Brians Quinceanera Dress Made By Chris

Brians Quinceanera Dress Made By Chris

What are you doing to Dad? What? I’m going to the grocery store. Okay, you remember Memento? That. Ah, I was born ready, too. All right, time for Fast and the Furious one
through seven. All right, let’s get (BLEEP) high. Yes. No. I don’t know. Maybe? Maybe bi? Are you gonna keep talking like this during
the whole thing? What? I’m answering Rupert’s questions. Yes, you do. Every time. No, you’re being a little bitch. go to bed angry. Defuse. Defuse. Rupert, I’m sorry. I overreacted. Now you say you’re sorry. What do you mean, “For what”? I hate you! (GROANS) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you. I value you. We’re not escalating. It’s fine. VIN DIESEL: Hi, this is Vin Diesel. Welcome to the DVD menu. Oh, boy, you’re hungover. How are you going to do nothing today? Hey, Chris, have you seen What, uh what-what
are you doing? Operating my thriving quinceanera dress business. Do me a favor, stand on that chair? Uh, okay. So, what’s up? I’m looking for Stewie. He and I had a fight, and I’m scared he might’ve
done something drastic. Him? (CHUCKLES) You’re the one who killed his friend. Okay, I see he got to you before I did. I got to go after him. Not until I finish fitting this. How you feeling? Bueno? Fits good? This isn’t mine. Do you or do you not feel bonita? I feel bonita. Wonderful, because you look bonita. Gracias, carina, puedes recogerlo el miercoles. Pablo is gonna lose his mind. Mwah.

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  1. The weirdest thing is that before this video came on, I got a fox commercial that included a clip of family guy. Coincidences, am I right? XD

  2. One thing I noticed when it came to anything school related Chris has always been good with Spanish and Spanish related things, thriving business, and even had a Spanish speaking wife at one point. He’s found his calling

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