hi everyone welcome to my channel because you could see my beautiful backdrop has fallen one like is one respect pay into the back job but anyways before we jump into this video I need to ask you guys a very important question that has been on my mind for a long time I need to ask you guys do you like pancakes or waffles better now this has been on my mind like I said for a long time and I was eating waffles the other damn like these are good but I also love pancakes but I don't know which ones better so I need your guys's help I need you to tell me do you prefer pancakes or waffles smart now comment down below so as you know I'm doing giveaways every day till Christmas so I will be picking one of you guys to win I need you guys to comment down below pancakes or waffles and once this video gets 10,000 likes I know that sounds crazy last time I did okay and you guys crushed it but can we do 10,000 that is the challenge I am giving you guys today and right as soon as we hit 10k I don't care what time it is I will be announcing the giveaway winner I will I will reply to your comment saying that you are the giveaway winner and then you'll get some roebucks so anyways let's get on to the so as you guys could see by the title I am gonna be showcasing to you the top three most expensive outfits and morale high so I've done a video like this on my channel before but a lot has changed since that video and a lot more expensive things have come out so the most expensive item is a lot more than it was last time if you guys want to see that video put it up here and you'll see what with the most expensive items were few months ago so as you can see my character looks a bit different this this is that look likely not Leah so this is my alternate account slash my sister's account that I use when I want to be discreet in royal high and I have a lot of people come over to me like you're not the real the Ashe but little do they know it me it me so we are gonna showcase the most expensive item alas it'll be the third most expensive the second most expensive and the first most high who counts like this the first most expensive so I only have 2900 diamonds on this account I'm gonna need to buy a lot more where that came from thank you okay I'm gonna buy more just gonna buy as many diamonds as I can until I run out of roebucks if they get good buy it one more time yep oh wait no I could buy it one more time okay goodbye all bye robux alright so now we have 130 mm diamonds to spend but I don't think that's gonna be enough because the last most expensive outfit was a hundred and fifty thousand diamonds that's a lot of diamonds so we might only be able to buy one outfit with this alright alright we're out so we're gonna just head on down to the shoppin experience here we're gonna buy the third most expensive wings the third most expensive skirt heels and so on the only sucky thing is is I don't have all the accessories on this account but we'll get there we'll get their wings okay so let's see right now I'm pretty sure the most expensive wings out there are the galaxy wings so there are 18,000 diamonds second-most expensive so far is 15,000 diamond we need to figure out what the third most expensive wings are alright guys so here you have it the third most expensive pair wings are the large cotton handi unicorn 14,000 diamonds I start keeping track of all this 14,000 diamonds it's nice knowing you goodbye now that we've got our wings let's go ahead and go back to the scarf this will be a lot easier to figure out so it's a queen of the ocean 25,000 diamonds whoa so so far we bought we spent exactly 39,000 diamonds on this third least well third most expensive outfit okay all right I see you so now heels oh oh I forgot how expensive the thigh-high ice princess boots were Wow okay so third most expensive is our adorable lace-up doll boots which I already own these do I own the other pair I don't own the other pair on this account so we're gonna be buying be high school Lacey boots and socks which are the same price as the adorable lace-up ones so 18,000 diamonds we when I told you we're spending diamonds in this video I meant it Wow okay we're doing quick maths here we'd be spending a lot of them we're not gonna be including the mermaids in this video we're just gonna do the wing skirts in heels all right so this is us before we are getting a major makeover on my other account as you can see I mean I she is rocking the cute the cute trimming a pink Christmas collection so I guess we should start with the makeover shall we see the only accessory I have is billowing cape I wanted to do it on my alt account because I used this one for role plays and it also assured this account my sister so I thought it'd be nice for her some cool stuff too we'll go ahead and put on the large a cotton candy wings oh yeah those are huge they weren't lying when they said large we are gonna throw it our queen of the ocean skirt and maybe we'll match it with the light purple to make it look I mean it is kind of funny that we're mixing a mermaid and unicorn together but I see it I didn't choose this oh that's actually really cute why oh my gosh no way I have so you can buy certain fabrics now okay all right I'll check it out I'll buy this see different whoa where have I been look there's even a unicorn one you guys how cool is this cookies we can literally be a walking cookie I'm against that okay no that is pretty hey but it doesn't really go with our theme and we also have to change our hair our makeup we look in a little basic right now ooh that's a pretty shirt that goes really well with this outfit we need it to be perfect we need it to look like dang you looking good I mean this works that's actually really pretty not gonna lie we are a unicorn mermaid and if someone tells you that you can't be a unicorn mermaid well they're just rude oh there's no hairs you guys I'm so excited oh my gosh there is so many I didn't even know there was an update today oh now this is pretty I want to use a gorgeous okay this is what we're using this is what we're no we got to show off that blonde to purple ombré here this cannot go to waste no no that's pretty okay this is a look I'm gonna go to the Wow alright alright well could be a penguin everybody they could be sad if we want we could be an evil old lady if we want this is mood this is pretty this is pretty I'm literally a unicorn I just can't get over the space right here I have many questions alright well moving on I like this look right here I also like this look right here why do I also love this I think it needed a little bit of extra nests and I think the makeup really shows it and you know it's funny guys is we still need to put on our shoes you can't even see the shoes underneath this the skirt this skirt and the boots like this is just so fun no no what is this I I'm supposed to look like a mermaid I can't legs okay guys alright is there another skirt that we could use here cuz uh okay the magical enchantress is also 25,000 diamonds so we'll just do a look with fat using them we're gonna get rid of the boots they just gotta go what might okay alright there we go okay you know what I have some serious questions for people what they think about my unicorn outfit so we're gonna go ask people and then I'm going change it to a not me unicorn mermaid no there's nothing anything wrong with being a unicorn mermaid look at these wings though Oh needs assists my sis left me she looks cute though uh-oh look at look at off it you look cute hey everyone can I ask you a question yeah hopefully they don't ignore me can you braid my outfit went to Ted this is serious come on okay I'll do a twirl twirl so what's at 82 all right I'll take an 82 thank you this is just not practical I can't see where I'm going in this outfit all right we need a serious a serious outfit change here okay so as you can see these three items all together we're gonna put on the boots even though we look ridiculous what it's gonna be I can't see myself so x kit okay you know you little closer all right so long so this outfit right here hello there I'm yelling this upper right here is 57,000 diamonds and that's the third most expensive outfit in royal high we look a little silly so I'm gonna quickly make a cute outfit with stuff even though there's gonna be a pair of boots underneath skirts but I'm just doing just doing what I got to do okay that just means we gotta buy a really expensive skirt wish I would have seen they were the same price but it's fine it's fine okay guys were actually wearing the boots underneath okay okay I think this is a lot better nothing wrong with being a mermaid unicorn but wow we look amazing look at this outfit though oh my gosh for 57,000 diamonds you could look like this or just not you know wear the boots underneath and that'll be 39,000 diamonds for a skirt and wings to look like this okay so let's move on to the second most expensive outfits in real high all right we are back and we are ready to spend some more diamonds let's go ahead and take everything there away so we could start from scratch and let's go shopping so these second most expensive wings are 15,000 times and these wings are really cute so goodbye 15,000 diamonds and hello 15,000 dive and less okay so we will move on to the skirts and the second most expensive skirt is the infamous large train beau skirts so we're just gonna go ahead a by that we are gonna look like an ice queen here 33,000 diamonds and just like that I've spent over a hundred thousand died but will I go spend more okay so we're back at one hundred fifty eight thousand nine hundred seventy eight so where were we ah I'm pretty sure we just bought the skirt now heels oh that beau heels are unavailable but good news I have them on my account so we'll do an outfit with my account and those were 33,000 diamonds as well so we're gonna go ahead and calculate those in there oh where do you get forty eight thousand so woohoo there's a lot of diamonds okay so now that we've bought all that we could buy let's I could show I just quickly put on since we did buy this crazy amazing dress and and these wings might as well put about the character for now Oh gorgeous let's go to my account so we can actually make an out there with the bat mo heels alright we were on my account and don't ask about the outfit I was making a thumbnail okay nothing to see here so we're gonna make an outfit with the bat mo Hales the angel wings and a large train bow skirt so let's get find the angel wings the frozen angel wings so here they are and they are so beautiful my goodness we're gonna pop on the large train boat skirt oh we are gonna make her an ice queen wait oh can we it's cute but I like this solid color more where did work out there oh my gosh I'm so excited so obviously you can't see the bat mo heels underneath but they're there I'll show you guys will take up the skirt and look how tall we are look at those things they are so pretty well we could do we could put on the skirt last and just check out these amazing hairs look at them this is like call me Bob's hair I actually love this hair it's gonna it's gonna look really nice as like an ice queen look yes we and we gonna change that makeup okay because she's not looking happy okay this kind of look though it's kind of look though but I need I don't know I like this hairstyle but the park I'm actually really liking this one this one's really cute Kate let's throw on the dress and see what it'll look like with the dress on boom so look okay wow wow just wow she call window oh my gosh okay oops No get that out of here the kitchen accident no I wanted to put on the ring get out of it so obviously the Christmas halo would look absolutely amazing here but we don't have it I want to add some princess poufy sleeves oh my gosh I also want to add the ear muffs wow that is a look or okay okay we found our look good we found our look she looks like a queen I am actually scared I created this look at her oh my gosh I I'm in love with this outfit I'm like I read the Bible heals you better be whoa okay you ready for the grand reveal of the price of this look right here this outfit is 81,000 diamonds yep you heard that 81,000 diamonds to look like this Queen and that does not include all of the cookies you had to put down to try to get the fur collar for Santa how many diamonds is that I probably spent $50,000 dope that was before I learned about the cute little trick you could do a little hack I saw those a glitch videos after and I was like I really wasted all those diamonds trying to get one present when this glitch just came out okay I'm gonna try to try to forget about it just be cool alright so are we ready for the most the most expensive ever outfit in royal high that we are gonna purchase so can't get over this out though she a queen but we top this can the most expensive outfit and royal high look better we shall see all right we are back on the alt account and it's time to buy some real expensive stuff I really hope we're gonna have enough diamonds I have to buy more you know yeah okay I won't even talk about it alright let's get all the other stuff off and see what we're about to spend all of our diamond found the most expensive wings are our galaxy beings we got the cyber Nova Ocean and we got the goddess of Aphrodite I don't know what look I'm gonna make I don't know if it's gonna be more blue look or a more like clear I don't know what like neutral tones or whatever I think I've already done two blue looks so I might be buying the goddess of Aphrodite so I'm just gonna go back and purchase after so skirt we got the moonlight goddess floof the floof dress that we are gonna be purchasing let's go let's do it 36,000 let go then we all know the price of the thigh-high ice princess boots which are thirty six thousand five hundred oh those Devon's are higher Wow let's go ahead and buy their bodies no let's buy the thigh-high ice princess boots and these boots I'm gonna be so happy that I bought though cuz they're so cute okay luckily enough we have enough diamond sense we don't have to buy the Batman heels on this accountants it wasn't available I I mean I could buy both Winx since we have enough diamonds so I have to get my girl cyber hello the ocean and sea goddess of Aphrodite yeah I just saw how many diamonds this is oh my gosh okay we could look at these different looks they're both so pretty it's gonna be so hard to decide which look I want and the let me tell you all the most expensive skirts are a big why don't we do a pretty Oh like an actual goddess look why not huh I haven't really been doing any leg of hair my hair up look oh wow that's pretty it's like you need a good updo with this skirt cuz it's just so big okay actually I really like that and I want to go with an ice blonde look gotta put on those boots underneath all whites okay goals I love this I love this this is so pretty imagine having Christmas halo with this outfit look how pretty I love this Wow you guys ready to hear the grand total of this outfits ninety thousand five hundred almost $100,000 diamond outfit here I went back onto my actual accounts that say oh and all these items but I have a lot more accessories so I am here and we are gonna make this outfit look even better I don't even know that was possible so pretty because sometimes you need some accessories I kind of want to customize my own because I think that it would look so gorgeous oh my gosh because you know we could add some highlight you see this we could add some blush some hearts I am really liking the blush right here I think that looks so pretty we have the diamond ring on you have to have the diamond ring on she is gonna be a winter princess look at her Wow and these wings these wings so can we just take a take a moment how pretty they are she is a winter goddess this is the name of this look is winter goddess you couldn't even make it super cute with just the ear muffs which I think I like better oh my gosh she's so pretty you guys yeah I can't with really cute outfit ninety thousand five hundred diamonds shall we dare even think about the actual amount of diamonds we have spent in this video oh my gosh guys when this says diamond spending spree I really mean diamond as spending three this for these three looks it cost two hundred and fifty three thousand five hundred diamond for the three most expensive outfits combined oh my gosh I think this is the craziest diamond spending spree I have ever done but that was so much fun but hey now I have really cool stuff for my Ulta got my sister discount that we share so that's really good and also good to know you know but anyways guys I really hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to comment down below pancakes or waffles I need to know and once this video hits 10,000 likes I will be picking the giveaway winner and you'll be winning some robots yourself so maybe you could spoil yourself with some cute stuff than royal hi anyways don't forget to push that like button let subscribe but thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys so much bye


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