11 Replies to “Build your own Dream Duffle – add a garment rack to your suitcase”

  1. I feel bad for the poor girl who has to walk into a dressing room with all her friends having a dream duffle and her having to set up that my dad bought me a dream duffle he probably could’ve made something like that as he is pretty handy but that would just be embarrassing

  2. Hey folks! I made a better version of this video, including specifications for how to make it. See it here: https://youtu.be/Ve_iOOsrc-A

  3. How about my daughter ripped her tulle skirt opening the garment bag… thank goodness the rip was in the back and the tulle was layerd well… omg.. the blood rushed from my face when that happened. I need a garment rack, my daughter isn't in competition but she's in 8 classes this year, and recital time gets hectic. So thank you

  4. Would LOVE to make one of these for my dancer. Do all of the rolling suitcases come with a handle on the bottom or did you look specifically for a bag that has a handle on the bottom. Do you have measurements that you used? Such a creative and practical idea.

  5. Ok, so we experienced our first competition last week. It was a HOT MESS. I need a garment rack, like now lol. I saw another DIY that said to connect the poles through the bottom of the bag (I don't even understand how lol) but they had the issue of being top heavy. So my questions is, was this also top heavy? How many costumes could you fit? Did shoes, accessories, make up, hair tools etx fit as well? & finally.. what are the dimensions of the bag? Thanks!!

  6. At my dance recitals a lot of of have 10-15 SECONDS between dances, so be happy with your 10-15 minutes 🙂

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