Burka or Booty Shorts – Why Are You Wearing That?

Burka or Booty Shorts – Why Are You Wearing That?

-Your daughter,
would you rather — If you only had two choices,
would you rather her wear booty shorts
where her butt is hanging out? Booty shorts
or what I’m wearing? What would you rather her wear? -[ Sighs ] -Which one would
you have her wear? -Hey, I’m Bita. There’re lot of extreme cultures
out there. I should know.
I’m Middle Eastern and American. And I’ve always wondered what the clothes
we wear say about us? Don’t you want
to just ask people, why are you wearing that? When I saw you from afar,
like, for a second I was like “Wha! Does
she even have shorts on?” And I was like “Yes!” Should I wear them?
Like, you don’t think they’re, like, too short? -Oh, my God. I look insane. -Maybe as these guys are coming
by just kind of wink at them. -Okay. Okay.
-Do a little sexy thing, okay. -I couldn’t help to notice that we’re kind of
of dressed alike. -I don’t feel very confident
in this outfit. I have to admit.
-Well, you should. Honestly, I am a person
who knows who I am and I’m very comfortable
with that. -And has anybody ever called you
a slut for dressing like this? -Absolutely. Your opinion
of me doesn’t define me. I define me. -You’re rad.
Thank you so much. -Yeah.
-I really appreciate that. -And thanks for spending
the time to get to know me. -Yes.
-Yeah, we love it, hell yeah! -What do you think
about feminism? -I love feminism!
I’m a feminist myself! -Why are you doing this? -It’s been something
that’s been on my mind for ever since I was
a little girl. I didn’t like it
when I saw women covered up. -Oh, really? Yeah, I felt like, “Well,
men can cover their eyes. Why do women have to cover up?” -Let me answer that question
for you. -Okay. -Because I know that’s how
people try to attack the hijab. -Yeah. -Because actually women
are tempting to men. You need to be
an achieving person. Have other, like, assets
other than your body, actually. That’s what we’re saying. You’re not all
the just a figure, just — -I want to try something. Will you guys, like,
help me wear a hijab and like, let me try — -We would wrap you up
in a second. -Okay. -All right. -Can you tell that
I’m saying cheese right here? -Are you sure?
-Yeah. -Are you sure?
-Yeah. -Your sure, 100% sure?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And then, that layer… -Oh, okay. -…goes up. -Okay. What do you guys think? -What do you think?
Tell me how do you feel? -I feel like.
-Feel like me? -I feel little bit
like a superhero. -Oh, really?
-I do feel stealth. It’s a little bit
frightening out here. -Do you mind if I ask you guys,
I love your outfit? -Are you a Muslim?
-No, I’m not. -What’re you trying
to do this for? No.
-Okay. -Yeah -So what do you think about
women who wear this in general? -I think it is a crime. I don’t think
it should be allowed. -‘Cause what’s wrong
with showing your arms, and your hands
and your toes all painted up. There’s nothing wrong with that.
-But some people — -Like right now
all I could see is your eyes. I don’t even know
if you’re smiling or not when I’m talking to you. I know now because you’re eyes
kind of of got squinted. -What about women
who wear booty shorts. -Booty shorts, hey, if you have got the body for it,
go for it. -I mean, which one
would you have her wear? -Booty shorts or the niqab? -I guess I would probably
have her wear the booty shorts. Isn’t that terrible?
That’s terrible. -No.
-That’s terrible. -I love this,
though, you’re making me think. -When you see a woman like that
does it intimidate you? -It does. They are cutting themselves off
from me. You know, they can see me,
but I can’t see them, and I do,
I find that intimidating. -I actually interviewed a woman
in the whole veil and I went in it
the same way as you. I was intimidated
to talk to her. I didn’t think
she wanted to talk to me. I saw the veil. I thought you know it represents
like hey, stay away. One thing I noticed afterwards
is I didn’t judge her for how many wrinkles she had
or didn’t have or how much weight she had
or didn’t have, or how many gray hairs she had
or didn’t have. All I could focus on
was her personality and her eyes and, here,
surprise. -Oh. -Am I like scaring you or what? -No, no. -Me dressed like this and you dressed like that,
we should not be friends. But I really feel like
you accept me for who I am. -I’m not sure who said
that we cannot connect or communicate or be friends. The only solution is for us
to confront it and actually connect. -This is beautiful. -Really?
-Yeah! -I didn’t scare you to come
and talk to me? -Absolutely not.
-So, tell me about your outfit. -You’re such a sweetheart. -I don’t think that you look
any better than anybody else. I don’t think woman
who are half naked look any better than anybody else. I think it’s all about choice. -Congratulations, you guys,
congratulations! -Oh, my God. Okay. This was crazy.
I think it’s BS. What’s been told to us
that we don’t connect, because every woman I talked to
connected with me instantly and there was no importance on
to what I was wearing, how much or how little. And even though
neither of those extremes are my truth
they are for someone else. And once we have the courage
to accept that and get to know them they don’t seem so extreme

100 Replies to “Burka or Booty Shorts – Why Are You Wearing That?”

  1. Practising Muslim Woman Here

    I loved this video. Women sticking it out together. I love this video- you show human sides of both the burqa and booty shorts.

    Booty shorts and Burqa -yes they are both extreme opposites of each other. Thankfully we have many many many moderate options between both extremes. So lady with the baby don't worry – you really don't need to choose between two extremes.

    Choose the middle way – Love thy neighbour and spread love for all of humanity. Peace out!!!

  2. No muslim woman in a niqab would walk around with a microphone talking to western women,her husband would not allow that to happen.

  3. I don’t care what people wear, it’s the Islamic ideology and belief system which people should be concerned about.

  4. Sexy and attractively dressed women are cool and respectable. Women who do the modesty culture hijab culture are total crap and anti women. That is why being openly feminine is not good in hijab modesty culture but somehow lowly sluts. Why is being sexy immoral? if you think, you will surely realize hijab is what is immoral and bad for woman, modesty (hijab) culture rightly should be banned and that sort of thinking makes rapists out of men who now have an excuse to rape punish women for not covering up , Atleast they have an excuse to transgress then blame it all on the woman victim saying "she invited her own rape by being attractive, she could have chosen to cover up". Hijab (modesty) culture ruins it for all woman except the islamically insane.

  5. Burqa is the new booty shorts. Hijab is the new hotty. Islam has turned porno on its head and made the cover-up and the suggestability the new jerk off.

  6. Too much vitamin A may lead to symptoms of night blindness. Too little vitamin A may lead to symptoms of night blindness. 2 extremes, say result! Why only 2 choices?

  7. SHORTS, shorts,shorts shorts,shorts, you look so BUETYFUL like a COUNTRY GIRL
    WOW!!!!! 🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺
    Never ever like this 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️👳🏾‍♂️🤕🤕🤕🤕
    Sucks ,

  8. lm muslim Burka is not a part of islam, its a part of stupid culture & it should be ban from all over the world inclouding muslim countyrs

  9. i have hijabi friends and friends who wear booty shorts, living in California this is very common as its a very hot, liberal, and multicultural(multireligious in this case) state, specially since i live in SO Cal near the coast, and even though I don't judge hijabi girls for being hijabi, I do judge the hijab itself for what it stands. if you read the Quran and trusted hadiths(mainly Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim), you will see that islam, being a very misogynistic religion at its core, that the concept of hijab is sexist and anti women. The hijab doesn't erase beauty standars and cause you to concentrate on a woman's knowledge, it causes a new beauty standard, one that is expected of women at all times, to be born. it pins virginity and virtue to women and causes women to be the sole carriers of honor and shame, as if they don't fulfil that standard, they alone, not the men who committed with them, will carry shame for sexual immorality. the hijab causes you to judge a woman for her hijab, either expecting her to wear it and to wear it correctly(islamic perspective) or to not wear it(non islamic perspective) but it does not free women from superficial judgement at all. Booty shorts, on the other hand, aren't something that ever becomes expected of women, its either you can wear them or you cant, but it doesn't cause women to be expected or forced by society to wear it, no one would tell a woman in jeans or a knee length skirt to put on something showier or booty shorts, except maybe immature acquaintences, and even then, it would be rare and it wouldn't become shameful for her to stay in more conservative clothes, unlike what the hijab causes

  10. the only thing that bothers me about the burqa is that only women wear it. why not men? plenty of girls and gay guys stare at men with lust all the time. it just seems like it is putting an unnecessary burden on women

  11. Wearing a hijab is rejecting a 70billions dollars fashion industry which the west will never allow it thats why western media is showing the propaganda that Muslim women are oppressive.

  12. I Wearing LIKE THIS Because my family will kill me if i dont Wearing it and not also me some girl in my country our family are crazy

  13. Normalizing women's oppression. How do you know hijab is a free choice, unless it is a compulsory rule of religion? It is rather a mental torture in the fear of hell and God. The women who wear it they will support it cause the brainwashing they got from childhood, Wear it or go to hell. You cannot ignore the rights of all the women of the world only to support some western Burkha wearer. In muslim countries man insults women for not wearing this dresses.

  14. Just for all of your's kind Information Women in Islam is not modest because of only wearing Hijab,niqab or burka….the real modesty lies within her mind.
    Thats why you don't see women who are wearing Hijab yet there action don't match there clothes(eg. Visiting bars or talking to strange men or riding bikes etc.). Therefore representing Hijab as fashion is a wrong message about Islam. Hijab is more than that. People who are willing to wear hijab please do study properly about hijab then try it.

  15. As a man 👨 I can wear a Burka and know one will ever know am really naked. I can go to the store and shop, walk around in the park or the mall completely naked holding my tackle as I pass people and laugh. The Burka, what a wonderful tool for an absolute fool.

  16. As a man 👨 I can wear a Burka and know one will ever know am really naked. I can go to the store and shop, walk around in the park or the mall completely naked holding my tackle as I pass people and laugh. The Burka, what a wonderful tool for an absolute fool.

  17. All those women from 4:24 are obviously overcompensating because they immediately made a conscious negative judgement and are trying to make up for this.
    That's not a great connection if you ask me

  18. The left side of the brain has the distinct function of recognising faces (look up severed corpus collosum experiments)
    It's a natural response to be wary of a person covering there face.
    How do we usually represent emotion non verbally? I will give you a clue 😀😑😣😥😒
    I don't think it should be banned, but I don't think children should be indoctrinated into any religious nonsense

  19. Do you know that Muslim wear exactly like your shorts but for themselves and that's why they put on the Abaya/burqa on top of it simply because they don't want anyone to see them. So it's ok. Try being covered in a classroom and then answer a question. You will be able to answer more confidently as you will not worry about your college handsome dudes looking at you and you will not be nervous about being wrong.

  20. And being modest is covering yourself from head to toe ? A few years ago in toronto , 2 muslim women were in the newspaper . One was qualified to be in the medical field , the other was studying to do the same . Exam time came , and immediately after the test , they found out that the qualified one , wrote the test for the other one . If they didnt get caught , is this the kind of medical ‘professional’ that you would want , trying to save your life ? Or your childs ? Bad apples DO spoil the bunch ! And dont come back at me with your ‘belief’ bullshit , cuz that doesnt cut it either !

  21. Women who wearing birqa or niqab…. Hijab here r some thoughts.
    1. Mens r dog. They r gonna se their butts.
    2. Allah gonaa punish them if they don't wear it.
    But why Muslims men don't wear it.
    It becomes equal to men and woman in islam.

  22. I see people got sucked in by this.its not for western world so get over it.GET USED TO NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.BAN THE BURKA.

  23. Dress codes are culture specific mostly .. so wearing veil / hijab are specific for Arab cultures , not the western … if these people don’t assimilate and respect geographical values then should be sent back to their Arabic world , specially those who are living in US , EU permanently not visiting for a week or so..

  24. Hey babe! There is a middle ground between Booty shorts and Burqa, but thanks to your veil you can't see it so plz go back in fcuked up countries and play your game.

  25. Muslim women speak good in front of you but behind they curse you hate you for wearing slutty dresses.
    Its just that they are good and acceptable in front of Camera.
    The most number of unreported rapes are done in Muslim Community & more are the chances of the girl being in her teenage.

  26. Full ISLAMIST JIHADIST propaganda video to show how good Muslims are infact they are not.
    In Europe they are raping girls everywhere on the streets.

  27. Deport all illegal aliens and Sharia law that cuts of the heads of innocent people and abuses and rapes women.

  28. You are silly, Burqa is slavery. Her culture says she is Half worth to a man. Mulsim men rape women .You are falling for a load of crap, wake up!!!!!!

  29. What’s wrong with not showing arms and legs and Painted nails. As long as they feel happy and comfortable people should mind their business 🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. Listen people. In the area which is now called Saudi Arabia, the nomades started up a religion which is now called Islam and in 7th and 8th century, they came up with an idea that women are property and have to be covered up for use of one man only. This idea is called Hijab in Arabic.
    I come from Iran and like millions of Iranians of both genders, we do not like women covered up, so personally I vote for ban on wearing Hijab in public places everywhere. It is a sick idea and has to be stopped.

  31. Hijab is ok…..because in many tradition,women use to cover their head.. but burqa shows slavery.

  32. Feminism doesn't have to do with what you wear. It can be anything you chose!!! Booty shorts or burka. That's my reply to the guy that told the girl with the shorts "I love feminism" I find it so disappointing how many people think that the clothes you wear can make you something and even more disappointing when some countries brag about how liberal they are but yet ban some clothing items.

  33. Isso não é Burka é NICAB,burka só no Afeganistão.
    Prefiro Nicab pelo meu direito de vestir o que eu quiser.

  34. Muslims women do not have a choice, they have to wear it and has nothing to do with connecting to people. You to to their country and try wearing booty shorts. Let's see if they accept your way of living. You will not last very long

  35. Really stupid. Please don’t trust these muslims. They used that lady with the baby. Get smart.

  36. With all honestly (no hate to burka ladies) as a Muslim hijabi woman myself, I would rather my daughter wear booty shorts than the full burka.

  37. Sure, women are a walking sin and it takes 4 men to verify a rape under sharia law. Which is what they are supporting by wearing a hijab. As women we are not young forever, so show it off. I won't crumble in the company of a beautiful womon. And- Islam does prohibits being friend with kaffers. This inane report is superficial and not well researched. BTW, tagija, is condoned in Islam , lying to the infidel to promote Islam .So I guess you got had.

  38. It is more like that Westerners are able to accept you wearing niqab and nothing to do with you. It is all about them, how they can accept you. Credit goes to them, not you. You should also described how suffocating it is to wear the garment. How are you going to eat in public? Do you think you can wear the niqab everyday for life? Also is it not very hot and cumbersome. Can you feel the breeze or not? This is the thing that you should deal. Do you think you can wear like this in a hot and humid climate country daily for life/

  39. “Men” who object to the women covering themselves are clothed and simply want to lust over naked women.

    All people who are intimidated by the niqab are weak willed.

    “This woman who sees but is not seen” – Franz Frannon

  40. it's a troll question.

    but booty shorts obviously the answer for any girl who likes her body and Burka for woman who fears her body.

  41. A Muslim woman haven't to veil her face or her hands according to Qur'an:
    ( 59 )   O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

    {يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ قُل لِّأَزْوَاجِكَ وَبَنَاتِكَ وَنِسَاءِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ يُدْنِينَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِن جَلَابِيبِهِنَّ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ أَدْنَىٰ أَن يُعْرَفْنَ فَلَا يُؤْذَيْنَ ۗ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا} [الأحزاب : 59]

    رابط القراءة والتفسير والتلاوة: http://quran.ksu.edu.sa/index.php

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