Can It Be Feminist To Wear Makeup?

Can It Be Feminist To Wear Makeup?

(calm music) – I need to use the mirror,
are you almost done? – Yeah, in a minute. – I need to brush my
teeth. (toilet flushes) – Okay. – Finally! If I am late to the lab one more time because of this little
morning prep of yours, Doctor Cornfelds will kill me! – Fuck!
– What, are you okay? – I just got this eyeliner
and it’s already dried out. It was like 200 dollars at Sephora. Fuck my butthole with a rusty knife, shit! – Okay, why would you spend
200 dollars on an eyeliner? – Because it’s my money
and I work for tips and I want good eyeliner, okay? How’s that any different than
you buying 15 Dr. Who tees? – Don’t hate on the Who. – You know, it is really fucking rude when you tell me what I can and
can’t buy, just so you know. – I wasn’t, I was just saying
that I wouldn’t buy that but you’re obviously a
different woman than I am. – You’re doing this thing
where you’re pretending like you’re talking about you, but really you’re making fun of me. – I didn’t like it when you
did it with mom and dad’s money but if you want to pick up extra shifts at The Midtown Caboose to
buy your tools of patriarchy, it’s not my problem. – Fuck! – Stop yelling! What did you do, break a 600 dollar brush? – No, I’m stressed out
so now I’m breaking out. – Oh, it’s not a big
deal, just squeeze them. I pop my pimples all the
time and nobody ever cares because I take care of
what’s on the inside. – God, stop picking! – No, I have to. Then I let it scab over, naturally. – That is so gross. – It’s so much makeup. You just keep going.
– Stop. – You’re a witch. – No, I’ve just got a lot of practice. I’ve done this a lot. – Okay, yeah, but why? – What do you mean, why? So I look okay. – You look okay without it. Do you ever not do your makeup? – I didn’t when we were kids. – No, let’s say since middle school. Oh my god! What, do you know how much
you could have been doing with all that time? You could have probably
written a whole book or learned an entirely new language. You could have cured cancer. I bet if we did the math, you’ve been doing eyeliner
as long as it took me to finish my entire dissertation. – But I like doing makeup. I like trying out new
brushes and new colors. I enjoy it, it’s art.
– (giggles) Van Gogh made art, you like makeup because society told you
to like makeup, okay? Can you imagine how many
more female scientists and mathematicians we would have if women would just start studying and stop painting their
faces to please men? – That’s fucked up, I don’t
put makeup on for men. I put it on for me, because I like it. – You like it? – You never did think of that, did you? It’s not very feminist if you disrespect what I genuinely enjoy, simply because it’s traditionally feminine interest. – Uh, no. – Yeah, so stop being
such a bitch about it. – I’m sorry. – If you think I haven’t been listening to your rants all these years, I have. You’re smart. – No, no, I’m an idiot. – You are an idiot! Fuck, this is going to take me like at least an hour to fix. – Damnit. – Bye!

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  1. I do makeup like eyeshadow art to help my anxiety not to look pretty. I do it when I am not going to see anyone not because I want to impress boys. I do my makeup to help me calm myself not because I'm insecure

  2. she can beautiful inside and out lmao. you can say a girl is pretty without makeup without insulting her. she can do whatever she wants that’s what feminism is. it’s getting equal opportunity and choices. girls can do what they like. it’s not “tools of patriarchy” and there are so many brilliant women who do makeup that are in the science or business or math industry. you don’t have to look any way to do any thing.

  3. I feel like it’s a bad thing to say that I like makeup because it’s fun and a reasonable answer to say I wear it because I’m insecure and wear it for men! I’m like god damn it can’t I wear it because I like it!

  4. We are expected to wear makeup. We can be fired for not wearing makeup. We are treated like lessers when we don’t wear makeup. I’m sick of all the pro makeup girls in the comments acting like they have it rough, when they are the ones doing exactly what society expects of them.

  5. I think more people of ALL genders should wear makeup because makeup looks bomb on everyone and is a great stress release

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that the girl who is supposed to like wearing makeup isn't wearing that much makeup?

  7. Woman can like wearing makeup. But if she can't go outside without wearing makeup, that cannot be said ENJOYING makeup. You should have an option to skip it when you're busy, lazy, runny nose sick, etc.

  8. I can’t stand feminist like this. They make the rest of us look bad. The whole point of feminism is to empower women to make they’re own choices!

  9. Wear makeup for you or whoever. There's NOTHING wrong with wearing makeup for someone you want to impress, and wearing makeup doesn't have anything to do with being feminist.

  10. No, wearing makeup isn't feminist at all. Like the brown haired girl said, society has taught us women to like makeup. But you can be a feminist and still wear makeup, since not everything you do as a feminist has to be feminist.

  11. I LOVE makeup too. Society didn’t tell me to wear makeup. I chose to. I agree with the blonde girl. 💖and I’m a feminist

  12. I hate when people say that you’re a bad person for wearing makeup. It’s you’re own choice to spend your money on what makes you happy and if makeup makes you happy, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about that. I would punch her in this situation.

  13. I don't wear makeup. Not because I'm a feminist. But because other things touching my face actually freaks me out.

  14. If you like make up because you love it that’s great but if you’re just wearing it cause of society’s and for men then you shouldn’t have to.

  15. Stop assuming things, ugh.. "tools of patriarchy" "society told you so"
    Also not everyone wants to be a scientist, I hate science…

  16. If I think about it it is feminist bc she’s doing what she wants to do and not letting other ppl tell her to stop.

  17. personally I think that there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. cause if you are doing it to feel pretty for yourself that's great. And also if say you are going on a date and wear makeup to impress the guy there is nothing wrong with that either. if it makes you feel more comfortable and pretty .Its great to feel desirable. It's just ur preference and I feel as though as long as you don't feel like you are only doing it to impress a guy meanwhile you don't enjoy it. Or if say you only do it because you feel like you are going to be judged. every situation is different. It sometimes bothers me that people think you are not a feminist if you do it for guys. but honestly in some situations not all but some it's perfectly ok to wear makeup if you want. because if thats what boosts your self esteem then good for you.

  18. Why is it always the blondes who are always makeup obsessed?😂 Like chill it's mostly brunettes who dye the ends of their hair blonde that put on all that make up in my school😂

  19. No, it’s not a feminist choice, but it’s okay to do it. Not everything is feminist just because a woman chooses to do it. Social pressure exists which is clear when she says “I work for tips.”

  20. feminism is supporting other women instead of putting them down for not going the more progressive independent way,

  21. I’m a girl and I personally don’t wear makeup, and I wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on makeup. But it’s every woman’s choice to do what they want. I respect every woman’s choice, and I think women who do makeup professionally is awesome.

  22. Women wear make up to reproduce the tone they have when they're sexually aroused in which they have more red lips and wider eyes.
    Therefore they wear it to attract men.

  23. Why do women tell young girls that they are beautiful and they don’t need makeup. Yet, they always where make up to look good. And when a man looks at you and is attracted to you, you want to press charges for harassment!

  24. Makeup to me is a type of art form, nothing more.
    If you wanna wear it, cool. If you don’t, cool.
    It’s up to you.

  25. I think that anyone men and women alike should be able to wear make up and it’s not required but a choice basic you do you

  26. Feminism is sexual communism, they want to restrict the power of beautiful women by suppressing natural male sexual desire whilst diminishing the ability of women to beautify themselves. This is female revenge of the nerds.

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