CELEBRITY FABRIC LINES | Ellen Degeneres, Kelly Ripa, Property Brothers | (PRETAPED) LIVE SHOW

CELEBRITY FABRIC LINES | Ellen Degeneres, Kelly Ripa, Property Brothers | (PRETAPED) LIVE SHOW

all right you’re here welcome to this not live edition of the sewing report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing I apologize I had a prior obligation so I’m not able to be here with you today live but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so here’s what I’m going to do in the weeks and there will be a few in the near future where I will not be able to be with you I’m going to leave you sort of this conversation starter video and what we’re going to do I’m going to start off talking about a topic and then I still want this conversation to keep on going because I think it’s very meaningful and we’ve had so much fun so I’m going to pick a topic and kind of talk a little bit about it and then let’s run with it so let me know what you think in the comments and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoy this type of format but I am Jennifer Moore and in this edition I wanted to talk about celebrity fabric lines I’m seeing them pop up here and there Kelly Ripa talk show host Ellen DeGeneres another talk show host HGTV hosts the property brothers a lot of people that don’t really have a lot of ties to the sewing community are coming out with fabric lines I think that’s very interesting now the people that are doing it are mostly they were also like home deck fabric lines not like – and fabrics but what do you think of this is this something that appeals to you or is it something that that’s sort of neutral like you don’t care either way if you like the fabric you’ll buy it if you don’t like it you won’t buy it I don’t know I I haven’t tried any of these fabrics I’ve seen them on fabric calm and I will link all of them below but I don’t know I mean it doesn’t really make a difference to me either way you know it sort of reminds me like how celebrities will all of a sudden at furniture lines like Brooke Shields or that guy from The Brady Bunch Christopher Knight who I don’t really think has a background in furniture design but he has a furniture line so I mean to me it’s obvious that these people didn’t design the fabric lines like the property brothers or Kelly Ripa you know some company probably just partnered with them and said hey would you put your name on this and be the spokesperson and they said yes of course if you’re celebrity and you need money you’re probably not going to turn that down so I understand but as a consumer of fabrics what do you think so I don’t know I can go either way I mean having a celebrity face on a fabric line doesn’t sway me either way but I’d really like to know your thoughts on it so let’s start talking and I will see you next week for another edition of the Sewing Report

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  1. It doesn't matter to me who designed the fabric. I care about the pattern/print/color. I wouldn't seek out a fabric line just because it has some celebrities name on it.

  2. i dont care for a celebratity name on it esp when they jack up the prices because of that…if i had to buy one though id be more concerned on who's manufacturing it and if they are slapping their names on ethically made products…either way i am not in an income bracket to afford them…celebrity name or know i tend to buy what strikes me…im not one to walk around saying 'hey this is my ___ fabric design dress' lol

  3. I am not a fan of celebrity sponsored fabric. I would rather they drop the price savings on to me than pay someone just for their name. I have to believe serious quilters and clothing makers want quality, color and fabric design. I have my favorite fabric companies all picked because they delivered on my three required needs at an excellent level. Just cause its Ellen or PB sponsored fabric changes nothing in my selection criteria. In fact, knowing it will be overpriced, I will most likely look the other way. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. high prices and nothing more as I see it – I don't do anything "Hollywood" for the name sake – now the Property Brothers I might take a gander at because fabric is part of their business

  5. I'm too frugal to be pulled in by any kind of marketing. I want the best value for money that I can. If a celebrity line is good quality, aesthetically pleasing and good value then I'm as likely to buy it as any other so, same as you, I'm not swayed either way.

  6. Depends on the designer. I like Ellen ' s clean crisp style of dress, so I'm going to check out her home dec prints.

  7. Personally, I am turned off by celebrity endorsements and "celebrity fabric lines." It just seems greedy and disingenuous to me to have celebs being given the credit for lines they likely did not create themselves, never having risen through the ranks in the industry. Fabrics created by someone like Kaffe Fassett, on the other hand, are different. He is an actual artist who has worked in textiles for decades and has gained notoriety for the creativity and quality of his work. I am happy to purchase fabrics he has designed. Also, it reminds me of the 80's when people like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein got into home furnishing. All of a sudden perfectly good lines of bedding by reliable companies that had been around for decades were being dropped in favour of "designer" versions which cost twice as much. I am not kidding when I say that the sheets that I had on my bed as a kid are still in great shape – 40 years later.Their patterns and designs as well as construction were top notch, vibrant, and creative. Where do you see any of this nowadays? Good topic choice, Jennifer!

  8. I will not buy fabric just because some celebrity has their name on it. Some things I won't buy just because certain names are on it.

  9. I think all three of their lines are boring, honestly. There's no innovation in the prints. I would rather see fabrics designed by Project Runway winners or artists! Give me something with some spunk in it.

  10. I'm not a fan of celebrity endorsements in any area. I ask myself have they actually designed the items? Or is it simply a case of putting their name to any item, getting a fee and then the items sell because of their sponsorship? I personally am not drawn in by ANYTHING that is celebrity endorsed. There may be celebrities who do design, and are particularly good at it too, if that were the case, I may be tempted but NOT if there is a higher price point! I simply would not pay more because it is actually done by the celebrity, particularly when there are so many talented designers for whom, say, fabric designing is their bread and butter, they have studied, learned their trade, worked their way to a stage where their name can appear on a range of fabric, a tribute to their endeavors for actually doing the grafting themselves in their chosen field and NOT because they're a celebrity. Many celebrities put their name to so many products. It feels greedy and selfish to me. Why must they do these endorsements when they are already getting good money in their chosen profession? It seems crass to me. I know many people do buy 'named' products. I can never understand why? It just doesn't appeal to me to pay more or to buy their products so I can say, oh I bought products by XYZ just because I can afford to do so…..and name drop to impress others. I just don't understand that mindset at all! Its a very shallow life they lead if Celebrity name dropping is so meaningful to them. Obviously, it works or they would not be asked to do endorsements!! I don't believe I've ever bought any item with Celebrity endorsements, I could not afford today to do so and even a few years back when I did have money, I would not have done so. Marketing using name dropping does not appeal to me whatsoever! Of course, marketing aimed at children is the worst and really as parents are put under pressure and it does carry through to adulthood where many feel named products must be best…. So now the Public Relations Firms are targeting Sewers, a growing market! I for one will not be fooled into paying an arm and a leg for a Celebrity name on any fabric or products I buy….. Oh dear, that was quite a rant……

  11. I'm curious as to how many celebrities actually do the designs or even see them. how much credit do they actually deserve. I know some buyers for companies and they say they just go to China and Taiwan factory make choices and have their name put on it. Over the years I've seen a top and shoes at Macy's then saw the exact item at Payless and Meijer with another label. That's why I like sewing otherwise it's just cheap fashion unless your buying custom made.

  12. I don't do celebrity anything. They are whatever and don't support me or anything I do and I don't them. If you had a line – I would support you. It is insane the way people follow celebs and want to model themselves after them. What is this world coming to?

  13. I find it tacky and tasteless. I'm with you; though, in the whole neutrality of them taking advantage of the capitalistic concept in our market. But as for me personally, I am not drawn to their product just because it has a their name on it. In fact, I might be less inclined to fancy it.

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