in the comments if you guys want to see more videos like this and also let me know your best friend's name and just like honestly very quickly guys having an awesome day and if you guys are pulling Cain on Instagram following him I took the doors to Instagram photo and I'm proud visually guys I haven't altered a there and we'll see you guys in next video bye


  1. Is it just me or the ones Kane gets wrong, he guesses expensive on it??? #KaneShouldStopGuessingExpensiveSoOften

  2. Kane : "Touched Upper Chest Part Of Dress*
    Sarah : You Touched My Bo0b ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Kane : I Didn't Mean To ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Every Other Guy On YouTube : ๐Ÿ˜

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