Catherine Wants A Leather Wedding Dress! | Bride By Design

Catherine Wants A Leather Wedding Dress! | Bride By Design

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  1. I actually like the dress and the top. Yes she does need to wear a proper bra under it but it does seem very her. I like weird combos like that and it takes guts to carry it.

  2. The top is just too plain,some spark would have done the job to the leather n perhaps a V neck shape

  3. The first two dresses the consultant had this bride try on looked nothing like what the bride was asking for. I get she wanted her to try different styles but come on the bride brought a tea cup and leather to the appointment, stick to the shape and texture at least.

  4. Most of these comments are on about how horrible the dress is but I thought it was really pretty when finished??? lol

  5. the top gave me hella Star Wars vibes which i was digging ,, but then she turned around and showed us that back . . . combined with the tulle skirt . . . no thanks

  6. The first two pictures with her fiance were in the same dress that she was wearing during the appointment

  7. How did it go from a gorgeous chiffon skirt with a handkerchief hem which could have been made fuller with a tulle underskirt to a full skirt made of only tulle? Only part of the final dress I like is the leather bodice. I know that the higher quality designer gown uses a silk tulle that is softer and has a finer mesh yet in the back of my head it reads as cheap and easy to rip and tear if it gets stepped on or caught on something at the venue. I know that she’s a designer but what she sketches always looks the same and the dress they end up with doesn’t look like the sketch and you’re left wondering why it costs so much.

  8. Heidi: You where so decided and now you are not
    Bride: …..
    Me: She does not like it and you give her not what she wants so that's why she said that she does not know. She should have said: NO
    She even keeps poofing up the dress because it is not as big as she wanted

  9. I would never go to this designer it feels like she does not understand the persons that walk in at all. Like….. at all. Like I understand better what she wants and I'm a stay at home mom. I also feel like she had no idea what she is doing over all so I would not let her decide what I wear on my most special day of my life.

    The bride says constantly she wants it very big not layers but big from the belly on. Yet Heidi KEEPS on saying: When I think big I think this… and then she draws again a very small falling down skirt to the dress like…. WHY do you NOT LISTEN?! haha I would just walk out there right on that moment and never return.

  10. I feel this designer is the worst of all she listens to everything they say n anyway does wt she knows😬handsover cheap dresses which has a huge price tag….😠

  11. That second dress is so beautiful 🙁 It really suits her. If I were her I would’ve chosen it instantly, especially for that kind of wedding.

  12. Dress was very underwhelming.She looked like she was faking liking the dress. The shirt was alright. Not as big as I had envisioned. And don't even get me started on the bodice.

  13. Some of the comments: The cut of the neckline doesn’t look that good….

    Rest of the comments: ItS NoT FiNisHeD yEt!!!!

  14. Just want to make sure everyone is aware that leather is a cow's skin. It is not a fabric, it is someone else's skin. Facts are facts.

  15. This designer didnt listen to the girl at all. She looks so disappointed. She clearly wanted something more Disney. I think she just talked herself into accepting it. 7500 down the drain.

  16. Say yes to the dress designer, Monte, Tori, David Emanuel and Randy have better dresses and cheaper. This designer is not very good and very expensive. Expensive dresses must look expensive.

  17. Like others have commented, the neckline/bodice didn't seem very attractive. She said she was getting married in the church she grew up in. Maybe low necklines or strapless wouldn't be appropriate there, so that's why it looks like that. I'm sure the designer would have thought of something like a corset bodice, I've seen beautiful ones. Or maybe the leather wasn't that easy to work with, to fit nicely. Wouldn't be easy to rip it out and do over, holes would show in the leather. It's just a hunch of mine about a conservative church, but it popped into my head as soon as I saw the dress.

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