Boyfriends Try Their Girlfriends’ Sexy Halloween Costumes

Boyfriends Try Their Girlfriends’ Sexy Halloween Costumes

– Alright, women have, like, people to help them get dressed, right? – (laughing) How do you do this? (upbeat Rock music) – Russ has a beautiful body and I have a feeling that he will probably make the costume look better than I did. – I think he is gonna look awesome. Um, I’ve seen him dressed
up as a woman before, so I know he can pull it off. – I think he’s gonna look hot as all hell in this costume. I mean, I think it’s a little more leg than he usually shows if I had to guess. – [Russ] Okay, so we’ve got some unfamiliar-looking things
on this chair here. We’ve got this thing. Are these big enough? – (laughing) What the (beep) is this? – I said Johnny Depp,
Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, I don’t think
we’re gonna get there. – (groans) (groans) – (laughing) No wonder
it takes everyone so long to get ready when you’re a woman! (sighs) I’m sweating. – I have really no idea
how female garments work. – Right now I look like a (beep) (laughing) ballerina from your nightmares. – Yes! – I’m wearing boxers, so who cares. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna keep these on. – (laughing) – Alright. – (laughing) – Hi. – Oh, you’re gorgeous. – Oh, my God! (laughing) But you do pull it off! – (laughing) Look, my ears. – Oh, my God. Oh, do a turn. You own these! – (laughing) – It’s hard to fit in this. It’s hard to get dressed. – I know! – [Man] Yeah.
– [Woman] Imagine if you – [Woman] put on five pounds and you feel fat all of a sudden. – I do feel fat all of a sudden. – I don’t mind this. – It’s a little, like,
Pirate meets Lady Marmalade. – I love this costume. I think that this is what Halloween is supposed to be about, you do something that you would never normally do and it’s okay. (upbeat Rock music)

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  1. oh my gosh! how did the girls keep it together? if my BF did that id b on theground gasping for air from laughing too much

  2. When the guy put on the green leggings all I could think was
    Whatcha gon' do with that junk in that trunk?

  3. No, Halloween is about dressing scarily to trick malicious spirits into thinking that there is no one here to haunt, so they go back to the otherworld. duh

  4. 1:38 ''I don't mind this''
    I don't mind it either! When will we get the off the cold shoulder trend for guys too? XD
    It would actually look good on men with nice shoulders.

  5. I'm crying, Tyler reminds me of some guy I used to hardcore crush on and we almost dated and I miss him so much

  6. Intro answer: no. We don't have people to help us. I do creepy/sexy though so it's easier. 😂😂

  7. Oh Barbra mamati you are the one for me. Come from up above, your the one I love ,,, I shall take you to the ball

    -veggie tales

  8. The dress saph was wearing my mom gave it to me when she bought it from her friends yatd sale and it has too much room in the front and we bought a different hat but i look cut in it cuz im short so its just the right length

  9. Why do women go for sexy Halloween costumes. It's Halloween wear something frightening that scares the baby Jesus out of everyone. Maybe something funny and cute. Idk I'm just one of those girls that gets uncomfortable is sexy, revealing clothes

  10. But ummm…the peacocks with the colors are male. The white ones are female so the girl was dressed as a guy and the guy was dressed as a guy.

  11. Wait a minute… Does the third girl have a new boyfriend? Cuz I don't remember seeing her with this one. There was another one. Maybe I'm wrong.. Maybe I don't pay attention at all. Anyway, all the best!

  12. How do they even fit in these clothes? If I had to put on any of my girlfriends clothes, they'd already tear apart during the attempt of trying them on.

  13. thigh high socks are the only thing I love that women wear… ._. might dress as a maid for my boyfriend for next Halloween…

  14. You guys doing so slow you guys shamed the girl shamed girls all over the world girls have a talent we can put on clothes at 5 minutes and be ready


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