CASAQUINHO INSPIRADO NA CHANEL – Projeto #meinspira | Customizando – Mariely Del Rey

CASAQUINHO INSPIRADO NA CHANEL – Projeto #meinspira | Customizando – Mariely Del Rey

♫ Hi guys, I’m Mariely Del Rey of blog Customizando. And now the video here on the channel is a little different. It is a video in partnership with other fashion youtubers. We met to challenge each other, and the challenge was as follows: create an outfit inspired by a character or some personality I admire that inspires me. And this little project is very cute, is #meinspira And who challenged me was the Suelen Candeu, that cute! I’ll put a card here in this video with the Suelen Candeu channel, the channel it is very cool! She does many things for Do It Yourself, and I’m sure you’ll like it! So after watching this video, runs there in the channel it to you know! Challenge accepted, Suelen! And I was inspired Coco Chanel to create a very cool customization And Coco Chanel, founder, creative, all Diva Chanel it inspires me because the story of her life is very beautiful, she was orphaned early, was abandoned by his father, but she did not make it a problem, she learned to turn it up, she struggled, and when she went to work, she started working with hats, She made hats, in fact she even customized hats. And then after four years working she already had two stores there in France. And then there she was then create clothing, and it was this phenomenon that everyone knows today. She became a major fashion icon, perhaps the most important person in fashion in the 20th century. And so, the creations are amazing, it completely changed the world of fashion. And she had a lot of guts, a lot of strength, she was a woman of great fiber, a strong personality woman, opinion. And Chanel was a perfectionist, too demanding. She resumed work as many times as necessary, to find that she was fine, that was ideal. And that inspires me to always look my best, Not to be content with little, always strive for excellence in what I am doing. If you do not know her life and wants to know who that person was so bright for fashion, I will let down here some interesting links to her biography, with movies for you to watch, for you know a little more of Coco, and why it inspired me so much. But enough talk and let’s go to the challenge, which is to make this outfit! Let’s see then what was the customization I did inspired by Coco Chanel. So I will customize this little T-shirt here, basic. I’ll turn “a la Chanel” … Will it work? I chose to do a Chanel suit, that common people here pro populace is a cardigan! So for you to make a cardigan inspired by Chanel you will need: a blouse or long sleeve shirt, Mine has a plot that reminds me of the tweed of Chanel’s tailleurs, but it can be a smooth fabric that is also cool, scissors, ruler and pen, pins, line and needle, Black grosgrain 2 and 4 centimeters, and 4 gold buttons. First, let’s cut blouse to turn into coat. For this we need to measure very upright half. You can use a ruler and a pen to mark where you should cut. And then just cut with scissors! As my blouse has this detail, I’ll need to take before proceeding. I used a cutting point to remove all this back. And ready, we can now continue our customization! First we use the wider grosgrain, 4cm, this grosgrain is sold per meter in haberdashery shops. We’ll put the jacket inside out and fasten with pins. And you should do it across the back of the jacket. If you feel more secure, you can baste the grosgrain to make it easier to sew later. So just go to sewing machine! But if not, also gives to make the seam on hand. The work will look like. Now let’s double the grosgrain out and secure with pins. Do this all around the jacket. And if you want, baste again. It looks like this finish is already transforming our cardigan! Go back to the sewing machine and sew everything with straight stitch. Now our cardigan is already with another look! Do the same procedure on the handles, applying grosgrain. Now we sew the narrow grosgrain, two on each side of the jacket, as if they were pockets, our cardigan will be even more so stylish! And finally, preach the golden buttons above to give a charm more! If the buttons are old, even better! Ready! Now our cardigan inspired by the Chanel suit is ready to use and receive many compliments! ♫ I hope you enjoyed this video, this idea, and do, folks, this jacket for fall, for winter, It is really cool this tip! So search around in your wardrobe, some halter top, some shirt that gives to you cut, and transform a suit inspired by Chanel, thought that cool ?! If you liked this reuse of shirt turn into cardigan, click liked for me to know and comments down here, okay? I really want to hear from you! And share this video with your friends, right? It may be in Whatsapp, can be on Facebook, wherever you want. Share this video with your friends that you know you like customization! And to continue this little project, I challenged the Andressa of Andressa Martins channel, to do some laundry, some fashion, inspired by a personality that she likes a lot. I’m curious to watch, I’m going there now in her channel to watch, I hope you also visit her channel, which is very good! The Andressa sends fine! And I hope you watch the other videos of other girls who are participating in this project so cool! I loved to participate, so I’ll put all linked down here for you confer, for you to subscribe in these channels if you are not yet subscribe, And if you have not signed up on my channel, subscribe now because every week has new video here. Well, then that’s it! A kiss and until the next video!

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  1. ♥Que lindooooooooo Mari, valeu a pena esperar…kkkkkk…. Amei e amando participar desse projeto com vocês ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Mto boa a dica! Poderia só deixar os videos mais curtos falando um pouco menos no início dos videos.

  3. Parabéns! Ficou lindo. Ganhou mais uma inscrita😚😃 Vc é muito simpática e talentosa!!! Um abraço

  4. Gostei tanto dessa customização, inspirada na CHANNEL, que acabei de me inscrever no seu canal !!! Parabéns !!! Ficou muito lindo !!!

  5. Gostei do casaquinho e da música também. Gostaria de saber que música é. Beijos

  6. Me gustan mucho tus videos pero porfavor quitale las letras porque no se puede ver mucho lo que haces gracias

  7. Oi bom dia Mariele Del Reis, eu gostei demais das customizacao foram dicas excelente justo o que precisava Obrigada. Já me inscrevi. …

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