Breaking my school dress code

Breaking my school dress code

excuse me young lady what do you think they're going to know you can't come into school like that I usually ask really fun for me need to go to principal's office now why because you know where it's going for my and Sexton guys is so hot no no wake up 9 come on is your last day off screen so wake up I don't want to be late Mike I can't have five more minutes four minutes and I already five minutes late waking up I thought I've got to do a last day of school morning routine I don't come on is it a lot of stale about fix that a cute outfit for you to wear to school yes you can't deny you have to work in the front super you know your school districts about wearing the uniform yeah so come on it's nearly 25 minutes past 7:00 in the morning come on let's go come on man I yeah what's the first thing to do come on thousand years got the bone there and if you wear socks of it with your school dress your last day of school what sentence do you have you don't have to write kinda stand on line no definitely not you cannot win it at the school that is breaking the school dress code you're going to get sent home a few way that's as cool no your school dress code is you can't wear sandals that show your toes your toes are shown look you're not going to go to school and you're not gonna break the school dress code okay just for the last day oh no you can't you have to dress in your school uniform you cannot break in the dress code for school you're going to get sent home I'm gonna go and you just get ready all right a few moments later next in what do you want for breakfast you want some cereal and toast all right okay I'm just gonna get nice and flexed is breakfast ready oh okay you look hit me now how put your school shoes on please now I got me a push shoes on times go in I want to get breakfast ready now your hair is a mess make sure when I take flexed in you're leaving as soon as I leave go wait for your friend outside the gate where you meet her sometime okay a few minutes later she's going to take less turn to nursery and guys guess what I'm going to be this police uniform to school no way Jose it's the last day of school of course I'm not gonna wear this because I want to wear whatever I want because it's the last day I'm going to be breaking the school dress code since my mom is gone I'm gonna pick out something to wear for school and I'm going to wear sandals because there's SuperDuper hot guys and guys I'm super duper scared and nervous at the same time because what happens if they call my mom my mom is gonna get really angry I don't really mind if they tell me off because it's the last day of school and they can't do anything about it so guys for my school were only allowed to wear like white t-shirts or blue t-shirts you can wear a long sleeve one or short sleeve top and guys you know even allowed to show your shoulders you have to a selfie like that is up to here at my uniform here if you can see we're not to wear long sleeves which I do not like to wear you're not allowed to work anything that shows your body like yeah I'm like a belly or anything or your shoulders or anything you are going to get sent home they're gonna call your parents guys but I don't really mind you know why cuz it's the last day of school and I'm gonna break the school dress code and guys look I'm not I have no question I'm not even allowed to wear nail polish so I hope nobody couldn't see this if they do I don't really mind anyways cuz I just want to make my nails look stylish I'm gonna wear my rainbow rainbow slippers that my mom said I'm not allowed to wear because you're not allowed to wear anything that shows your toes guys and I mean anything so guys I'm just gonna pick out an outfit quickly I'm going to be showing you my outfit for the last day of school and guys I'm really nervous and scared at the same time because what happens if I get sent back home or what happens if they call my mom well I don't really mind anyways because it's the last day so guys let me just go and change so guys had to cut my hair if you can see at four hours we'll cool him but I actually didn't so sorry guys look how much tree my mommy is when she done my hair guys like that's so many that's so much string but guys let me show you my outfit I wearing and guys make my edges that I don't love it oh I haven't finished it yet but I'll just show you my outfit bus so I'm wearing the top that shows my baby which I'm not even allowed to wear I feel like he still looks cute on me hey guys guess the islands were full I love them so much one thing I am SuperDuper late for school and just finished a minor just quickly I have my bag here it's like a purplish-pinkish color and it's made out of it and guide I'm going to put my video school uniform in this bag just in case they say they're gonna pull my mom – yet I didn't achieve oh and guys I'm not going with my friend I'm allowed to go to school all by myself for today because my dad signed a form for me and he said and they said I'm allowed to come to school all by myself oMG guys I only have 15 minutes left come on let's go boy first I'm just gonna take Suffolk with you then I play my flute here everybody everybody friend super uniform under last day we're good now I'm wearing my chi top and my school high school Scott I mean and guys I am really really really really embarrassed and scared at the same time because a lot of people staring at me and I can see a lot that is beautiful so I'm really scared when I get get to school it was I'm gonna get in so much trouble look I don't care anyways it was the last day wow there's a lot of people showing when I put it down to that house of 15 anyways oh so close to my school I'm scared hey let's go [Applause] guys show me so bad i greenhouse go right now and I'll just write down Dave kissing equator where am I yeah cuz he is right there behind me falling away behind me so let's book still open I'm at school right now that goes when that centrioles as she is now excuse me young lady what do you think you're going to know you can't come into school like that is beautiful today you know your school uniform you need to go to principal's office now why because you know where it's going uniform I'm gonna kill you fully you know allowed to recorder school you know that six hours later I have to tell you what oh my gosh what happened at school but I have to whisper it okay so the last time you saw me I was at the school gate and house in my non uniform of course with my nail polish and everything then after when I went was going through the case a teacher stopped me and he said that what are you wearing this is not school uniform and guys I couldn't oh my gosh guys I could not record the rest of it because guess what he confiscated my phone and I had to go to the headmistress office guys and it was the worst day of my whole entire life guys the headmistress was oh I'm just super deep angry they'll say the headmaster said that oh you're breaking the school dress code you're not supposed to be wearing that and guys I was crying I was seriously crying guys like I was really really crying and guys they're not the headmistress say that she's gonna call my mom and I my heart was pumping so fast but I told her luckily I told her that I my school uniform in my bag so I can go and change quickly and you'll have to call my mom and she begged them I actually take them to not call my mom if the headmistress I should call my mom oMG my mom will get frustrated and guys she will not be happy and she leaves work to just come pick me up on the last day of school but lovely oh my gosh the school uniform saved my life mom didn't have to call my mom this is how I'm speechless guys cuz that's how bad it was anyways if you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like comment subscribe if you haven't hit the subscribe button we waited face visit a man or not don't forget the pre notification well under the comfort Meniere's for I said I miss any my future videos and guys don't forget to follow me on tiptoe commands it's me not under school I guess don't forget to and addictive without doing and I am sure I'm giving away apple apples so guys I'm really scared to post this video because if my mom sees she's gonna get really angry at me but she can't do anything about it because that day the school will be closed as she can't even talk to the headmistress so I have to talk to them when I mean yeah five so see you next video

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  1. Guys so I finally finished school yesterday🎉 I hope you enjoy this video I was so scared but I really enjoyed recording it… pls don’t try this at school and enjoy ur holidays, dont forget to subscribe and share my videos with your besties. Love you all 😊🌈❤️🌸

  2. When do you all go to school in England? And when do you all have school breaks? Like for holidays and summer and stuff?

  3. What is it like to live in England? I live in the US. I dont really like it here. Im thinking of moving with my mom and little brother

  4. Sadly I wear an ugly uniform 😢 I’m allowed to wear whatever I want on Fridays or special days, (actually I can’t wear small skirts only)

  5. Luckily we don't have to wear uniforms you can wear whatever we want and I'm still in elementary school

  6. If you knew something like this would happen why wouldt you wear your uniform, and now you started crying

  7. You look great in whatever you wear and your hair looks so pretty. I have natural hair as well. Every school 🏫 in my country have school uniform and on dress up days is regular clothes and we still have a dress code. I am in college and I still have a dress code.

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