Brand Your Cleaning Business With Your Uniform ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brand Your Cleaning Business With Your Uniform ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a girl who’s just
starting a house cleaning business and she’s putting together her company uniform. and she wants to know “Hey Ange, I noticed
that in your videos you wear a blue shirt with a collar. Is that the kind of shirt that you recommend that I use as I start my company as part of my uniform?” Okay, well I love this question because the
answer is yes, it is. This is the shirt that I wear as part of my
uniform. And so yes, I recommend it
Because, well, because I thought that it was a really good choice after all of the research
that I’ve done for my business. Okay, so, when you choose your company uniform
it comes down to a couple of things. The very first one is what kind of message
are you trying to send? What is your company brand? Because whatever you wear when you, (as part
of your uniform) when you show up to a customer’s house, that is part of your brand. And so, when people see you they expect every
single time they see you that you’re going to follow through on this brand. Part of the brand consistency is repeating
what’s working over and over and over and over again. And so, if you come looking different every
single time that’s not a consistent marketing brand, right? That’s just a confusing message. And people have to stop to figure out “well,
going on here?” So, if you want to be really professional,
yeah, pick of uniform. And pick the colors of your uniform to be
consistent with your company logo. And if you have anything else that you are
you know, like have car magnets. If you have business cards or whatever, make
sure that those colors are consistent. Now, I will put a link in the show notes there
is an article I read not too long ago on the psychology of colors. And it explains how people at an unconscious
level receive your business based on the color choice that you choose. And so, it helps you when you’re creating
a media kit, and you’re creating a brand for your business. How to choose a color that sends the message
that you want to send. Okay, so back to the message you want to send,
let’s talk about the clothes that you wear. I know a lot of house cleaners choose and
opt for scrubs. Because scrubs are really easy to wear. They’re loose fitting, they’re modest. They cover you up. They’re lightweight, they’re easy to clean
in, there inexpensive and it’s a great choice for a house clean uniform. So lots and lots of house cleaners wear scrubs. Where do you get scrubs that are affordable? We actually have an agreement with a company
that offers scrubs and I’ll put a link to that in the show notes as well so that you
can get a discount. Now in full disclosure, if you click on that
link – we may make commission off of that. They are an affiliate of ours, and so the money
that we make from that pays for the production of this show so that’s full disclosure. I know that a lot of house cleaners because
of the heat, have decided that they’re going to wear tank tops for house cleaning. I don’t really recommend tank tops because
as you move around (they are loose fitting, and they are lightweight, and yes, they are
they are comfortable.) But I think it lends itself to when you bend
over sometimes it will show cleavage or bra straps or whatever. I don’t think it’s as appropriate
or professional than maybe a shirt with a collar. Now we used to wear regular t-shirts. And I know a lot of cleaning companies wear
t-shirts with logos and stuff on them. That’s completely fine. I’ve chosen for my company to go on a shirt
with a collar. For those of you that are listening to the
podcast and you cannot see the kind of shirt that I’m wearing, it’s a lightweight, turquoise colored, microfiber, wick-away, wrinkle-resistant shirt, with a lay flat collar. So, that’s what you’re missing. (Laughing) But it’s really inexpensive. This shirt is like $15 bucks. Okay, so it’s not expensive at all and you
can have them printed with your company logo on them if you have a team of people and you
all want to look the same. The reason I chose the shirt with a collar
was this: it’s lightweight, it’s microfiber, its wrinkle-resistant. I can throw it in a load of wash, when it
comes out I just hang it up. I let it drip dry. Boom, we’re done. You don’t need to iron it, you don’t anything,
it’s… you’re good to go. So, it’s low maintenance. Its low-cost and it’s a very durable fabric. And because it has the wick away properties
if I sweat and you will sweat house cleaning, you will sweat. It’s going to wick that away so that you’re
not just, you know, big underarm stains and you know, front of your shirt stains and all
those things. It’s not like wearing a cotton t-shirt that’s
going to tell on you. I’ve had people ask “How do you prevent
your clothes from getting bleach on them?” Okay, well the answer is I don’t use a lot
of bleach. I reserve bleach for really extreme incidences
where that is the last resort. Bleach is a very strong chemical and if I
don’t have to use it I’m not going to use it. So, I can say maybe I use bleach once or twice
a year, so it’s really not a concern to me as far as getting it on my clothes. But if I am using Bleach, then I would just
be extra careful not to get it on your clothes. The reason that I chose the collared shirt
is there are industries like let’s say the golfing industry I don’t know why. But I’ve noticed that they all wear collared
shirts. Right? They all wear collared shirts. The people that are golfers that have extra
money to spend on expensive golf green fees and all that stuff are also the people that
hire house cleaners. And so instead of me showing up wearing a
tank top for example and isolating myself and saying “I’m so different from you guys”
we chose to wear a collared shirt which is just like them. So that we would blend in. So that we have an easier way of fitting in. “We’re just like you guys. We would like to service your industry.” And so every time you can remove a little
barrier better for you. Right? The golfers probably don’t care what we look
like at all. I care. I care because it’s part of my brand. I care what you look like because it’s part
of your brand. And so, right now if you’re building your
business, and you’re building your brand, this is a perfect opportunity to make some
really conscious decisions. What do you want to look like? For my company, we wear collared shirts that
are tucked in. Because that is the image I want to present
that is a conscious choice my company made. You can make any choice you want but my suggestion
would be make a conscious choice. Make a decision based on color, on style,
on the image you want to project, and the target audience that you’re going after. And after you have decided what it is you
want to project then be consistent with that. Now for me I start out with 7 shirts every
year. 7 shirts. I use 5 of them and they go through the regular
rotation Monday through Friday those are my 5 shirts. And then about halfway through the year of
one of them does get stained or if one of them just has seen the end of its life, I’ll toss another one in for the mix. And so, I will use seven shirts in the course
of a year. And every year I rotate those seven shirts
out and I get 7 new ones. So, they’re always bright they’re always vibrant
they’re always looking nice. Now, I’ll share a short secret with you. I just buy these shirts on Amazon you want
to buy the same shirts you can buy them on Amazon they’re like 15 bucks a piece. They’re not expensive. And don’t tell anyone that’s a little bit
of a secret, but I actually have one in every color for different days of the week when
I’m not cleaning houses. And I can just wear them with a pair of khakis
or pair of shorts or whatever, right? Again, they’re wrinkle-resistant, they’re
lightweight and they’re great for travel. So, if you’re traveling a lot, you just fold
them up and put them inside your suitcase. When you get where you’re going you hang them
up and they look as good as gold. Anyway, I will put a link to those in the
show notes as well. But when it comes down to creating a uniform,
it needs to be a conscious decision. Whether it’s scrubs, whether it is a tank top, whether it’s t-shirts,
that you have your logo splashed all across the front of. Whether it’s a collared shirt that you use
tucked in. It’s a conscious decision and it needs to
be your decision. So pick something that’s comfortable. Pick something that speaks your language,
and something that speaks to your audience. Alright that’s my tip for today. If you like it and give us a thumbs up. If you have any questions head on over to or you can even email me at Angela at
And we’ll do our best to answer your question. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner
place than when you found it.

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  1. i must admit that collar shirt does look more professional…………..a t shirt is a little too laid back

  2. Thank you for all the generous information you provide. A question: what are the best parameters for make-up and jewellery?

  3. When it comes to cleaning attire/uniform for your company, which do you prefer:
    A: A top with company logo
    B: Same color top and same pants for everyone
    C: The cleaners can wear whatever they want
    D: Other

  4. What do you think about the uniforms that housekeepers at hotels use? I was thinking about something like that, maybe one of the ones with collars.

  5. What about a second layer for chilly days, before you get warmed up from moving around? (I live in the northeast). Sweatshirts seem very casual, yet sweaters not appropriate either. And up here most customers don't have central air conditioning so in warm weather I tend to go with neat dark capri length yoga/sweat pant, but wondering if it would be ok to wear a "dickies" type short. Long length. Overheating is bad for my productivity!

  6. Hi Angela I work for a very successful cleaning company now we dont have uniforms so I wear usually white tees and khaki pants but I have alot of tattoos *sleeves*on my arms and chest and leg area …I do have alot of customers that feel intimidated by me I am very professional and don't come off as a hard ass…any ideas on a uniform for me…it is very hot where I am so it's hard to find something without showing to much skin….ty Angela…

  7. Thanks so much for this Angela. I run a small carpet and upholstery cleaning business here in Canada and had not placed that much importance in having a uniform shirt but this episode really stresses what that little detail can make. I am also thinking of taking on some house cleaning clients to fill in the gaps in my schedule. You have a very insightful channel as a reference. Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for all the valubale information! A quick question: Is there a men's version of this? I've has a look on Amazon, yet can't seem to find anything… Thank you, Theo 🙂

  9. Angela, can you imagine this is the 5th time am watrching this same video from time to time. its never getting old or boring. Thanks

  10. I recently ordered T-Shirts from Vistaprint, and, well… They look alright. I'm going to go with a collered shirt as well. It's just really hot here in Arizona, and wearing a polo shirt would just be really uncomfortable.

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