Chair Makeover|Crypton Fabric – Carefree Living!

Chair Makeover|Crypton Fabric – Carefree Living!

Hello, I’m Jennifer,with Jennifer
Decorates. And in today’s video I’m going to share with you a super find! I found
an occasional chair with an ottoman for $50 and I gave it a makeover! More
importantly I want to talk to you about performance fabrics. They’re a complete
game changer! So stay tuned. So I am just like any other gal out
there – I love to find a good deal! I was looking for a chair that would fit my
frame and came on Facebook Marketplace saw this adorable chair and ottoman for $50,
and I was like yep that’s it! So before I dive into the makeover and a
few things I did. I want to share a few tips I have. I want to talk to you about performance
fabric and why it is such a game changer. Years ago when we go buy a couch the
salesman would say for another hundred or two hundred dollars we’ll spray it
with Scotchguard. Gone are those days. Performance fabrics have hit the market
and it is exploding. They are wear resistant, kid and pet friendly, water
resistant, some performance fabrics can can even be cleaned with bleach. They’re
coming in all kinds of colors they’re now soft instead of scratchy. And they
are affordable. So when I knew I was going to do this chair and recover, I knew
performance fabric was it! One of the leading manufacturers in Performance
Fabric is Crypton. It is made in America GREENGUARD certified. I’m gonna show you
real quick a clip I did in the store and that we have this couch done in a
Crypton fabric. So I’m in my store because we have a couch that is covered
with that Crypton fabric and I want to show you how incredible this fabric is
and how it repels liquids. So come in close. I have got a cup of water I’m just
gonna pour it onto the couch – okay seriously if that doesn’t check all the
boxes nothing will. So I don’t know about you, but I want a home where people feel
comfortable to come in – I have grandkids I have dogs we have people over a lot. I
don’t want anybody to feel like they can’t touch anything or they can’t spill
anything. I want them to feel at home, and I don’t think I’m gonna have another
piece of upholstery in my house that’s not either leather and easy to clean or
Performance Fabric. So that’s my tips on that. So let’s talk
about the chair itself, I chose a grey fabric that had a little bit of a stripe. I did not reupholster this chair myself
my mother could do that I’m afraid I never had the talent for that. So I did
hire that out. But one of the things I wanted to change was the legs they’re a
little too contemporary for me so I took a trip to Lowe’s and I found these legs
and I decided to stain them and to make them look just a little bit distressed Okay I have stained these with the
Golden Oak, and they’re totally dry so what I want to do now is I want to add a
little depth and character to these legs. and I also kind of want to make them
look like they’re a little bit old, so you guys know how I love to play with
paint. I have taken a little bit of the Americana color in Burnt Umber which
is my favorite and I put it on a plate and added a little water so I can kind
of have the paint move around a little easier. I’m gonna use just a really small
narrow brush and what I want to do is I want to age this like it would age just
in real life . And so where I want to age it if you can look real close we’ve got
a little bit of an edge there and a little bit of an edge here. This is where
naturally dirt and dust would gather if this piece was to age. So that’s how I’m
gonna do it to make it look old now when you get ready to add this on here you
don’t have to be totally perfect what you want to have is a wet rag so that if
you get a little too much on there you can just wipe it off so here’s how I’m
going to do I’m gonna start with the top one first and I’m really just gonna go
right in there in the edge I’m gonna do a little bit of time, and then just kind
of wipe it off. Now even though we have applied an oil-based stain and acrylic
paint it’s not our oil base it’s not going to be a big deal and it will work
really well on there because we’re gonna put a top coat on here anyway. I was really tickled with the way the
chair turned out and knowing I don’t have to worry about pets or stains
anything, makes me all the more happy if you would like to learn how to
reupholster a chair I’m gonna put a link in my description to two different
Youtubers there are fabulous ladies who do a great job explaining how to
reupholster a chair. you could save a lot of money doing it on your own. Be sure to
subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have more videos coming out later
and really be sure you hit that Bell because it’s going to tell you when I
have a new video out. I hope you have a wonderful day!

21 Replies to “Chair Makeover|Crypton Fabric – Carefree Living!”

  1. Jennifer, have you been to High Point, NC? We're the furniture capital of the world. Mkt twice a year. I think there is fabric mkt too. Info online and probably from our Chanber of Commerce. It's an unexciting place to live but we got it goin' on for furniture!
    BTW, nice redo on that chair. 🙂

  2. I have the re-upholstered a sofa chair and I won’t do it again, lol. My chair turned out perfect, but re- upholstering requires hard physical work and a lot of patience. I like to sew slipcovers anytime. My couch needs upholstering. I’m going to make another slipcover instead. I really like how you distressed your chair legs. I was wondering where to buy this special fabric?

  3. Wow! Great transformation. Really interested in this Crypton fabric. Do you happen to know where one can purchase yard goods of this fabric?? Thanks for always sharing great videos.

  4. Jennifer, your chair looks beautiful. Love the new legs you put on it. I will definitely look for the fabric when I get new furniture. That is perfect . You won’t have to worry if things get spilled or your pets jump on your chairs or sofa. Thanks for telling us about it.

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