Camila Cabello Had the Least Sexiest Costume at Taylor Swift’s Halloween Party

Camila Cabello Had the Least Sexiest Costume at Taylor Swift’s Halloween Party

-Let´s talk about when you
first started to perform. Do you remember
your first performance? -My first performance.
I remember I was in fifth grade and I auditioned for
“The Little Mermaid” in school. -Okay.
-Anybody ever heard of it? -Yeah, yeah, of course.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And I auditioned for
“The Little Mermaid.” And basically we had to audition
as part of the grade. Because when I was younger,
I actually — I was very shy. Like, I didn´t even sing
in front of my family. I didn´t want to — you know,
I didn´t want to do any of that. But I had music class.
And so as part of the grade, you had to audition.
And so I auditioned, gave it my all,
and I got shark number two. [ Laughter ]
Whoo! -Shark number two.
Not even shark number one. -Not even number one, man!
-I don´t even remember shark number one.
Shark number two is the star. -And so — I know! And so then I
go to do the thing and I even, like, I came out
at the wrong time. Like Eric and Ariel were, like,
giving each other the little… [ Blows kiss ] The little kiss.
-Yeah. And I came out
at the wrong time. And I just hear everybody going,
“No! Stop! Go back! Go back!” -“Shark number two, not yet!”
-Oops. But of course my family was
super proud of me. They were like, “yeah,
that´s my shark number two that messed up!”
[ Cheers and applause ] -:…that messed up. That was
our girl. That´s our girl!” Explain, this is
a Halloween photo. -Oh, yeah.
Halloween is coming up, right? -Yes, it is. But explain this —
-Oh, yeah. This photo. -So this is at — so this is
Taylor Swift as Deadpool, right? -Yep. Killin´ it.
Just killin´ it. -And these are just people being
like, what? Like sexy cowboy. -Just left to right.
Just, like, models. -Sexy cat. Yeah, And then —
-This was last year, and so I just — I always —
-But then here´s you. -Yep.
[ Laughter ] Yep.
-And what were — what were you? -I was basically a fat grandma
that couldn´t find her cat because she sat on it.
[ Laughter ] And I made it myself. -♫ One of these things is not
like the other ♫ -♫ Yeah ♫
-That is fantastic. -And so I got the stuffed animal
and my mom helped me tape it to my butt. Um…
-Yeah. -When you were doing this,
did you leave it on for the whole party?
-Actually, I didn´t. Because — so basically I walk
in and it was like Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, like, these,
like models, and I just walk in like —
-I sat on a cat. I sat on a cat. -[ Laughs ] Yeah. And so then
this, like, really — these two, like, attractive guys
come in, and so I just went to the bathroom and I had this,
like, black turtleneck and pants under it, and I just, like, went
to the bathroom and I just like, took it off.
-Right. -Then I came back, and I was
like, it was really hot. -“I´m a hot mime. Yeah.
Hi, guys. That´s my outfit now.” -But I have to be a fat
grandma because I really wanted to be, salmon nigiri, and I
couldn´t find that costume. You know they make
salmon nigiri costumes? -What is salmon nigiri?
-It´s like the sushi. Like the salmon and the rice.
-Oh, salmon nigiri. Oh, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah. I thought it was like
a show on Disney. I go, wait a minute.
“Salmon Nigiri,” I´ve heard of it. Yeah.
-Hi. I´m Salmon Nigiri. -Salmon Nigiri. Yeah. Oh, yeah.
-So yeah. That´s what I — that´s what I did.
-So that could be a costume this year?
-I could be or tamago. -Yeah. How is a…
what is tamago? -Tamago is the egg. The omelet.
The egg with the rice. You´re not a big sushi fan
are you, Jimmy? -I am, but I´ve never — You´ve
said two things I never — -What kind of sushi
do you have? -California roll! No, I, uh…
[ Laughter ] I´m sorry.
I´m going to start crying. -Shrimp tempura.
-[ Laughs ] -How is — how is your grandma,
by the way? ´Cause I know she´s a big
supporter of you. -She´s great. She´s probably
watching right now. Hi. Hi, Mami.
-Hi, Grandma. [ Cheers and applause ]
-She´s great, and she is going to be so
excited about this performance. Because obviously, you know,
she loves this song. My mom´s side of the family
is Cuban. I was born in Cuba,
and my dad is Mexican. -[ Woman cheers ]
-Whoo! Any Latinos in the house? -Yeah, we have Latinos
in the house. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, of course. -And so — yeah, so this song
was really special to play for her, because,
you know, it had such a big part of her culture,
and for me to kind of integrate it with, you know, the current
things that I listen to was really cool.
I remember I played it for her. My mom had — my grandma has
this really, like, visceral way of listening to music.
Like, she, like, you know, she´s, like, a Cuban lady.
She feels it — she feels it with, like, her whole body,
and I played her “Havana,” and then there´s, like, this
part where, like, the beat drops,
and she was like, “ay, Dios!” Like, she was, like…
-Ay, Dios! -That´s exactly — yeah.
-Oh, really? -You should just start
saying that now. -Ay, Dios!
-Yes. [ Cheers and applause ]
-It fits you. -Yeah. Is grandma on Twitter?
-Dude, oh, my God. She… -She is?
-She got a Twitter, and she basically — you know
she streams the song all the time. Like, literally,
I just look at her laptop, and the song is on constant play
to the point where we´ll be, like, having a conversation
and I hear like… [ Softly ] ♫ Havana ♫ [ Normal voice ]
Like super quietly. -“Grandma, are you streaming
the song again?” -Yeah.
-And she´s doing it because she wants you built…
-Yes, she´s just — she´s super supportive,
and you know, her getting a Twitter is a — it gives me
complicated emotions. -[ Laughing ]
-Because sometimes — like, one day she accidentally
tweeted my mom´s phone number. I don´t know how.
-Oh, my gosh. [ Laughter ]
-And — yeah. It was pretty funny.
-Ay, Dios. [ Laughs ] -Ay, Dios. Exactly.
-Well, whatever she was doing worked because “Havana”
has been streamed over, like, 100 million times.
So congratulations on that. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. -How…
-Thank you. -First of many — Now please
talk to me all the time when you come on.
-Oh, my gosh, yes, absolutely. -We love you here. Oh, my gosh,
guys. Camila Cabello.

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  1. 1:40 “one of these things is not like the other”
    Like a rainbow with all of the colors
    Taylor fans- 😮

  2. I love Camila, don't get me wrong.
    But I don't understand her :
    She said once that she felt "oversexualized" when she left Fifth Harmony.
    And now there is an interview where she complains about not having a hot costume………..
    I don't understand anymore……….

  3. 3:25

    Camila: my moms side of the family is cuban, i was born in cuba-n and my dad is mexican. ANY LATINOS IN THE HOUSE?!?!

  4. Mhm 2019 anyone?
    Just a theory Shawn Mendes was one of the attractive guys to walk in…
    I mean he went on tour with Taylor and she had 60k people sing him happy birthday they must be pretty good friends so um if he wasn’t invited😂

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  7. Did any of you notice Jimmy sang "One of these things is not like the others" just before ME! hasn't been released back then?omg

  8. Did anyone notice him say “one of these things in not like the others” whilst talking ab Taylor’s party?? WHAAA

  9. i love how youtube is reccommending me ANY video with Taylor Swift in the title. I LOVE THAT!!

  10. How they pronounced "nigiri" and "tempura" kinda crushed my asian soul. I mean, they probably dont know the correct way. Or rather they dont know the Japanese way

  11. Omg that’s crazy I’m in 5th grade right now and I go to a performing arts school, and our musical this year is the little mermaid!!

  12. Her look here reminds me of one the styles Nelly Furtado rocked back in the day. And both are just naturally gorgeous as well. Camilla also seems very down to earth and ‘real’ compared to the general perception of celebrities these days.

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  17. Did anybody saw that??
    At 1:41 Jimmy said a line that was "One of these things is not like the other" in 2017 and now in 2019 Taylor Swift herself used that exact line in her Music Video "ME!" that's like "Cause one of these things is not like the others, Like a rainbow with all of the others"

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    Lol sucha swiftie haha

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    That's Tay's song lyrics
    P.s. I know it's common but whatever

  21. 1:40
    One of these things is not like the other"— This is a line from talour swifts new song" Me" which was released in 2019…. What a co insidence jimmy said the same lyrics while reacting to taylor swifts holloween party at 2017

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    Wow I’m such a fan girl lol 😝
    Edit: I’m from Mexico 🇲🇽 and El Salvador 🇸🇻 (If anyone cares!)

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    That's what happens when grandparents use technology😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣LMAO!!

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