Good morning everyone, today is a special day. I’m with my group of friends today and my mom, here is Lily, Bianca and Brenda They came with me to this place and you might know what it is about, we’re looking for my wedding dress. I really need to find one today because the wedding is almost there and I have no time to order one so let’s what can we find here so… Let’s do it. So beautiful. We’re already inside Luv Bridal and it looks beautiful, look how pretty this fitting room to try on the dresses There’s a couch here, Bianca is already seated Here comes Lily, this place is so beautiful, take a look. All the accessories and the veils and the dress to that side. Me encanta este lugar. Brenda is drinking coffee Siento como si pudiera caminar a través del espejo. Es muy difícil y no lo encuentro. Han hablado ellas contigo? No Irina que bello. Se ve bonito, si. I like the color, it looks good. You know that is really hard for me to make my mind mom. I kinda like it but I don’t like that is too white And i don’t like this. I like the top I don’t know. I think is a beautiful dress. Irina I think that one is pretty. You look like a princess. La novia salvaje. Imagina que este es el vestido y yo estoy bailando. I love the tail yeah, it looks good from behind. Se ve bien. Creo que el que te probaste antes de este te hacia lucir un poco mayor. El que era muy blanco te hacia lucir muy niña Like quinceañera. Pero este te hace verte mas mujer. Ese, ese, agarra ese. Y aquel, aquel? es muy rosado. Creo que es muy rosado. Irina, te vamos a llevar este. Irina, there is one here that is so beautiful. Te lo tienes que probar, solo pruébatelo. Oh okay, esta desnuda. Me gusta la parte de arriba Por supuesto. So after looking and looking we decided to come to Downtown LA and I just found the perfect dress and is so beautiful so Le dije que si al vestido!!! OMG it was terrible before saying that we’re gonna go have lunch I gotta tell you. I don’t know how many dresses I tried on I was in a bad mood already and I didn’t wanted to get married anymore, sorry Wilson. Yeah, it was frustrating, the girls and my mom helped me a lot so that’s it, time to eat. After driving in LA traffic for over 48 minutes we made it to Tropicana, a cuban restaurant in LA There is the name. So we’re gonna go eat We are starving. I wanted to thank my mom in front of the camera because she didn’t let me pay for my dress and she bought it for me. Thanks mommy, she made me cry a lot. I don’t want you to spend money, she made me cry, she made Brenda cry My daughter deserves that and more. She made us cry. Sweets. Forget about diet. Miren cuantos, OMG se ven tan ricos. Nos podemos sentar alla? American and Cuban flags. Brenda right below the Cuban flag. Do you feel like in Cuba? Bianquita and Lilyta. Chicas, merecemos comer. Tu especialmente. Let me see mom, what’s that? Malta What kind of malta? Hatuey but it has no tag. Malta is kinda like a drink made of beer malt. Is non alcoholic. Here is the first order, we have croquets Potatoes, fried plantain I don’t know what else. Let’s see if the girls likes it. I was kinda explaining them about the food. They left you for last mom. That rice looks better than the one from a Chinese restaurant. Mine takes longer Irina. Ohh, yours takes more time to be ready. Is everyone on camera? Lily, no te veo. Okay, we’re gonna say good bye here. Gratitude for my girls for all your help. I have my dress and I’m ready for getting married. I will keep you updated about the wedding details. Now we’re going home with a lot of food. Alright like always, we love you, subscribe. Byyyeee.


  1. "This is Woman" 不不不不不 I crack myself up sometimes. Another enjoyable video! I loved the conversation bubbles 荊荊. You're going to look amazing on your wedding day 埠埠

  2. mi primita linda que dios te colme de muchas bendiciones y felicidad!!!!!! todos los vestidos est獺n bellos, pero como siempre digo hay vestidos y novias!!!!! y t繳 eres una novia princesa as穩 que todos te quedaban bellos…muchas felicidades a los dos!!!!!!

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