Build a Hall Tree Coat Rack to Tame Entryway Clutter

Build a Hall Tree Coat Rack to Tame Entryway Clutter

(upbeat music) – [Instructor] Welcome
back Remodelaholics. Today, we’ve got a great
organizing build for you. No matter the size or style of your home, it seems like the entryway
is always a clutter magnet. Jackets, backpacks, shoes, and bags you need to have a designated home for and this amazing hall tree
coat rack is just right for holding all your family’s essentials. Amy, from Her Tool Belt, built this one with plenty of shelves and
hooks to hold everything. Be sure to check out
Amy’s channel and website in the comments below. The materials for this hall tree will only cost you about $32, so this is a very budget-friendly way to bring order to your entry. You’ll start by making all of the cuts according to the cut list
listed on the site below taking care to note the special cuts. There are two mitered diagonal supports, two mitered shelf supports, and two notched slats for the shelves. Remember to measure twice
so you have accurate cuts and don’t have to make
another trip to the store. (saw whirring) Once you have everything cut, now is the best time to sand and stain. What’s your go-to stain color? Tell us in the comments below and we’d love to see pictures. It’s so much easier to sand and stain now than after the hall tree is assembled. Start assembling the hall tree by putting together two side
posts with the shelf supports. (upbeat music) Next, connect the two side
posts using two cross pieces which will become your hook rails. (upbeat music) Now, you’ll add the slat shelves starting with the middle shelf. Put one slat flush with
the shelf support ends and center it side to side, and attach it with brad nails or screws. Leave a small 1/2-inch gap
and attach the next slat, then the next, until you’ve
attached all seven slats. This last slat will be one of the notched special cut boards. Repeat to add the top
shelf and the bottom shelf. Next, add your diagonal
supports between the posts, paying close attention
to the different angles you cut earlier so they line up properly. Drill countersink holes for the screws. (upbeat music) Time to attach the hooks. Six evenly spaced hooks fit
perfectly along each rail and these double hooks
give you extra storage. Amy also added some decorative nails to make it look like the
boards are bolted together for an extra special detail. Now, put your coat rack to work in your entryway or mudroom. Tell us in the comments where you’d put a hall tree like this. If you liked this and your
entryway could use a bench too, check out this video to see
how to build this easy bench from just two-by-six boards. Be sure to click subscribe below and check out our new
tutorials every week. Thanks for watching. See you later guys. (upbeat music)

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