Buying Complete Outfits From Costco (The Costco Clothing Challenge!!)

Buying Complete Outfits From Costco (The Costco Clothing Challenge!!)

hello I'm a cute little Internet friends and welcome back to my channel uh you guys I am currently in Los Angeles where it is like over a hundred degrees and I know the East Coast is getting like insane heats too but I apologize one for not doing my hair cuz the thought of actually blow-drying my hair sounds like death I know so I'm sorry if the air conditioner kicks on but it's better than me getting heatstroke on camera I mean truthfully I need the view so like maybe not anyways yes you clicked on today's video you know what I am doing I'm very excited about this today I'm going to be trying on five one two three four yes five different outfits that I put together from clothes that I bought at Costco now just very recently Jeff got a Costco card so we went there and I was not only blown away by the sheer amount of people that are packed into one place who are desperate to buy fifty thousand rolls of toilet paper but also I could not believe how many clothes were there for sale now I had been to Costco before like in my childhood but I never got a Costco card as an adult so this was all brand new and exciting to me so I thought it would be so fun to actually dive in and check out what kind of clothes they offer what kind of deals they offer and what I could put together exclusively from stuff that I found at Costco and honestly I think I did pretty well so my mom and I headed out to our local Costco because my mom also has a card thanks mom for taking me and we just started like picking out different items that we thought would work and would be cute and eventually came out with five full outfits now I'm not sure if every Costco carries these specific things and I know the turnover right there is tremendous they're constantly getting in new merchandise and kicking out old merchandise but this is what I found currently this week and hopefully if any of it actually works it might inspire you to get your Costco on not sponsor of a Costco if you want to hook me up with my own card wouldn't be mad about it love your walnuts seriously we're all not server expensive everywhere else but Costco you can get like up and this is I am a consumer alright let's just dive right into this okay so first up I wanted to put together a little summary outfit and I came across these Jessica Simpson cropped jeans they're the relaxed skinny cropped soft sculpt denim I wasn't able to like unwrap them so I actually don't know what they look like because I didn't want to be rude in the store and like start pulling things apart but I could only find their smallest size that I could find there was a 4 which I think will be ok especially in a white pant but they did have a wide variety of sizes like they went up to I feel like I saw 16 so I mean it's not completely inclusive but there's definitely a variety which I appreciate so let's just go ahead and take a look at these off the bat I mean they don't look too bad they're definitely like see-through and you know I don't really love a white pant if you missed my try on white pants video click right here or here wherever it pops up I have many of feelings about white pants but I'm interested I like you still love Jessica Simpson's shoes I don't know if I've ever tried any or clothes but these look okay a white pants a white pant and let me check what these retail that by the way mom and I went shopping and of course we didn't just get this stuff for the video we added up with many of bottles of booze and snacks cuz that's just who we are so this is the roll crop these were $14.99 so if these work that's pretty badass and I decided to pair it with this shirt I love a denim shirt the brand is Jax or J ACHS um pretty huge it's like a kind of like cap sleeve kind of situation and it's got little embroidered palm trees which I'm not mad about I couldn't find an extra small I didn't see any extra smalls there but I got a small and so let's oh wait we must know how much it says oh and this was also 1499 so let's give this today okay Costco in also mad at you so a lot of you have been requesting that I get more full body shots when I'm doing this so I'm trying to best sorry if it's fucked up but you know I'm fucked up alright here we go so here is the full body outfit I'll do a turn for you and then I'll come closer because I feel like you're so fun okay um hi I'm doing it I'm really doing it so it's not that bad I feel like my sizes aren't correct but had my size has been the right sizes this would be totally awesome the pants were bad I could definitely size down one size but it's not like Oh My gods are falling off of me they aren't as cropped as they'd like claim to be but I just am rolling them up there definitely like a little bit see-through eye word really dark underwear which obviously you don't have to do oh hey girl but I kind of know I like to do that just to really see it just how sheer things are um but like pretty good jeans especially for the price point I really like this shirt and in fact when I first put it on I wasn't wearing any pants cuz I don't really love wearing pants but I'll show you it was like super long and it all makes for a really cute dress like if I actually had sized up I could probably pull this off as like a cute sundress but I decided just to tie it I think I would prefer this in extra small but I like the style like this is a little bit big but like honestly like the quality I was expecting to be crappier and like the quality feels pretty good on the pants and the top like I guess I've had read both items out of five I would give the pants damn I mean they were pretty good like a four they're not like the best Jean I ever worn but they're like starchy which I like and the top I would probably give it three like why do you think it's a little bit cheaply made like it's not constructed perfectly but it's like pretty cute so yeah not not about this is anyone out there has this outfit look at me just feeling myself ok the Costco get after it summer shake all right next up I decided to do one more kind of Jean and shirt combo because they actually had a little a lot of jeans there which I thought was pretty awesome because finding a good pair of jeans is hard and finding a cheap good pair of jeans is even harder so if these work hallelujah this is another Jessica Simpson no oh these are Kenneth Cole okay girl and I actually got a two in these these are the Jess skinny Kenneth Cole jeans mid-rise hits slightly below natural waist slim fit blabbity blah here's what they look like and actually I pulled these out of the store and I really liked the bottom of them I thought that was like kind of a cute touch even though they're probably give me too long I mean what like looks like a good jean to me let's see how much these were $19.99 so it was a little pricier than the Jessica Simpson ones but again if these work like these are pretty like nice looking jeans and then I decided to pair it with this shirt they had a bunch of these different t-shirts this isn't the brand it's called alternative I got it in a small just like a simple shirt but I actually like feel like the material is pretty nice and it's thin which is good for the summer I liked this print they had a bunch of different prints but I'm all about that candle life let's see how much these were $9.99 kind of can't beat it let's get about a truck okay well you can't like win them all you know what I mean alright let me give you the full body reveal whassa so the idea is great these jeans are just ill-fitting on me maybe kind of cold sizes run differently than I'm used to in theory they fit like they're a little bit loose in the stomach or the waist but that doesn't bother me what I think like not great is all in here I don't know if you can see it but like it's a little bit big in here and it's definitely like too baggy in this part and it's not supposed to be like a bootcut like if it's a bootcut or a flare that's a different story but they're just not tight at the bottom so it's a little bit awkward I just don't jeans are hard man jeans are hard finding a pair of jeans that really look good on you not used to feeling but like the general you and not me specifically I'm just difficult so these are definitely not a pair of jeans I would wear again but I feel like they're good enough that I'll give them to a friend who will appreciate them if they fit on their body in terms of the shirt I'm not like super mad about it I realized that I don't love I think this is called a cowl-neck right or scoop nut I don't know I just don't like the look of this I feel like it's so like middle-aged mom oh my actual nightmare um just not enjoy and I actually like like the print but it's a little bit long it's not really doing anything for me I thought about tying it but I don't know I don't like the sleeves just it's just not my style but if it's your style it's a nice shirt like it feels good on me I'm like I got second wear it to bed but this is gonna probably be another thing that I gave to a friend whose body would it would look better on um but that's the thing about clothes you know what I mean it's like Ciara taught me this it's not our bodies fall it's the clothes fault but I also feel like it's like just fine mean the clothes that you're meant to be with it's like fighting a friend that you or a boyfriend that matches your soul and boobs you don't mean so yeah um I guess if I had to rate this it's not that these pants are five although I actually think the way that they formulated or like cut the jeans it's kind of bad so I would get them like uh like the material and I like the stretch I guess I'd give them a three and the shirt I just don't like the style of it but it's many second bit of three as well so yeah yourself that is a give away to my friends but uh and hoping the next thing will work next you kind of gotta go with me on this there were no dresses which I was like kind of sad about there was like dresses for young girls and I was like well maybe I can wear like a size like 16 girl or like whatever but the dresses weren't very cute and then I was like hold up they got uniforms and I love me in the look of a uniform skirt so I did it I got me a uniform skirt and I'm reminded of my childhood I had to wear uniforms the brand is french toast which is literally like the uniform company which is cool that they have these um at Costco if your kids or you wear uniforms so I got a size twelve girls which is a waist 26 it seemed like a good idea I just think this is so cute like if you can like style it properly then cute speaking of which I'm not sure I'm going to be styling this properly they didn't have any like tank tops or like Plain White T's except for like the actual uniform shirts but then I found this and I think maybe it will work it is a Fila sweatshirt which isn't great for the summer right now but I thought it was actually pretty cute not sure it's feel alike in again like did it ever go out was it ever in why this lady is doing a fashion video I can't properly tell you but yeah I thought this was kind of cute although I saw a girl wearing it in the store and it looked kind of small on her and she was small and this is a small so I am a little bit worried about how this is gonna fit but uh yeah oh let's do a price check on this stuff oh it's a skort which is very exciting this is $8.99 which love that for me and this was $15.99 so let's see if we got ourselves an outfit so like yeah I really fuck this one up alright um I'm not sure what I can show you on camera without getting demonetized but I'm gonna try my best and maybe I should let her step out but to begin with cute sweater not mad about it it's I guess sweatshirts are just like this like it's a little bit like long in some areas and I don't know it's hot and stuff and like is this one trend we don't know here's the main issue that with this outfit is this skirt which isn't supposed to be this long but I simply can't get it up past my giant hips and they asked and my hips mass because oh yeah that's right I'm not a child I am a woman I wish I could turn around so you could see not my ass is just out so yeah I didn't take it into consideration that yes the waste part would probably fit me but to get it up to that point maybe it would never happen so what I do like though about this skirt which I will show you is that it has these expanders in them so this was like button to keep it like a little bit tighter but then once you unbutton it and like gives you a little bit more room in your waist which like here for that love that like you eat a little bit too much at lunch and you're like you've got unbutton and get myself more room but yeah I can't simply can't put this up for my house which is a shame because this is so cute but I do have like a teenager friend I know look at me and I feel like I'll give this to her it is so cute like I think you can make this work maybe not but like can you imagine this with my combat boots and maybe like a graphic tee like cute I mean I'm I'm there I love it that all being said now that I'm not wearing any pants I'm step back like the sweater looks cute I won't be able to wear it for a couple of months just because it's so hot but like I really like the color I think it's kind of cute I might even consider cutting off the bottom and just like cropping it that would be fun but if I'm gonna read it like it's all a perfect sweater in my opinion just the fit of it but I would probably give it like a three and a half 1/2 because I like the styling in bed and the skirt hard to say cuz I can't fit it over my giant ass so I'm gonna give it a 4 because you deserve that my ass on the other hand I'm giving it a 5 girl cuz boo that booties poppin it literally popping out of this skirt I just went through puberty apparently boo boo Chi um I was very excited my mom actually found these adidas workout pants and I'll tell you what I do not like spending money on workout pants even though I wear workout pants pretty much every day of the week but for some reason I really have a hard time justifying like I have never been into I literally just wear target pants so I was pretty excited and I kind of hope that these work so these are just a simple kind of long sized small adidas stretch pant and then I was like okay what can I wear on top they didn't have specific sports bras but they did have this DKNY I guess their 2-pack of seamless bra let we're like I guess I didn't really need to get for this video but I was kind of excited to try it I don't think it could like act as a sports bra but it might look cute just like from outside or not but then I did find a teaser to go over it it's an adidas t-shirt and actually this was in the boys section so I just got a boys medium which is a 1012 because I kind of thought this was cute so let's priced jacket and then we'll check at the adidas T was $9.99 I mean honestly kids clothes are so much cheaper than adult clothes I love it the pants were $19.99 and then for the bras 1699 with four dollars off 16 15 14 13 12 99 yes I still counted my fingers what a deal though let's see i man I'm like praying that this works alright just call me sporty spice Costco I'm doing it I'm wearing spandex first I wanted to show you this bra which actually I'm kind of loving it is adjustable in the back we're not adjustable but it's got a blind clasp in the back but it is adjustable straps which yeah I do really like it there's also pads in here which I'm kind of playing around with as to like where I want them to be because you can kind of like mmm move them around so that's fun definitely like I'm gonna cover up definitely like not a bra you can like workout in but I just for the don't love wearing bras all the time this is like a nice alternative so now I'm gonna put on the shirt which I haven't tried on yet but actually like the way this feels I don't know if these companies like adidas like make specific clothes for Costco or for like discount tech places like I know that they do at like some of like what is the word I'm trying now at the stores so much sure exactly like if adidas like the store actually like sells this stuff but I hate really like the shirt this cute this is the perfect size for me actually I wouldn't like cut it or anything so there you have that alright moving on to the pants however not bad I don't think this is the fault of like this pants I just think I'm very short so these kind of pants fit me oddly like they're a little bit too long and there are a little bit loose again in the bottom you know unless I have like super skinny calves which I don't think I have I do like the high rise factor on these I don't think there's squat groove meaning like if I bend over even see everything and anything nobody needs that so yeah I mean I wanted these now I'm just like looking at myself in the mirror I wanted these to fit but I would not wear these to the gym they're also like the material doesn't feel thin and it doesn't feel cheap but it doesn't feel good so you know that's a really comprehensive review I gotta knees might look better on a taller friend of mine so I make it a pile to pass everything along but I am definitely done with this shirt and I'm definitely down with these 10 days and the bra covered in them so that's cool and this keep it in two packs so now I have a white one and a black one which I'm pretty happy about so yeah okay to review everything this bra like pretty good or honestly I would give it a 4 I don't know why I won't give it it's just because I'm badass bitch the pants I just don't like and they also don't fit me so I would give them a two but I actually feel like workout pants like should be flattering and should they should figure it out so take that in to guess but that means 70s I do like this shirt I would give this up before because nobody gets a 5 here in my house that is reserved for the best of the best like the walnuts at Costco 5 out of 5 all right we've gone to the last item and last but not least I wasn't gonna do this and then my mom was very insistent that I do and she was also an assistant but I keep this on the hanger cuz she thought it was funny this is a women's swimsuit as you can see with a little skirt on it which is somewhat triggering to be for some reason I feel triggered by I don't know why I feel like I'm brought back to my childhood when I would wear this and be very uncomfortable with myself but why not relive that moment on camera in front of all of you guys this was 1297 and it came with this free cool hanger so let's give it a try oh la la okay mom this one's dedicated to you um okay here is my little triggering pool dress okay so much to say here it is thank you everyone thank you we're doing it um okay so ironically it's not as fast as I thought it was going to be it's supposed to be like a tummy holder but it's a little bit big on me but like not tremendously big on me and I actually think it's like kind of you and it's definitely well-made if you missed it I did trying on bathing suits from Amazon I'll link it up here click on that and check it out I can also link below and I got a say Lee this is actually a lot better than most of those bathing suits in terms of quality and even just look before I type this I actually like kind of okay like a Michael I can modify this to make it like the perfect bathing suit I would definitely take the straps off although not mad about those shops I just kind of Emma strap this kind of owl so I would you've got and then I just don't like the skirt I won't find not styled to be in or cute but if you're into it like go get it this is a pretty cute thing but like even if it was just you know if you took the skirt part off like it's not bad like hey just living my 20s 20s forties 1550s my vintage big suit life so like not bad and honestly for the price point it's got like pads in here like if you need a bathing suit would go get you this Costco one not my personal style but also not so bad so I mean I would probably give this a three because I could make it work maybe I I don't know actually I don't know again like after trying on a lot of other cheap bathing suits I gotta say with this one's not that bad just not my personal style by mom I'll bring this over to your house so you can wear it since you made me get it that concludes my Costco alpha Trion haul extravaganza aka the best time of our lives am i right if I'm right give this video a thumbs up no actually I really really enjoy doing this if you guys enjoy this let me know in the comments below if you didn't you don't have to let me know know who's kidding Costco overall pretty like impressive it's just like going anywhere where there's a lot of merchandise you have to like have a good eye for things know what sizes you are you can't try on clothes they're all they can return stuff so that's good but really it's all just about mixing and matching and finding like some gems in the pile of some not so gems stuff you yeah I'm saying but yeah I mean I like doing this kind of stuff because it's a reminder that you don't have to spend a lot of money on clothing and to find good stuff so hopefully that's inspiring if you're feeling down watching videos where either me or whoever your favorite fashion person is is Brian's stuff that's like beyond your means like there's a way to do this and also keep in mind that recycling clothes is great too I want to let you guys know that I do either return everything if I'm not gonna keep it myself or I give it to a friend so that's that yes okay so in the moment so let me know where you want me to go shopping next also I sort of do like is this company a scam videos like I did the chien video and you guys seem to like that so if there's any other companies that you're curious about you don't want least your own money allowed me to waste my money and check it out and see you buy that scam so keep in communication with me you can find me on Twitter on Instagram I love interacting with you guys so that I can provide you all with entertainment that you're enjoying because I know I'm super enjoying this also make sure to hit that notification button bell thing and I will see you guys next time thanks rot – oh just in case you haven't heard me shouting about it from the tops of the metaphorical rooftops I have a book coming out at the end of August August 27th it's called 30 life crisis it's a series of fun comedy stories and there is a foreword written by Shane Dawson and I'm really proud of it there's a lot of intimate details about my life and I think it will make you laugh maybe make you cry and hopefully inspire you so I'll leave all the informations below for that and so having a meet and greet on August 27th at 7 p.m. at the Grove here in Los Angeles so if you are nearby please come on down I would love to see you ok that's it I'm gonna take this off now ok love you buddy

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  1. Hello friends! Glad to see most of you are enjoying the video! I did want to let those who have voiced concerns about me not liking anything I try on, that I hear you. But I am only human. I never try any of the clothes on before I get them, so you are seeing my genuine reaction. Yes, maybe looking back I realize I'm too hard on myself and some the stuff looks better than I thought it did, but I'm doing my best! And, thank goodness, I don't like everything or I'd go broke! I will make a better effort to be kinder to myself and the clothes I try on. I hear you. But also know that I like making jokes and messing around when it comes to this stuff! Also, I am almost a middle aged mom (dog mom) so I am just poking at my very near future. I ain't mad about my future soccer mom life. Afterall, you guys have been calling me mom since I started!
    Alright, that's it. Just wanted to let you know that I see your comments, I'm always trying to improve, but I can't please everyone. I'm just me. Love you and thanks for your continued support!! New special video Wednesday at noon. xoxo.

  2. I've always wanted to buy from Romwe because the clothes are all super cute at low prices but I have strong feelings that its too good to be true lol!

  3. I have like 6 of those dkny bras from Costco!! I gave up wearing underwire bc it sucks and these bras are the bestttttttttt!!!

  4. i have those adidas leggings from costco and i LOVE them! i'm 5'9 and they fit me perfectly! i don't wear them to the gym because i need compression leggings for that, but i love them for running errands or a lazy day at home.

  5. Literally was looking at shirts today and could not pick up the crew neck (a little higher than the scoop neck). It looked like it was for someone twice my age and I just. Could. Not.

  6. Costco does have a return policy!! So if you can’t find friends to give them to, I recommend going back!

  7. Found you from Sierra- love you two together and lightly binging on your channel now- super fun 🙂 The sporty outfit was adorable on you!

  8. The Fila sweatshirt looks like it fits like any other sweatshirt I have ever seen. It seems like you rarely like or keep anything you buy. I don't really get it. Sorry to say but after watching so many of your videos, I am starting to wonder if it's intentional or if there is something I am missing.

  9. the camo scoop neck t (partially tucked in)I think would look very cool w a couple layered gold tone necklaces

  10. Cowl neck is where it bags up on the necklike, i have seen you like coel in the past, this is a scoop (second outfit) and i like this shirt better on your body than the first you tried and loved

  11. you seemed very happy in this video and it’s contagious ❤️ thanks for making me smile over and over again!

  12. The skirt has to go over your head and down over ur boobs onto ur waist not over ur hips! Coming from a big hipped skirt loving lady!!

  13. I have multiple pairs of those adidas pants and I LOVEEE them, but they are also $9 at my Costco. And I was able to get A size XS😂

  14. Hey! I love leggings as well:) If you are looking for a cheap, but well made legging.. check out Garage!

  15. As a 25 year old mom of 3 I didn't really consider myself "middle aged" just yet, however, I do tend to rock a scoop neck quite often…so maybe the mentality is just there 😂 it's the kids man, they just change you 🤪

  16. Not only do the stripes on the workout pants make your calves look super skinny but make your hips look wide…ugh! You obviously don't have huge hips. Always look at what stripes and prints accentuate….if they accentuate the the negative….walk away.

  17. Cool. I am an old age mom and I love that camo shirt. Perfect….is it 100% cotton may need to head to Cosco.

  18. you obviously don't want anyone over 24 watching your videos. You are straight up ageist. Thats your worst nightmare is to be middle aged?You know the alternative to that??

  19. WHY DO I WATCH THESE? I wanna like you. I always come back hoping to like you. But you are so stinkin negative about stuff. I gotta stop hoping it’ll change.

  20. Don’t you live with Jeff? In Canada, when you get a Costco membership, it includes another card for someone else loving in the same home.

  21. Buying in bulk is fun!  I just don't get why people who live in big cities bother shopping in warehouse stores because they almost never have enough storage to hold anything that is in bulk.

  22. Costco where you can buy everything you need from birth to death. Literally they sell caskets there….let that sink in.

  23. I think the bathing suit would look better as a two piece. Like a crop top kind of thing. And I do like the skirt too. This hower gave we mom vibes for sure. I think the workout clothes looked good together, but that may be because they are the same brand.

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