Boyfriends Wear Women’s Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriends Wear Women’s Boyfriend Jeans

– I feel like a boyfriend now. This is the first time. I’m like, this is what it’s
like to be a boyfriend. We’re trying on boyfriend jeans. – And by we, he means he’s
trying on boyfriend jeans. – I’m trying on them on. – Boyfriend jeans are like jeans, that are like a little looser on girls. – He’s actually worried that he’s gonna fit into them really well.
– I am! – And somehow that’s gonna emasculate him. – I’m scared what if
they fit me and then I’m wearing girl jeans that fit me as a man. That’s not, I’m nervous. – I think it seems like a common
mistake that could happen. Like at Nordstrom, I’m walking around, boyfriend jeans. I’m a boyfriend, I’ma try on these jeans. – Got a big butt so you know,
– That’s true. – I don’t think these jeans are gonna get over that butt but we’ll see. – Okay.
– You ready to do it? Let’s do it. – They look a little weird
but I don’t know why. But they don’t look that weird. – I like them. – You do? – I like them actually. They’re kind of rugged looking, you know? – They’re very plain. I would say there’s nothing
like exciting about these. – I love these like, I’m not gonna lie. I might foot the bill for this and rock these out. – I’m gonna go rummage and play some pick up football outside. – I’m shocked. – I’m feeling good right now, yeah. – Boyfriends would not wear this color. What is this? – Loving the fit because it’s loose in the crotch area. But it’s tight right here so it’s like skinny jeans 2.0. – I feel a lot more
active all of a sudden. – Look at that, look at that knee action. – Wow.
– How high it’s getting. If somebody come at me, you could get some knee, you know? – Okay do all girls jeans,
are they as useless as this? Because these pockets do nothing. – That’s a normal women’s pocket. – Yeah okay well I don’t know. – They’re a little short you know? – I wear a lot of fancy socks so that’s actually a plus for me. – Oh yeah. – Look at this hole in the upper thigh. – I like this, I think this looks cool. – Who designed this? Whose idea was that right there? Hmm? Because right there
you can see my underwear. – Your butt doesn’t look good. – My butt doesn’t look good in these? – No.
– Why? – You know, I think — – Oops, I dropped something. – Oh no, oh no. – To be honest, I don’t
know what it is but I don’t think them on him. – They’re a little different. They fall a little bit differently. – Are your jeans tighter than this? No. – Yeah my jeans are tighter than this. – What do you mean? Its
like, oh, watch yourself! Watch yourself, watch yourself! Watch out.
– This is kind of dangerous. – I think boyfriend jeans
might also be for boyfriends. I’m just throwing it out there. – I am not pleased with
this boyfriend jean thing. – I see what they’re going for and – He likes this boyfriend
thing way more than I do. – I like it, yeah. – I want to wear dude pants if you wear girl pants. – Well these aren’t girl pants they’re boyfriend jeans. – Don’t feel like my jeans. These are not my boyfriend jeans. – These get the boyfriend
seal of approval from me. I think so. – You know these are women’s, were bought in the women’s department. – Yeah but hey, you know? If it looks good on me, I can’t help whatever it says.

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  1. Yeah any millennials still remember wearing their girl's jean, before brands started making skinny button fly jeans. Size one, btw. The times, ironic. 💀

  2. beard guy so clearly feels like his masculinity is being threatened. the insecurity is actually a little uncomfortable to watch..

  3. Is anybody else always bothered by the fact that buzzfeed puts a "quote" in the description, but it's not really a quote because they change the wording?

  4. "Yeah but hey you know if it looks good on me I can't help whatever it says"- Guy at the end😂😂 I'm loving his confidence!

  5. Direction of zipper flap and depth of pockets is the only thing that makes them womens jeans.. xD At least, that's what I'm getting from this.. 😛

  6. Every video I see with Saf just makes me wanna go to her channel and click out of the buzzfeed video 😂

  7. had a tailor fit me low rise cargo pants and i think that has something to do with the knee action more mobility because i hate the way the high waist on mens pants won't allow your knees to do that

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