Can I Eat Sweet Potato For Weight Loss?

Can I Eat Sweet Potato For Weight Loss?

Greetings. Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, all the way from the bottom
of the world, where we still have snow and ice. Still just. I just read a really interesting thing about
Iceland, about a guy who made a beautiful big plaque in memory of a glacier now that’s
gone, that died, 700 year old glacier. It’s really sad to see the world in such a
decline. All our glaciers are melting and the oceans
going up and stuff. But anyway, we’re not talking about oceans. We’re talking about sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes in weight loss. Are they good for weight loss? One of the subscribers asked me. Well, I’ll tell you something. People get confused when they hear the word
potato. Oh my God, I’m going to get fat. I’m going to get a fat bod if I eat these
things. They’re not a potato. Okay? They’re a tuber. Okay? They’re not anything like the white normal
potato that you think that you eat normally if you eat fries. Okay? So that’s a completely different vegetable
than the sweet potato. The sweet potato’s a tuber as I was saying. And the other one is it different kind of
a food. Alright, the sweet potato is very good for
your health. It’s in fact the traditional medicine in several
countries like Brazil and Taiwan. It’s used as a medicine. It belongs to the Ipomoea family or the convolvulus
family. You might’ve seen the Convulvulus with the
lovely blue flowers. So I noted when I was a young guy and I think
one of my friends showed me some pictures of this plant in an encyclopedia, because
we didn’t have internet back then and I thought my goodness, that looks like a convolvulus
kind of plant. And those are the leaves off the sweet potato. In fact, we call them Kumera in New Zealand
and they’re very popular with the indigenous Maori who brought the Kumera from Polynesia,
from Hawaii probably about five, 600 years ago. The sweet potato tubers are brought over from
either South America or from Hawaii to New Zealand. So we got two types here. The yellow one, like the golden one with the
orange flesh. And then we’ve got the red one with the white
flesh. So a study was conducted recently with the
sweet potatoes with the white flesh. They found some very interesting things when
people consumed them. They definitely found the stability of their
blood sugar and the reduced insulin response, making sweet potato a perfect food for somebody
with diabetes. Because there’s such high fiber foods, they
fill you up, they make you feel full. They’ve got way more potassium than a banana
has. So have you thought bananas had high potassium. Have a look at the the tuber. All right. The vitamin a content is sky high. There are many minerals in sweet potatoes
you’re going to be hard pressed to getting from many other sources. I find that one of my favorite root vegetables
would have to be the sweet potato. What I like about it is they make you feel
like you’ve really had a meal. All right, so even just a small piece, if
that’s been baked, you could warm it up the next day or even have it mashed and cool like
I do. It’s a fantastic food. What I like about the sweet potato the most
is its effect on the intestine, on the large intestine. It creates a great environment for healthy
fermentation, so you’re going to get very good levels of bifidobacteria. So when you build high levels of bifidobacteria,
guess what it does. Your energy goes up, your cognition improves,
your mood improves, okay. Everything about you is improved, which means
you’re going to be less likely to grab for that big bag of peanuts or that bag of chips
over there. You’re less likely to grab a six pack of Budweiser
when you’re feeling full and satisfied. You’re less likely to buys at candy and stuff
like that. Eating good food like sweet potato, it makes
you feel good and full, and of course that signals to the brain that you don’t need to
go to the pantry or refrigerator all the time. Eating crap foods like fries, potato chips
has the opposite. All right, so just be aware. Sweet potatoes are not a normal potato. They’re a tuber, they’re extremely nutritionist. They are high in fiber. They’re high in water, they satisfy. Studies have shown that the aid in weight
loss, and I think you should include them in your diet. And you know what I like, you can eat them
whether you’re vegan or a meat eater. It makes no difference because meat eaters
still need to eat something that’s not meat. Go for it. Click on the link below if you want my free
17 page Candida shopping list. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. I'm watching you on YouTube and I do not see a link for your Candida shopping guide. I'm very interested now in this inulin that is contained in chicory root, jicama, Jerusalem artichoke, and many other root vegetables. Went out to today to find jicama, chicory root, or Jerusalem and my local produce guys in Brooklyn, New York had not one of these items. Guess I've got to find an organic produce specialty store. But, I think that there is inulin in sweet potatoes also. I'm wondering what you think is the best way to eat the sweet potatoes cooked or raw. And, if cooked, what's the best way to preserve the nutrients. Stir fry I would think? I became interested in inulin from watching this 9 part series I'm watching on gut health. My God, the gut is everything! I have bouts of leaky gut and I'm wanting this inulin to be something I eat on a consistent basis. Supposedly it's a key ingredient in prebiotics? Oh, and that's a really nice looking shit.

  2. do you believe weightloss is just merely calories in vs calories out??
    whether whatever time of the day u eat, midnight, morning or noon… that as long as you are burning more than consumed, it will equate to weightloss?
    Thanks dr.. also do u believe in intermittent fasting?

  3. Thanks a lot for this excellent video. Would you, please, keep us updated on further news regarding this wonderful tuber? Again; …Thank you Sir!

  4. Can I eat sweet potatoes if I'm battling Candida, Blasto and a wrecked gut? I'm currently on a no sugar, no alcohol, meat and veggie only diet. It's great for weight loss! I've lost 30 lbs in about 2 months… but I could sure use some carbs… as long as I'm not feeding the bad guys.

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