Can Dan and Phil Dress Anime Girls?

Can Dan and Phil Dress Anime Girls?

P: Hello Dan and Phil Games – (D: Hi there!) P: Fashionistas! P: And welcome back to the gaming channel! P: Today, we are going to be Fashion Designers. D: That’s right, today D: We’re playing a fashion themed video if you haven’t guessed from my stripes and that piece of sushi
(d&p fasion wowow) P: So I got us.. P: b e r e t s P: Because everyone knows a fashion designer wears a beret. D: You got us berets! P: YEah! D: And you got me a gray one! D: Wow! D: Phil you’re really working that. P: Treasure it. P: So today we are playing Love Nikki who sponsored this video P: Thank you very much. P: Have a little toot! D: Don’t-
P: *TOOOT* D: okay. P: So this is a free game. I will put a link in the description. D: If y’all curious. P: If you wanna play. P: The game is all about having P: fashion P: showdowns!!!
D: Right P: It’s set in a world P: But if you’ve got a disagreement, like who’s got the best hair, or who’s got the biggest anime collection *Dan mentally pictures his* P: You can – instead of having a fistfight P: Have a face-off, using P: your f a s h i o n.
D: Isn’t that the world we’re already living in? D: I mean, you’re quarreling with me. I take one look at you, and I’m like I’ve already won this argument. ((That’s pretty spicy buddy boi)) P: Hey! I like to think I’m a fashionable blahbhsleboaudoubf P: fashionable person. Although my dad did email me a picture of me at Disneyland about ten years ago P: I had some very questionable fashion choices
D: Lemme see P: So –
D: Wow!
P: Very bright D: Ok, you’re wearing a t-shirt that says DP. Premonition
P: FORESHADOWING (Phil is Nostradamus. Confirmed) D: OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD P: And then I’m also wearing swimming shorts to Epcot. There’s not even a water ride in Epcot! D: I mean, if you’re going to Epcot does it matter what you’re wearing? P: I wanted to look Floridian D: You’re styling out with that bandanna, tho P: Yeah, I was pirate Mickey. I was happy to be pirate Mickey. P: Anyway, I think I would win in a fashion – in a fashion battle P: Let’s play! P: So here’s our main character, Nikki
D: Nice
P: She’s got some very good pink hair D: Pink hair?
P: I’m jealous of that
D: Natural in this universe, obviously P: And she’s embarking upon a journey across all of these different places D: To slay the RPG dragon that is the fashion industry P: YeAh
D: It’s got very kawaii anime art style. This is very pleasing for the eyes. P: I’ve been having a little explore D: Pastel pupil rubbing P: Each one of these is a different fashion battle D: So she’s confrontating (good one Dan) through the world and someone’s like D: “Who are you? You’re not dressing up to be in here”, and she goes POW
P: Yes, so we’re gonna try our own fashion battles D: Hit me with an example P: Office lady Vivi D: Okay, what – so there is Nikki. Already looking amazing in a dress
P: She’s looking amazing. We’re gonna make her look ((Gucci)) D: Why is there a Pringles man in the background? D (in his ~patented girl voice~): I didn’t expect that to be so many fantastic nations in D: MiRaLaNd P: Yeah
D: Apple Federation, the Cloud Empire, cute and fairy-like Lilith Kingdom D: Primitive and wild. Hm, which one are you? Oh, I’m the cold and stern Northern Kingdom.
P: I think you’re the republic of wastelands D: *Laugh*
P: I think that’s what you are D: Thanks P (in his ~girly~ voice): In the afternoon, I meet up with my supervisor I shall dress up in a classy lady- D: cLAsSy LaDy OuTfIt D:Ok P: Do we know anything about making classy ladies? D:We’re about to see D: Okay, we have to make her a classy lady. I get that- oh my god. P: Right are we working together or apart? P: I’ll go first because I know where it’s at. So you can choose hair: Willow P: Cheesecake epic. D:This is amazing. Okay. P: Oooh like that one “Watery Rare” D/P: “Beauty in Moonlight” D: Tag yourself. That’s me P: A dark tomb. That’s your soul D: Yup. P: If you press tips it says what you want to make. Classy lady, okay? D:So we’re trying to style her like a classy lady. P: Gorgeous/Elegant. I’d say that has pretty elegant, or is it- D: That’s like scary/mysterious! P:Yeah a bit wild. If you hover over them it says right- D: Right so that’s a lively cute haircut apparently D:So we’re not over that oh, that was D/P:Elegant D: Hover over that one P: I’m happy with that D: Okay strong haircut P: Alright and then what you could do is choose the outfit! D: Right P:That’s *starts laughing* D: That- That’s a literal- That is some Haute Couture right there P: That looks like she’s being born D: That’s too much, financially. Whats that that is also elegant and mature, okay? D: We don’t to be too mature so you need to get some classy on this P: What about this- chocolate housemaid, okay? D: Yeah, what’s chocolate house. So apparently that’s like a- is the heart rating powerful? P: Gorgeous D: Gorgeous and cute P: I’m liking this one. D: This is for an office interview. You can’t walk up to an office interview in a jellyfish dress, pHiL! P: I would wear that! D: I mean it depends on the job P: This is you Dan: Stygian Death D: Absolutely. I am a demonic realm. P: Panda pajama top? D: Can you please take this seriously? D: What kind of stylist are we if we just say I’ll put on this jellyfish thing and a panda shirt P: Right. Stripy socks D: You can’t even see the socks! Ugh Okay, sure. P: They’re poking out! They’re cute. Maple ninja. D: *deep sigh* You just want to go for the things that have the cool names P: *denying* D: This guy ok no. No. This is your round. P: Yea. If I was Nikki P: I would say those shoes go with that dress. D: Would you okay? Sure. (P: 10/10) D: You do this Phil.Y- You look like you’re a man with a vision. P: My favorite area (D: You know what we’re going for) P: is accessories. D: Some horns, okay. P: You know they’re moon vixen D: Moon Vixen D: Oh, right, yes, of course well I’d go with the hair (P: Elegant ,elegant) D: They are elegant. So you’re kind of elegant sexy right now. P: And a tail ((Phil unleashes his secret fury side)) D: Sure you do that Phil come on. Let’s…Alright. You honestly tell me that a woman saying. I’ve go interview D: I need an outfit. P: Imagine strutting up for a job interview at ASDA wearing these things. D: GOFORITPHIL! (D: DUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUHDUH) P: This is quite intense D: Get dressed P: And I can use Buffs. P: To fight against her with as well. If you see me like… violently tapping, you know what’s happening. D: I don’t know what to expect right now. P: Enjoy this music as well. D/P: It’s ~SHOWTIME~ P: C’mon D: Right- oohhh D: Okay P: Add a smile D: Wow okay, so you– P: YAS D: Critical eye. P: Aaah (D: Critical eye) D: Break that down. Yeah, yeah P: yeah take that! D: Did that just reduce her score? P: Sexy. I mean way sexier than her look at that. D: I feel like. You just have some premium garment. P: You were saying I was bad?!? D: Okay. P: YAASSSS (you show em’ Phil!) D: Okay, I take it back P: 67,000 D: was it that you were a great stylist, or was it that just her garbage outfit was just trash D: And she should never show her face in this town again with her disgusting disgusting clothes P: Philip(e) Lester has earned his beret. D: Right give me this P: so you’ve gotta beat 67,000. I got a B, I’ll take a B.(D: A B? okay.) D: I want to do one easier than the one that you just did. P: oh because you’re new. D: winter clothes of Arctic. (P: Oh! I’d be good at that one) D: Yeah, I like the pitch. P: I’m so good at being cozy. D:This is like a whole novels worth of talking right now I know there’s some serious drama happening. They could have just been like- D: Lunar. P: Uh dress up for fun, but it’s like (D: no no-) it’s a STORY get invested in this world I know- D: When you challenge the north style Okay. P: Cover her into coal and set her on fire!! D: That would do the job… P: Neutral Graze, and burning D: riGHT so if it was up to me I mean I would go for something like this Yeah, you can see. P: That’s- D: what I’m going for here. No. We’re not done yet. P: It’s too black. D: yeah. Okay. P: Already. D: Here. We go, will add, yes. (jeez, will you two calm down. I’m trying my best here. ;-;) No, yeah P: So you’re just making your wardrobe if you were this girl D: If I was a girl.(P: If you were Nikki.) in this game And I had a wardrobe of infinite clothing. I would probably look something P: DAN. like this They didn’t ask us for a funeral. D: You mean they didn’t ask for style because they don’t even know what’s good. (drag them danny) P: Right. Try properly. (D: Damn right.) You to beat the fashion police D: Right what am I searching for warm and neutral? I’m feeling that for a hairstyle P: That’s nice. D: It’s just quite cute. (P: What about the blue hair?) You know what I mean. No no warm and neutral. We’re keeping it (P: I may be trying to throw you off. ) low key right now. What is– wow, okay? That’s nOt- P: I don’t think that’s warm or neutral. D: Yeah that’s… That’s the least appropriate thing to wear. P: You need to give her a top she’s getting chilly. D: What is warm??? D: Phil, we don’t have any warm clothes (P: no…) I’m just putting this out there. That’s military. P: That’s cool. D: That’s like a it’s like a utility pocket. (P: What is in that pocket??) okay? Oh my god. I look like attack on Titan roleplaying rn. You do. This is amazing (Phil). ooooOOOOOOOOOOHHH oh yes okay fluffy and it’s gorgeous and sexy, apparently. A warm robe. (P: There you go.) Like- I mean I feel like I’m letting it down with the shirt now. This is a strong aesthetic isn’t it come on? P: You need the old school danisnotonfire hat (yas Phil) on with the ear flaps D: no… We don’t need to track on that. And stop talking about who? P: Danis snoot on what? D: I don’t know what you’re talking about- Fresh snow boots! P: There you go. D: Yup (P: Warm.) Yep. We got this okay. Time to accessorize head wear hair ornaments We got chocolate hat look this is no I am bringing This look as a cuteness that previously not even thought possible P: dulce and bow-wow are quaking rn D: Exactly. a reindeer hat? Look, that’s just appropriate. This is happening rn. A scarf yet denims got multicolor scarves yes, P: If I saw someone wearing this maybe not the reindeer head I’d be like oh she’s just nice. D: That’s an intimidating QUEEN of fashion and my life Yeah, both hand holding a contract. no a basket. *dramatic sound* D: *is shookt* (holy guac wat is going on) a death scythe?! What the fuck?! yes, okay a shepherd stick. YEsss. P: very Bo peep. That is what I’m going for okay?!?! P: Yeah, and a syringe D: A guardian bear. Oh my god. (P: don’t trust it….) This is I am. I am. I’m just absolutely Destroying anyone that would come for me right now. P: Are you ready to reck her? D: Maybe just some cute glasses yes absolutely. P: Liking the glasses ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I can add flowers to the background. (P: Aww I should’ve added a background…) I can add fireflies to the foreground. P: Look at this! This is literally- all right. I’m done. Are you ready? I’m ready SUuurely (nice 1 dan) I am about to Annihilate this person. Alright your gonna beat 67000. Get dressed. Okay, so what can I do I’ll start by smiling judging me (same). You’re more pure. that’s good I’m more pure than you, your styling is awful. You’re elegant just caught me off all right critical eye stare her down. I’m gonna be charming Because we’re trying to be– Oh my God, Phil. She’s closer to me. Oh my GOD. c’mon, c’mon. She’s- I’m immuned from being picked on. Yes, oh my god. That was close (P: Well done.) That was close. We don’t have very many warm clothes, but you strut into a walk in the countryside looking like that D: You’re gonna turn heads. P: *squeeky voice filled with pride* Just putting it out there that I got the umm better score. You’ve played this game for hours D: NERD (so are you, m8) P: See D: *is so done with everything rn* LOOk. P: its a pass. Okay. You passed. Okay. We should work together. ((Oi you’re going to regret that.)) D: Yeah, let’s be less competitive on a really tough one I’m disturbed by how much I got into that P: Let’s go to where I am in the game, which is this is one. D: This is very beautiful. I feel like the more beautiful the kingdom, the more intimidating the challenge. P: Mysterious boy, Fu Su. Here he is the young chopper, okay? D: Wow, new character alert. watch out. P: I live here in the mountain the name’s Fu Su. D: That doesn’t sound like what you sound like but you keep going Phil. P: Are you guys here to visit the ancient pavilion? D: I ship Nikki and that guy. P: Yasu~. D: Chopper. Yeah. D: Hello, Fu Su I’m Nikki. this voice is awful- here are my friends! (goat mother is dat u?) Are we gonna be styling against the young chopper? P: No, I think he’s gonna bring out some ladies to fight with. D: Okay??? I’m scared Where is this going? P: It’s like Pokemon. Like fight with this. (D: Bulbasaur go!) Yeah D: out style them. P: Noblewomen in traditional, ink wash paintings. D: Right okay. We have some epic dresses. (P: We do.) We know this. okay. P: Quiet and elegant. D: Elegant, quiet, beautiful, okay. We’re ready for this. P: Simple elegance. Simple elegance P: okay, I think each of us can choose one of the things. P: I’ll choose the hair. (D: the hair) P: Simple elegance. D: Oh God why are we collaborating on this I mean, I can’t sass him because He got a higher score than me. P: I’m gonna go with jingle kitty D: What is jingle kitty tho? It’s lively and cute P: Okay, maybe not D: You can search P: Ohh yeah (D: for what you want so) D/P: Simple elegance Search P: Benevolence that’s quite simple and elegant D: EXActly. Look, I know you just want to go crazy, but there’s a game to play here, (P: Fine) and I feel the need to take it very seriously who, designs all these dresses? I mean why aren’t they working for like Dior’s or something? P: They do put a load of effort. D: they do, she’s like- I’m just just holding this thing here. Okay. Ugh OHh MY GOD (P: that one that one that one) the princess of heaven??? Destined fate? (P: Knightly spirit) That’s a bit like. D: That’s like a Pokemon dress. You’d be very cold legs. P: Yeah a bit wafty in certain areas (phil stop we’ve been over this) D: *laughing* (we sympathize with you danny) P: it would D: Yeah, it’s a struggle that we can’t relate to.The cosmos tide? P: oh my gosh D: That is gorgeous and elegant. P: We need to wear the cosmos tide. D: I’m going with that, absolutely. P: Right. P: I can whack a coat over the top D: UHH NO WHAatt? D/P: Steel armor. D: Yeah that definitely adds to it. P: That’s elegant. D: Yes, definitely. P: OR D: uh-huh P: the gentle doctor. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) D: NO we’re not putting a lab coat on. What goes with- P:I like this D:*Gives up* Wh- c’mo-wHATEVEN D: She looks like an angel. Have you went for that? P:You can sorta just jiggle it around and whip her in the eyes. ((What the actual heck)) D: Don’t say jiggle. D: I’m just gonna use the cloud walk socks.
P: That’s simple. D:That is simple. P: Is that you just I didn’t even think about. D: I get to do another one cuz that was boring! ((You gotta step it up.)) D: Peep toe sandals D:Yes, yes, that’s working (you’re doing wonderful, danny) (D: Yeah that’s good) P: Yeah I’d wear that. D: Let’s accessorize. WhAt are the moon vixen ears though? We have to look at what they did again? P:Elegant! D: We can use the moon vixen. P: I’m loving the ears. D: I admit. An apron? With a pizza slice!? Like yeah that that truly. What is exquisite? D: Do you want to add that? P:Ooh! Yeah! P: Layering! D: We’re playing a bit too –
“LayEriNG?” Yeah you do that. D:A tattoo? D: Okay yeah, let’s let’s add the void world tattoo on P: Is that on her face? D: ((Dan being defensive.)) It’s elegant. P: I think it’s slightly on her face. D:Yeah but that’s fine D: You’ve gotta be ~edgy~ Phil. You’ve gotta- You’ve gotta set the thing goo- Yes. P:YASSS D: Let’s- let’s- (P:Add the tail.) D: Let’s frickin’ Let’s see “lively” “cute” “gorgeous” “sexy.” That’s a bit too much. That’s like nine tails. I’m not about that. P:”Specimen number seven?” *Long dramatic noise and Dan flips out.* (wtf is going on) P: What is this? D: Is there like a horror world? P: It’s mature elegance. D: WoW D: Yeah nothing’s as mature elegance like dangling a skeleton around your neck for accessorizing. D: It’s literally me. ((same Danny)) P: I think we should keep it because it’s intimidating. P: I think the boy will like it.D: Are you having a laugh? P: Oh you ready? D: This is like at the pastel edits and the punk edits video where at some point this looked nice. (Phil being adorable) D:Yeah, and now you’re just being funny, and you’ve completely ruined it. P: Let’s do it! D: God, this Frankenstein. P:Here we go. D: Frankenstein’s monster D: Okay. Right. Come on criticize them just just by D/P: Critical Eye. D: Okay. Oh my god, Phil. She’s destroying us P: oh, no oh no! D: Nikki change the skeleton, please. ((please i beg of you)) D: Phil, she’s sassing us it IS the skeleton! D: HAve we got zeRO PoiNTS?! *is so done at this point* D: OOOH GEEE P: THIS IS WHY WE SHOULDN’T WORK TOGETHER! ((good to know)) D: WELL I wonder why we lost our simple elegance ??? P: Look- D: Could it be the dress? Could it be the necklace? P: Hey! D: Could it be the simple shoes and simple socks? P: OH! D: OR -AN F!- or mAyBe it’s the frickin D: CoRPse dangling around our necks! P: I don’t deserve the beret! D: PHIL this fashion is serious D: Okay, whoo, we ranked up! P: Noice. P: Severe beret hair! D: Exactly P: Don’t want it like that D: See we should have used the nurse shoes apparently. P: Did we just get those? *the face of regret.* D:mmm D: I can easily send myself- P: Leopard cardigan. Yass. D: And you’re buying a leopard cardigan called- P: A life ring! D:That is SUCH an accessory. This would be very dangerous. I think if I installed this I’d spend an hour and a half making each outfit P: We would have won that last one with a penguin hat P: For sure P: You can add me as a friend Dan and we can show each other our Prime Designs D:You might be able to add people yeah, I don’t want to see more of your designs. ((I would)) P: I don’t have any friends ((same tbh)) right now, please! Please be my friend? (need anything, pal?) D: ~Oh no! I wonder why?~ D: I think for me it would just be the temptation to not just dress like a goth every time P: Yeah, you did well today I was expecting you to just do black everything D: But if the thing is that’s it like if you can get through and there’s like lots of things that would be simple elegant I’d be like, What’s black? P: Yeah. D: That’s black. Where’s the black was black? What’s black? (black is where?) D: I literally just reached for my phone like sorry I need to uhh I need to just go now and do this myself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) P: So if you wanna get Love Nikki it’s in the description below Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed our “Fashion.” D: It is an unique concept for me. P: If you would wear the clothes that we put in the game as well, D: Phil no one’s gonna thumbs up this video P: But THEY Would wear it! They’d have a skeleton hugging them! (no we won’t) I know you guys! P: You can subscribe by clicking subscribe! Our other channels are down there. D: Thanks for watching. P: Yeah. D: See you soon and until then you know. I just I realized. I’m not a beret person. Thanks for coming on this adventure. BOOP!

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