BRUTALLY HONEST BUFFBUNNY REVIEW | Legging dress?! Rosé collection, Luna leggings

BRUTALLY HONEST BUFFBUNNY REVIEW | Legging dress?! Rosé collection, Luna leggings

– Hey guys, and welcome
back to my channel. Today we are trying a bunch
of stuff from Buffbunny. So I have actually never
tried anything from Buffbunny. So I got a bunch of different stuff. I wasn’t exactly sure what size to get, because I had heard some
reviews of Buffbunny that they run, really, really small. So I got one pair of
leggings in my normal size, and one pair of leggings in a medium, got the joggers in a medium. I got the weird legging dress thing, and I got the the white leggings, because I like to expose people
for not being squat proof. So we’re gonna test these out
and make sure that they are. By the way, this is
completely unsponsored. I bought this with my own money. I have no affiliation with Buffbunny. A little bit about the
brand from what I know is they’re definitely a
medium to high-end brand. They’re price ranges are just a little bit higher than Gymshark. So leggings go from about 50 to 65-ish, maybe close to 70, so definitely
not an affordable brand. And one thing I’m a
little apprehensive about is that the owner of the brand, is five feet tall or
something, and I’m 5’9″, so I’m curious if these leggings will be too short on me or if they’ve made them so they can fit all heights. So without further ado, let’s get into it. First I got their Luna Leggings. These leggings I got the size medium, just because I wasn’t sure of the sizing and I had heard to size up. This fabric feels very similar to the Lululemon Luon fabric, which is what their Wunder
Unders are usually made out of. On the website it says these leggings are a medium compression, and it says that they’re squat proof. If they’re not squat proof
then I’m gonna be confused. These are $58 and they’re made
of a nylon spandex material. They have a seamless
waistband which I love. I don’t like seams on
top of the waistbands, a little logo in the back, some little curved booty
stitching detailing and side pockets and it looks like they should be a full length. These definitely run small. I’m seriously almost always a small. Sometimes an extra small, and these definitely, I
could not size down them. These are the little leggings. I really don’t have any
extra material anywhere. Maybe like a tiny bit. I can’t tell. Yeah, these are definitely
pretty impressive. Honestly, it feels like
they’re pretty tight on my legs and then a little looser on the waistband. I wish there was a little
more waistband compression, a little less leg compression. The pockets are pretty nice. The fabric is okay. I don’t know, after
feeling that dress fabric, I wish that all of her stuff
was made out of this fabric. Because that fabric is
really somethin’ else. Yeah, so it has these
little booty seams here which is pretty cute. And I feel like they’re being
waged down a little bit. I don’t know what it is. I can’t quite get them
all the way up, I guess. I don’t know, I just think that this waistband could be improved. I wish it was a little bit tighter. I couldn’t have sized down because it’s already tight on my legs. It is a decently full length on me. I’d say they’re about ankle length, so maybe like a seven-eighths. I am pretty tall though. They’re definitely a
nice class of leggings. I don’t know if I would get them again. They’d probably be pretty
cellulite-friendly, just because this fabric
is a little thicker and more compressive. So I would say
cellulite-friendly for these. (soft music) Next I got the Everyday Dress which was a little controversial. I feel like like people were
a lot confused about this. So they made a dress
out of legging fabric, and this is made out
of their ENERGY fabric. I don’t really know much about this. But basically it’s a
super, super soft fabric, and honestly feels very similar
to Lululemon Align fabric which is called Nulu. If you just see, it’s
super-buttery soft, super-stretchy. Already, I’m loving it for the fabric. I watched a few reviews
right before it launched, people who received her product for free. They said that they didn’t like how there wasn’t any bra cup pads available. They actually gave some cup
pads to put into the dress, but there’s no actually space for it. It’s just a very light
lining for the boobs, which doesn’t work for real
boobs, let’s be honest. If you have real boobs
they need actual support. So I wish they put in a
built-in bra with this. Maybe they will next time. But this isn’t actually
going to be very supportive. I’d be interested to see how that is. I got this in a size small. Yeah, it looks pretty cute. It has little crisscrossed
straps in the back. The dress also says
that you can dress it up or wear it to the gym. I don’t know about you,
but I wouldn’t wear a dress that doesn’t have built-in shorts or anything to the gym. ‘Cause you could flash people. You have to wear stuff underneath that. So it’s definitely not a gym outfit. So this dress. I don’t really know how to feel about it. First we’re gonna talk about this region. They just really should have put in a bra because I don’t even
wanna jump around too much because this has absolutely no support. And I can’t wear a bra with it, because the back is open. They didn’t really make this for people who have a chest or who have real boobs that don’t support themselves, since a lot of people within this industry who have big boobs are just totally fine. And personally I need some real support. I put the little cups in. It doesn’t really help
because the little bra lining doesn’t actually have any support. That’d be my one thing about this dress. If they could put in a little bra lining. So now let’s talk about the rest. The open back is really cute. Honestly the fabric is
just so incredibly soft. I wish you guys could feel this fabric. Okay here’s the rest of the dress. So for me, I don’t love
wearing bodycon dresses all the time, because
I feel like as soon as you eat anything everyone
knows because you have, even the slightest food maybe it shows. I don’t like to feel like I have to be sucking in all the time, so it’s not very comfortable for me. And then I don’t like
when the belly sticks out. It’s pretty flattering on the butt. I mean, it’s basically just what it is. It’s a very soft material dress, made of tight fabric,
kind of bodycon style. It’s not personally for me, but I would go in your normal size, or you
could probably even size down, at least just for the top part, just to have a little
more compression here. But overall it fits pretty well. I just don’t really like the bra part, and I don’t think that a bodycon dress is super, super comfortable. Could maybe make skirts or something. My boyfriend just came in. He’s like, “I don’t really know when “you’d wear this type of thing.”, and he didn’t think this
was super-flattering. And now the Rosé Bra. I also got this in a
small, and it was $38. My only thing about this,
is so far the fabric doesn’t feel like super-high quality. If you look on the inside, it just looks like a
cheaper cottony material. It looks a little bit
better on the outside, but I’m getting a few little fuzzies. I’ve already pulled of some fuzz, and now we have this thing going on. And for a higher-end brand,
I wouldn’t really expect there to be a lot of seam
issues and that kind of thing. So I feel like this gold, basically it’s a print-on thing. I feel like it’ll be very delicate. It does say to wash on
cold and inside out, and hang dry, which I do
for my activewear anyway. But I would be interested to see how this actually holds up over time. But yeah, the bra looks super-cute. I like the white color with all the gold. It has an open back. It also says on the website that it’s a medium to high support, and it’s poly-spandex material. And the Rosé Leggings are
$64, which is very expensive. In my opinion, I don’t think
this fabric feels quite as luxurious as the legging dress thing or the Luna Leggings. It just feels like, I don’t know, maybe it’s because of
the print-on shininess, it just doesn’t feel like the
most luxurious in my opinion. It feels like a little bit cheap. I kind of don’t think these
are going to be squat proof. The said the Luna
Leggings are squat proof. It doesn’t say on this
link, for these leggings, that they’re squat proof. I don’t know, but they’re white leggings. I really don’t expect
them to be squat proof. I really love the logo on this. It’s like a super-shiny
little funny thing. The waistband is slightly tapered. Again, another seamless
waistband, which I love. It has a little gusset crotch. And it’s a gradient effect
with this gold stuff. It gets more concentrated at the bottom, and less concentrated at the top. And I got these in a size
small, which is my normal size. Okay, so here is the bra,
and it’s just okay for me. Again, I don’t feel like the
fabric is super-luxurious. Honestly, the dress spoiled me for all of the rest of the fabrics. A couple of the joggers,
those are good too. I think the open back is really cute. I definitely love their little detail. So yes, I’m a little bit out of breath. It’s hard to try on a lot of clothes. Let’s see. Yeah, I could see medium support. They’re definitely accurate
with medium support there. My only thing is it doesn’t feel like the, I wish the little bottom band
was a little bit tighter. I feel like I have a
little bit extra space. And I normally wear a
size small in sports bras. I wear about a 32DDD, and
it’s just a little bit big. So I think I would get your
normal sports bra size. But unless your in between,
I’d probably size down, just for a little added compression. But overall the sports bra is really cute. I’m just not really impressed
with it to be honest. It’s like almost a $40 sports bra, and I wouldn’t really spend $40 on this. So here are the leggings. And honestly, I getting a
little bit of camel toe here. I did get a size small in these leggings. And I think that they’re my correct size, because it feels very snug in the waist. This waist feels much better
than the Luna Leggings. I think this whole fabric is different. So I wouldn’t really compare
those in terms of sizing. But I’d say go to your normal size, unless you’re in between,
definitely size up. ‘Cause these were a little
bit of a struggle to get on. The waist feels very snug and it’s sucking me in very
nicely which I really love. The legs definitely have a
decent amount of compression. Again, these would probably
be okay for cellulite, just because of the compression with them. Yeah, I’m definitely liking this fabric more now that it’s on. I am wearing a pink thong
underwear right now, so I wonder if you can see it. I’m gonna try on some cheapie underwear, for one of the squat tests, so we can see if it’s actually squat proof. But I think this white
is really, really cute. I think that the little
sparkle and gold detail is also really a unique print. And I think that these are definitely my favorite leggings that I got. I only got two leggings but these definitely feel more luxurious and better quality than the
Luna Leggings, I feel like, even though initially, I
didn’t really like the fabric. I get a tiny bit of restriction
in some of the seams at the very top, but it’s not very bad. So I think that you could
do most workouts in these. But yeah, a slight risk for camel toe. A seamless waistband, really cute. These are actually decently
flattering on the booty, because the waistband
goes above your butt, which I really appreciate, because then it doesn’t cut off in the middle of your
butt, which isn’t cute. So actually, I’m a fan of these. (soft music) And lastly, the Jasmine Joggers. These are $48, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their joggers. I’ve heard they’re very
similar to athlete joggers or just also good. One thing when I opened
these, the fabric on these is really, really soft. Like I’m really obsessed with this fabric. It feels like the ENERGY
fabric, whatever it’s called for the dress, except
like a thicker material. They’re super-stretchy. This is definitely a very
unique jogger fabric. I’ve never seen something
like this before in a jogger. So I’m really excited to try these. These just definitely do feel very high quality, and very stretchy. I got them in a medium, ’cause
usually I like my joggers to not be super-tight. Okay, so these are the joggers, and honestly, they feel incredible. I have not felt a pair of joggers that is this stretchy, and just like a very comfy, soft, stretchy material. It also feels kind of
like cooling in a way. I don’t know what it is. But I have a medium in these. My normal legging size is small. And I would definitely recommend getting a size up from your normal legging size, just because I feel like it
has a little bit of extra room and it’s not so, so tight. I do feel like you could
go with a size down and have it be a little tight, because they’re so stretchy. Look at all this stretch. I love this fabric. I think this is great. They are the tiniest bit short on me, kind of just hits my ankle. But it’s fine. I don’t really like when
they’re baggy at the bottom, so I guess that’s okay. They have some cool seams
down the leg and everything. Nice pockets, feel pretty deep and good. Got a little drawstring here, logo. I feel like it’s pretty
flattering on the butt. Yeah, I would definitely recommend these. I think that these are
a great pair of joggers. Sometimes joggers can
look weird on my calves, because I have very big calves, but since these stretch out so much, it doesn’t create any
weird look in this region. Honestly, this might be my
favorite pair of joggers so far. So thumbs up on the joggers. (soft music) Okay so that is it on the Buffbunny stuff. Honestly, favorite things,
the fabric of the dress, not necessarily the dress. I don’t think I’d recommend the dress until they make a few improvements to it, which I do think they’re going to do. I really like the joggers. 10 out of 10 recommend the joggers, super-soft fit incredibly, love ’em. Don’t love this sports bra. I know they have different
styles of the Rosé sports bra, so maybe that would be better. The Rosé Leggings, I
really like how they fit and how they look. I think they’re incredibly
flattering on the waist. But yeah, thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this honest review. Gonna post a few more of my
honest reviews right here. Your girl doesn’t hold
back on her reviews, so (hands clapping) just know that. All right, well thank you so much, and I’ll see you next time, bye!

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