Change the fabric of your sofa with ArahDrape

Change the fabric of your sofa with ArahDrape

Starting with ArahDrape Open ArahDrape Load an image (model) Click the Create new region icon and draw delimitation line around a region Left mouse click draws the vector point Press right mouse button to close the region from
your current position to the starting point You can change the position of points
by dragging them to a new place Click the point, keep the mouse button pressed
and drag a point to a new location Continue with drawing the delimitation vectors To draw the region border, which has common
border with another region, click the first and the last common point,
and press the Space bar Load a texture Click with the right mouse button in the
region to paste a texture into it Set the object size to adjust texture size
according to the object size Enter the size value in cm in
the Set size dialog Draw a line, which represents
the chosen size Change the region mode to Shade
to keep shades from original image Use the grid to simulate
draping over the model Choose Complex grid type,
and draw the horizontal vector You need to draw at least two horizontal
and two vertical vectors The vertical and horizontal
vectors must intersect Starting and ending points
should be outside the regions. Check the grid You can increase the grid density for
more accurate mapping Continue with other regions You can duplicate existing vector,
instead of drawing a new one Click on a point and choose
Duplicate vector from the menu Move the vector by dragging the point
while pressing CTRL on the keyboard. Change to Drape view
to verify the result. Move the texture
by left mouse click and drag.

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  1. Currently it can work on Macintosh in VirtualBox, that is a virtual computer in which we can install Linux and run it in a window. We have several customers who use it this way.
    We are also planning to port the program to Mac version, but I can not give you a fixed release date. Please join Arahne group on Linkedin to get more information about running this software on Mac.

  2. Demo version for Macintosh using VirtualBox is now available for download from Arahne's web site.

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