Buying High End Dress Shoes? 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Buying High End Dress Shoes? 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Buying High End Dress Shoes
[0:00:00] So, you walk into the store and you see them. You are in love. The most beautiful pair of shoes you have
ever laid eyes on. Shoes
are the foundation of your wardrobe, they’re worth investing in. That being said, nobody wants to waste their
money on a pair of shoes that they never use. In today’s video, ten mistakes that you
want to avoid when you’re going out there and investing in high quality shoes. [Music]
Mistake number one and the biggest mistake that people make when they’re buying shoes
is that they equate value with price. They are not the same thing. Let me introduce you to my style theory of
value. The style theory of value goes that value
is equal to the number of wears times the way it makes you feel divided by the price. So, you bought the shoes for 50 bucks thought
you were getting a great deal, but when it comes down to it, you put them on, they hurt
your feet. And when it comes down to it, you wear them
a total of five times. How did they make you feel on a scale of 1
to 100? We’ll be generous, we’ll give them a 10. So, we’ve got 5 times 10 – 50. 50 divided by 50, a value of 1. Now, this other pair of shoes cost you $500,
but when you bought them you just love the way they look, the way they fit, the way that
they feel. You wear them five hundred times over the
next few years and you think about, okay, how do they make you feel? On a scale of 1 to 100, they make you feel
like a million bucks. A hundred we’re going to give it. So, 500 times 100 divided by 500. This have a value of 100. Now, I want to stress, I’m not saying that
you got to spend $500 on a pair of shoes, what I am saying is pay attention to how the
shoes fit, pay attention to how they make you feel and those are the key factors. When you get a pair of shoes that you absolutely
love, you find excuses to wear them and they make you feel like a million bucks and that’s
what style is all about, building up your confidence, so you can go out there and be
the man you know yourself to be. The next mistake you want to be careful of
when investing in a high quality pair of shoes is overpaying. And two main ways you’re going to be overpaying. One is you’re going to go for a fashion
label, you’re going to go for a brand name, but oftentimes you’re just paying extra. A lot of margin to that brand simply to get
that name and no one’s going to be able to tell on the shoes. Another way you could overpay is you can go
with a particular brand that really just it’s a great brand like John Lobb or maybe Alden,
great companies. But, the problem there is not everyone needs
to be spending $800 or over $1000 on a pair of shoes. I personally believe that there are so many
options out there. With the internet, it has really leveled the
playing field. Nowadays, you can buy directly from companies
that don’t have big store fronts and are able to pass on the savings. And with that being said, gents, I want you
to check out Ace Marks, the paid sponsor of today’s video. I’m linking to them down in the description. What I love about this company, quality at
a great price. Gentlemen, these are $600 shoes that are selling
for a fraction of that. These guys are creating some of the most comfortable
shoes you’re going to find out there. And, what I love about Ace Marks is their
blake flex construction. Basically, the shoes are built so they’re
lightweight, they’re flexible, they don’t require a break-in period, they’re comfortable
right out the box. And I absolutely love all the options all
the different styles they’ve got. They’ve got your base foundation shoes. Then, you’ve got these fashion-forward pieces. These things right here, again, it’s not
too fashion forward, but I love the blue suede in here with a little bit of broguing and,
you know, right here the wingtip that can get you compliments every time you wear and
help you stand out from the crowd. And, guys, if you haven’t been to the website
lately, you need to get over there and check out this new tramanto patina. A patina is where you add layers and layers
mixing colors together. This is a sign of very high quality shoes
because it takes a lot of work. This is all handwork that goes in over in
Italy. It is going to stand out without actually
being over outlandish or anything. It’s just something that screams for attention
while still being subtle and stylish. I’m linking to Ace Marks down in the description
of this video with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. Great company, I’ve talked about them for
years. Absolutely love how they bring you affordable
shoes at a great price. Take advantage of this. The next mistake you want to avoid when buying
quality footwear is don’t start off with an eccentric style. You want to go with a classic workhorse. Why? Because you’re going to get more wears out
of it. You got a black, you know, cap toe oxford
right here. This right here is going to work with any
type of business attire, a suit. Maybe you want something a bit more casual,
then maybe you go for a blutcher in brown, a little bit of a cap toe right here. If you buy something that’s eccentric, I’m
not saying that you’re not going to wear it and maybe it could be a great investment. But, I do think that you should start with
your foundations first. So, the next mistake men make when they’re
investing in high quality shoes is they can’t spot quality. Again, they think they got a great deal until
they notice those shoes are glued. These shoes are made out of plastic. Just because it’s shiny does not mean it’s
stylish. So, the issue with poor quality shoes is not
so much the gluing, I mean that’s bad because it’s eventually going to fall apart and
it can’t be resoled. But, really if they glued the shoes together
they didn’t use quality components on the sole, they didn’t use quality components
on the upper. [0:05:00]
When you’re looking at a pair of shoes, you want to make sure first off what type
of construction did they use. You want to look for a Blake stitch or you
want to look for a Goodyear welt. Both of those are great and, yes, some people
I know prefer one or the other. But, again, what you want to look at is the
stitching and on the bottom not always going to be possible. This one right here has a rubber sole and
that does not mean that it isn’t going to be blake-stitched or Goodyear welted. But, what you normally want to look for is
going to be a leather sole and you can see the stitching right in here. Now, with the Goodyear welt, I’m also going
to be able to see stitching right here on the outside. With the blake stitch you won’t be able
to see that, you would actually have to take out the inner lining of the shoe and you would
see the stitching on in there. I’ve got an infographic for you. Check this out right here. And, as you can see I’ve got tons of details
about the construction. I will link to that down in the description
if you want to go check it out in more detail. The next mistake is only buying one pair and
I’m not saying that you got to get the same exact pair. But, I would say you know what? If you like that little bit of contrast right
there, why not get two pairs of shoes that serve. The thing is you don’t want to have one
pair of high quality shoes that you wear every single day, you want to rotate. You want to give the shoes time to breathe. And, speaking of breathing, the next mistake
is not taking care of your investment. You want to have a quality shoetree. A shoetree made from cedar is going to basically
it’s going to pull a little bit of moisture out, but also it’s going to keep the shape
of the shoe. So, you want to invest in a quality pair of
shoetrees specifically those made for the shoe. The next mistake, some guys think that polishing
their shoes or using a conditioner somehow optional when it comes to your shoes. Guys, if you want your shoes to last especially
more than one winter, you need to take care of them. This is your first line of defense. What this does is when you put a wax on them,
it creates a thin film of layer. That layer will protect your shoes not only
from the elements from water and from salt, but also abrasions. So, whenever you knock it up against something,
guess what? It just knocks the layer of wax off, it doesn’t
penetrate the shoe. Now, sometimes it will, but what you’re
looking to do is create that thin layer of defense that’s going to help your shoes
last longer. The next mistake men make after they’ve
invested in a high quality pair of shoes is they do not store them properly. So, first off, whenever your shoes are a little
bit moist, do not put them next to heat next to heater, next to a fire, that is going to
damage the leather on your shoes. Also, you want to make sure to use that shoe
bag. If you bought form a high quality manufacturer,
they should have given you a shoe bag. And, also, keep the shoe box because you can
put them in the shoe box and that actually allows you to even stack them in your closet. So, the next mistake that men make when they’re
buying high quality shoes is they don’t pay attention to the details because they
don’t know what details to look for. So, first off, look at the heel of the high
quality dress shoe. It should be something that it’s broken
up into multiple pieces. This is layers of leather. Now, these layers of leather, yes, do have
a bit of glue in there, but they should have tacks. Basically, small nails that are right in here
in this, this right here is a sign of high quality. Another small thing I like is when they’ve
got a bit of rubber gives you a little bit of traction. Each company does this a little bit differently. Now, another thing, when you see broguing
on a shoe and those are small leather holes perforations here, you want to make sure that
they’re very clean. Another thing you want to look at when you’re
going in and you’re looking on the inside of the shoe is that it has a leather lining. So, if it doesn’t have a lining, then basically
there’s not protection from your sweaty foot to go to the outer part of the shoe. Another thing is the stitching. So, if they’ve got that lining, you want
to pay attention to the stitching. They should be a single stitch and it should
be pretty even around the edges. Another mistake, you want to make sure before
you leave the store before you leave the company that you find a belt that matches. This color right here is actually kind of
difficult to match, so you want to go in most companies they’re going to have a series
of belts that work. Another thing is to find a polish. Ask them which polish you can apply. But, in any case no matter what they tell
you, make sure to always test the polish on the tongue of the shoe and see if it does
any type of discoloration before you actually apply it right here on the upper. So, this next mistake I probably could have
started with and that is do not work with companies that don’t care about you. Basically, companies that have bad customer
service and they’re out there. I hate to say it, but there are some companies
honestly they don’t care. I like smaller companies or larger companies
that have great customer service because for me if I’m going to spend good money on a
pair of shoes, I want it to be something that’s going to last a long time. And if the stitching starts to come apart
which can happen on any company with any type of build, sometimes just there’s bad quality
or bad batch. You want to make sure that you’re going
to be taken care of. Now, at this point you may have questions
about which dress shoes to actually buy, which ones are going to be the dressiest, which
one is going to be the most casual. Guys, I’ve got you covered with this video
right here and I rank ten dress shoes from the most casual to the dressiest type of dress
shoes out there. So, guys, check out this video, I’m linking
to it down in the description. And, gents, don’t forget go check out Ace
Marks. I’m linking to them down in the description
with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. And, go check out these new – this new line
of shoes, this really nice patina. I can tell you, this right here is going to
help you stand out from the crowd. It’s just a small detail, but when people
see this, they’re going to be, wow, where did you get this? So, guys, go check them out. I’m linking to them down In the description. Gentlemen, that’s it. And like I said, I’ve got tons of resources
over at Real Men Real Style when it comes to shoes, so if you want to see some of the
infographics, you want to grab the E-book. Guys, I’ve got you covered when it comes
to footwear. And, that’s it. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [Music]
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