Buying Fabric – Arab Street Singapore – Asher Fabrics

Buying Fabric – Arab Street Singapore – Asher Fabrics

Arab street is fabric street. When you visit
Arab street means you’re looking for some fabrics. My name is Avtar and I have
a shop in Arab Street called Asher Fabrics. We specialise in fabrics for party,
bridal, cocktail and evening wear. When you come to Arab Street, we will ask you
what is the fabric needed for. Is it a party dress, is it a cocktail dress, is it
a prom dress… Based on what information you give
us, w will guide you with the kind of fabric suitable for your style and also if you have something, some
design from a magazine or from the internet, we can guide you again with the type of fabric suitable for the
design. If they don’t have a picture, or a design sketch then we will try to guide
them with concept. Is your concept soft and flawy? Is your concept structured ball gown? Is your concept traditional? That means like a kebaya or a cheongsam or is
your concept western modern? We guide our customers correctly and
accurately on the amount of fabric they need so there is no overselling or underselling of
the fabric. We try our best to give an accurate amount needed
based on our experience.

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  1. @heroesmix It depends on the fabric you're buying, but you can call them to get a rough gage on price for their different fabrics. Their contact details are are on the link in the description. Cheers…

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