39 Replies to “Brother Polight: Can Becky Wear African Attire? | LIVE”

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  2. Black folks wear European attires plus majorities of black women these days wears weaves because they want to look like white women with straight hair.

  3. I don't have a problem with other races wearing african garb, but I don't like the way she is rockin it, she devalues our culture and history.

  4. This is the STUPIDEST topic that has ever been covered by you!! Now everybody mad cuz the brother is making 💰?? We buy products from white places of business, but he can't sell to whites??

  5. Yes I agree with the fact he said White men have conquered Black men they don’t love themselves and they want to be like the white man.

  6. This is a stupid topic. So if you have a business that sells African attire ,you would have aproblem with white people buying and wearing them. That's stupid.

  7. By the way see if they push white girls on broke black men trying make it and not rich black men who pushed the broke part and now they notice him.

  8. It's self hate they hate themselves and wish they was white. It's a slave mind set, they hate black women bc the w.s. make black women look bad…..

  9. Hell to the FUCKING no she can’t wear African attire! Most Africans and African Americans like me would be insulted by that!!!😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  10. He is so stupid you want the white trash that the white man don’t want of course you can have his trash he don’t want it if you want to hurt the white man get something he wants he wants what you got a black Israelite women

  11. You have to to do demonic things things if you don’t you you lose your life or you have to give a life and you want that life at least they think they want that life

  12. I don't see the problem thiers alot of good white people that's down for the cause and she looks sexy af

  13. OMG you used the samson story,i always use that to talk to black men but they won't understand they will see it as me hating,i seriously don't know what to hate when this same women call the cops on you for no reason and based on the horrible history. just protecting my brothers from falling again but i guess the want to fall completely.

  14. Why would a white woman or man be wearing African attire, when they all say black people should go back to Africa, White people always hated black people and still do, more than ever.

  15. i'm sorry pill you them men and all but i'm trying do to the white men what they ben doing to use 400 year what that you say fuck them .don't be a menace


  17. then again im not black…and as soon as lost indigenous people get their pride back with solutions and apply education and research then we all good. revolution? maybe for them. evolution? definitely for me and my Tree. glad i am studying black people in this lifetime while maintaining my lineages as Cherokee Akan and Ewe. and im glad about to leave USA to conduct business as usual somewhere else. all of these videos and onground experiences remind me of who i do not need to be around.

  18. im looking at it from anothee perspective of if lost indigenous women don't in general know who they are and follow the opposite then why not use someone who is your people savior follow for enslaved reasons promote and advertise your wear?

  19. It's so Fucked up how Hateful Black ppl are, yet Accuse White ppl of Being Hate Filled. We are Our Destruction, Always Will be..

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