Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State of Mind [Back Home]

Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State of Mind [Back Home]

hey guys welcome to South Jersey we are headed back to my townhouse in Mount Laurel I can take inside and give you a little tour and here's my place so this is my boyfriend Brian Collins we've been together for gosh like 11 years now through high school through don't both went to Doran this thing's comfy so just yeah as upper upper early today so I think maybe I'll just take a little nap here all right we'll go check up the upstairs I apologize I'm in the midst of packing so as much as we're on the road you know there's this constant packing unpacking repacking in in the middle of that obviously and doing some wash so for me the way I like to pack is I kind of like to put you know my shorts my shirts everything kind of out on the floor and then I kind of decide what I'm gonna put in my suitcase this closet is just all soccer stuff as you can see a lot of Nike and then we have this closet which is just a little bit bigger Brian's clothes see he has a section a section my house backs up to woods when I was looking at houses I you know really liked that I was an unit you know that there's nothing really behind me although the woods do attract a lot of insects a lot of stink bugs obviously some mice but it's great I mean these woods just go and it's really peaceful yeah the wheelbarrow and you know I'm doing a lot of a lot of outside work picking up some mulch for the last four years or so Brian's you know been pursuing golf down in Florida so on my breaks I spend part of the time living in this it's been an experience so this is it so it's about 36 feet long and it's basically a house on wheels this is the the only time you'll see me in this driver seat I don't do well with with big vehicles especially with the car attached to the back I just couldn't imagine driving this thing it's definitely a different life people living in the year a quick trip isn't isn't bad but I couldn't imagine being in here forever the older I'm getting more I'm kind of enjoying still living in New Jersey I like the area I'm in now I like the four seasons even though it gets cold in the winter I still enjoy it I like to see the leaves change you know I have family in the area but I want to make I want to make a mark here I think that this is where I'll be for you know the remainder of my my life not to say that you know be great to have a summer house somewhere warmer maybe in Florida or something but you know I I like it and I think that you know I'll always be a Jersey girl no matter you know what those naysayers are saying about New Jersey I'm proud to be full of you know from here and it's you know great great place to to have kids and start a family

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  1. Went to the same high school as her and lived down the street from her growing up. Everyone in the town is really proud of her and happy she didn't forget about us.

  2. Although I'm a huge A.Morgan fan, I'm glad this last World Cup was Carli's. Next one will definitely be Alex's,

  3. I'm in love with you Carli……played soccer my whole life and watching what you did was amazing…doesn't hurt that you're sexy as hell!

  4. I was born in south jersey lived there until 13 now I'm in Miami for the past 23 years. Like you I also feel the same way about NJ the best players in the U.S. Come from NJ…fact

  5. Ok, Carli. I applaud your 4-hour training clinics for girls and young ladies, but you can only reach so many this way. Get together with your trainer and put these training exercises and attitude lectures on tape. You can reach a whole lot more individuals and make some good money for your efforts.

  6. I am now working 16 more hours a week, cause I am believing again that hard work and determination is how dreams come true.

  7. Congrats! You were on fire today and this video is very cool to see. Amazing performance – like a rock star today.

  8. Oo. Ah. Carli Lloyd. Say, "Oo ah Carli Lloyd."

    Oo. Ah. Carli Lloyd. Say, "Oo ah Carli Lloyd."

    Oo. Ah. Carli Lloyd. Say, "Oo ah Carli Lloyd."

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