Bubble Rose Using Top Coat & Gel Polish – Gold Play Button Arrives!!

Bubble Rose Using Top Coat & Gel Polish – Gold Play Button Arrives!!

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you something new, it’s a big trend that’s going on at the minute but what? Oh my God! It has finally come! Oh, ain’t it nice? This is our Play Button for hitting 1 million subscribers because of you guys. So thank you so much to everybody out there for subscribing because now, look what we’ve got. I love it I can see my face on it. Adam: I think that was what was in the case in Pulp Fiction. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Kirsty: No. Kirsty: Oh, I love it. I absolutely love it. JJ: It looks heavy Kirsty: It is heavy. Feel it. JJ: Oh, all of the colours delicish Kirsty: Ain’t it that good? Adam: Oh, you can take a camera. Kirsty: Yeah. JJ: Hello! Surprise! Kirsty: See if you could get my face in it Thank you! Just thought we start this off…but I just thought we start this off with showing you our amazing Play Button. Adam: When do you get another one? Is it 10 million? Kirsty: 10 million.
Adam: Ughh! Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Let’s see how far we get. Kirsty: Yeah. We’re all very very pleased about it, aren’t we, Adam? Very very pleased. Adam: That’s going in my bedroom. Kirsty: Yes, JJ? Hey, there’s JJ! Hey! JJ: Hi! Kirsty: It’s going where? in your bedroom? Adam: Yes! Kirsty: Sorry, I just keep looking out. So, as I was saying, in this video, I’m gonna show you a trend that’s going about at the minute. It’s called a Globe Rose. Some people call it a Candy Rose as well because it’s like a ball of candy, I suppose. The first person I saw do this was Ten Little Canvasses , so that’s pretty cool. We’re gonna have a go and see if we can create one with the Naio Nails products. Let’s get cracking! I’m gonna use JJ’s thumb. She has cut herself with the scissors because we all know JJ is a hairdresser. So, I’m gonna use cover story as our base color and we’re also gonna use that for the flower as well, that’ll look really pretty. I’ll do two coats of this colour. So, the nail is all set. Now, what we need to do is get a pointy tool. Do not use a dotting tool, it will not work. It needs to be a pointy tool, okay because it needs to release from the tool. Now, I’ve seen this done with Builder Gel and I thought hmm can you do it with the Urban Graffiti Topcoat? Guess what, you can. I’m also gonna try it with Mega Gloss, but we’re gonna start with the Urban Graffiti Topcoat. Now, what you need to do is just dip it in so you’ve got a little ball on the end. We’re gonna go into the lamp and I’m gonna turn. You got to keep it turning. What that’ ll do, it’ll cure it. It will cure it like a little ball. Now, this time, I’m gonna take and with a little dip and then, I’m gonna go into the beads. You make sure they’re on the end. They will want to move around on the wet gel. I’m gonna cure that. Once that’s cured, you gotta go in again and cover all of those beads. You want a nice circle, so you’re gonna keep twisting as you cure. When you’re dipping it in, you just need to make sure… to be honest with you, I’ve done it where I’ve gone quite far down and it’s not really made massive difference but I’m trying to keep everything right on the tip. So, when I’m going into the bottle I can see where I’m dipping it. That makes sense? JJ: Yeah. Kirsty: So, you can see we have a little globe and what it also does, it magnifies the actual little balls inside. I’m gonna dip one more time before I start the actual flower. If you make a mistake and go too far down, so if I just do that now, you will get too much on. You’ll need to tap the side to take off the excess and what you can do is with a damp brush, this is damp down with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Just turn the brush, sorry, just turn the pointy tool and take off the excess gel and go right down to where you started. So, you can always do that. You’re still gonna twist so we get that nice globe shape. If it’s a bit miss shape you can use gravity to pull and make it more globe-like. Once you’re happy, pop it in the lamp and keep twisting. Now, you’re gonna take this colour that we used on the nail previously. So, Cover Story, I’m just gonna pop some down. This is the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish. Take a brush and you’re gonna start the petals and you wanna look at it so you can see how much you’re closing in. These will be your closest petals. Do you want a neat crisp edge to those petals, Just check them, make sure they’re nice and crisp. [singing] Then we’re gonna dip, make sure it covers and twist and into the lamp and twist. And now, we’re gonna go in between petals that we just did. So, if you look at the top, you can see that we’re going in between, so we get a nice crisp edge. I’m gonna cure that. And spin. Adam: So, how many layers do you have to do for this? Kirsty: It depends how big you wanna go. So, you can keep going and going and going until you have a big golf ball you really want. But you don’t wanna go too big because it’s going on a nail, but you want to go big enough for it to be clear, what it is, so I would definitely say about at least five layers. Each time you want to cross over… Do you see how I’m crossing over those petals finished but we go, we move slightly lower down. So, we’re crossing over here. Because a lot of people have tried this but they haven’t quite got it because of the placement of the petals. So, I think if you if you start with three and work with three all the way around. We’re gonna dip again and spin, so keep twisting. till you’re happy with the shape and then continue to twist in the lamp. So, you can pre-make these if you had any spare time, you could make them. That’d be really cool, wouldn’t it? So, what we’re gonna do now is add a little bit of white to the colour. We’re gonna make it a little bit paler and we are going to go in between the petals again and you’re gonna come lower. So, every time you move down and go lower, so you can see it taking shape now, can’t you? And the Urban Graffiti Gel polishes are awesome for this because they’re so pigmented. And I think the best way to get your clients to have something like this is by wearing it yourself. They’ll see it and they’ll be amazed especially if you can make them in front of their eyes. I think people love watching something being created. JJ: It’s more personalized as well, isn’t it? Like, knowing that it’s made for you? Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: You can pick your own colours and everything like that. I’m making sure it closes around all of the globe when I pop it in to the gel. Then, I’m gonna cure that. Once you’ve spun it for around sort of five to ten seconds, it’ll have cured. It’ll hold that shape anyway, so you can gently just turn it then. So, while I’m gently turning that I’m gonna add a little bit more white to this colour to make it slightly lighter again. I love it! JJ: It looks stunning. Kirsty: I’m going in between again. I’m making sure I’m not covering that layer there. See this layer here pointing up? So, I don’t want to cover this one because it’ll lose the effect. It’s really important that is, when you’re creating these globes is the placement of your petals, you don’t want to cover what you’ve started here. You know, you don’t want to cover those ones you’ve already done. That’s why you move from the center and then do petals wider and lower down. And cure that now. Then, this is the last time we’re gonna go into the bottle. I’m watching it go all the way around and I’m gonna spin. Definitely reminds me those paperweights that my nan used to have The good thing about using the Urban Graffiti Topcoat is, we don’t need to topcoat this, it has a new sticky layer. We now just need to use brute force to remove it from the tool. Oh! That come off quite easy! So, there you are. It’s come straight off. What I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna take my e-file and I’m gonna flatten the bottom off. I’ve got to hold this quite tight but it is only gel topcoat, it will file through really nice and easy. And we’re gonna create a concave curve in the bottom so it sits on the nail nicely. I do find this bit a little bit satisfying because you can feel the layers. Adam: It’s like an onion. Kirsty: Yes. Adam: Like an ogre Kirsty: Hmm. Oh, well… Adam: Ogres have layers. Remember seeing shrek? JJ: Ogre. Kirsty: An ogre has layers. Adam: Yeah, they are like an onion. Shrek : Ogres are like onions. Donkey:They stink
Shrek: Yes. No. Donkey: they make you cry
Shrek: No. Donkey: You leave they out in the sun, they get all brown an sprout little hairs Shrek: No. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers. Kirsty: Okay, so what I’m gonna do is secure that down. We’re gonna use a little bit of acrylic. I’ve got Clear powder and I’m gonna put that straight on, Matching the curve to the nail and just seal that by going around with your brush. You can take off any bulk. So, what I’m gonna do now is apply some stones around the edge of it, so this will keep it on. I’m gonna use some Mega Gloss now and this is going to adhere the bullion balls that I’m gonna put onto these microbeads. These bullion ball things they will fit in between, so we’re gonna put those, if you just put your gel on, gonna put some around here. Adam: So, when they’re filling the gaps do they actually add strength? Kirsty: Yes, definitely! So, do you know what I mean…yes, don’t get me wrong, this looks very pretty but the main reason of putting the stones around is to create strength. So, stones on these micro beads are for strength. I’m gonna finish with some Cuticle Oil. Man, can you see how those microbeads get magnified by the gel because this is how small they are? You see the difference in size? So, you’ve got to use something really small in the middle. You can see all the different layers. I think changing the colour slightly enhances it a bit as well. If you wanted to do them really big, you would definitely have to pour out the Urban Graffiti topcoat. it would need pouring out because basically you can’t get anything bigger than the hole itself. So, if it was any bigger than that, then you would have to pour some out into a little dampen dish and then dip it into that. I’ve not seen anybody do it with topcoat, so that’s pretty cool, something different. It works with the topcoat because not everybody has gel because most people are, I say most people, that’s a lie…a lot of people are acrylic nail technicians and may not have a builder gel or a sculpting gel, so I thought, well this is an alternative, you know, it’s an alternative way of creating the Rose Globe. I think it’s pretty cool. It works really well. Topcoat and gel polish, that’s all you need and a bit of bling. So, there you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that video. Don’t forget to check me, check me out maine. So, there you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and everything I’ve used today will be listed below as always and I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you for watching. Bye-bye! JJ: Check me out. Kirsty: Check me out. Right! Okay, start again. There you are guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check me out, check me out. [Bleep] ** What’s wrong with me? There you are guys! Don’t forget to check me out. There you are guys. Don’t forget to… Adam: Check Adam out. Kirsty: Check Adam out. Check us all out. Adam: Czechoslovakia.
Kirsty: Checking me out. Kirsty: Okay! I don’t know what to say, I forgot? Adam: Check guarantee card? Kirsty: Oh my God!

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