Chaqueta ,chambrita o cardigan a crochet bebe primera puesta #tutorial #pasoapaso

Chaqueta ,chambrita o cardigan a crochet bebe primera puesta #tutorial #pasoapaso

hello how about how are you hoping that very
all right that the week has gone very well
this week I bring you this jacket for a first-place size
newly born It is worked all in stars a
very very easy point to make and that I I wanted to teach you and what better
way that making a little card for newborn the jersey is 25 centimeters long
mesh 10 inches contour look 44 17 inches and a half inches
and from sisa until down it measures 15 centimeters long or 6 inches
I’m telling you so you know it’s a jersey of the newborn let’s go if what
you want to make bigger because nothing we have to put more chains and
work a little more is very easy to do with which I would have no
problem if some case in the armhole if you want to make bigger instead of
why we have been here we have biased island here on the sides and
in the back then in the middle one then in two reasons or if you already want to do it
much bigger three reasons in each side and here instead of two reasons so
same three reasons add one more reason If you are going to make it a little bigger,
offers for two or three months mother It adds one more reason than I do
the bias that has already been 13 in the backs too
well nothing I leave you with the video to knit this jacket or jacket
cardigan or jersey as we will need the wool balls or 160 grams of yarn
East of Pearl is summer wool
I call her vale is a very soft finite wool It serves to work with a crochet
number 3 okay
you will also need some markers a pair of scissors as always
always a pair of scissors and a needle in these ways
okay to start doing this jacket we will have to make a
total of 100 chainlets and we will have to form a rectangle of
45 44 45 centimeters wide by 17 for 15 long to 6 inches to 45 centimeters that are 17
inches and a half wide by 15 centimeters long or 6 inches and in
that we will have to put 100 chains one once we have the 100 chains what we’re going
to make are 3 more chains and 3 and then let’s do let’s go to
take out vague that there are I say are They are also points as you want to call it
we will remove all 3 4 5 6 total we have to have six points or
six more and then we will take the thread
we will get hooked and we will pass it all we will reinforce
with a chain stitch and we already have a reason that’s what
I call in the whole video a reason Now what we have to do is
take a point here from here from this
of the last point we have made here you see taking out from here
3 from here the last point 4 5 and 6
and again we hook the thread
and we take out we end with a chain stitch value
again the same thing we have to be from in medium from here on this
what is the last point we have taken the fourth will be removed from this point and then two chain stitches
is a point that is pair multiple of 2 we have 6
Y we will hook everything and reinforce with a chain stitch
again we take out the beige medium
in the middle we get one from here of this last point that we have removed we will extract
the other from here from this point below another Y of the following two chain stitches mange we will do it and we will take it out and
we will reinforce and we have to have a total of 48
grounds or florets or stars as you want
call him Well, we have the 48 reasons made
What we are going to do is always finish the last point will be half
point okay
that is, we will always finish the laps with half a point then now the return return we will go up the chain stitches and here
Where is the hole the little hole this where we have collected
all points okay let’s make two half points in each
one we will jump to the other little hole and we’ll make another two half points
we jump to the other little hole of the medium where the points are collected the most
and dance and so
in the whole round we will go and we will be doing two half points in
every hole we will finish the number 2 lap
with half a point and we will record it here in the end where the points of the
chain stitch okay
and then now we have to do as the number return
1 let’s make 3 chain stitches get up and we will take a nothing
we will get another low other
4 5
and 6 Y we will join them all we will force with a
chain stitch and now we will take out here the first
through the middle then over here for the last point below the last point we will take the
other and the next two points we will remove all
and reinforce with a chain stitch we’re going to do it again
through the middle around here for the last point where we have
that we have taken below the last point
4 and the last two the next two what will they be
16 we all get together and reinforce with a chain tutor
and so we have to make the rectangle of 45 40 and 42 or 45 centimeters wide
for 15 long following right now
in the back is the two midpoints points
here in the middle in the holes these once we have the rectangle of 17
inches and a half or 44 centimeters 15 cm long or 6 inches what we are going to do is split the
rectangle in two parts that are given three the two front and the back as I told you at the beginning you have to
have 48 reasons 48 reasons I want to say 48 stars of these
that we are going to split into three parts 12 little stars or 12 reasons for
front and 24 for the back once we have left and the most match
ok what we are going to do is the forwards we will do the same
but with until you reach the armhole
that we are going to eat these two dots from here
let’s see a reason only then let’s do the mont
in the same round okay once we are coming to our
sign of the armhole what we have to to have is clear is that if we have put
12 for the forward because we’re going to eat 1 with which we must have 11
reasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 if we see what we are arriving now instead of 6 of 6 vargas of 6 stops and 6 points
we do it from 5 OK yes
Y then we go back to make a midpoint
as we had done in the end of the beginnings good the beginnings are
three points three chain points and we end up with a midpoint and
then we will eat this and here we continue with the armhole
we have to have 11 reasons if you see that you are very hurried that you do not stay
almost points here at the end that usually pass because it’s a bit difficult to hunt
this drawing this reason because you do it instead of taking the 66 the 6 vague ones
6 points that’s the 5 and the last you already leave it as a midpoint okay to make the other forward what
let’s do it’s the same but as we have to start with the armhole instead
of around here for what is the loop clip we have to start the
forward by the armhole then we will do the same we will eat these two
first points and here we are going to start okay
and we will start doing the 3 points of chain as we have done previously 1 2 and 3
ok we’ll get the points 2 we already have 3 and 4
ok we will hide this from here 5 and 6 and we’ll do the motive
and we already have it started in the opposite direction and then we will be doing the point until the end of the turn
3 5 and 6 okay
then in one let’s start it by here we have to start the forward
around here but the other one to the party already we have to start on the other side
or on the part of the armhole that will help in the end
of the and the other forward who will be the
front right this is the left forward who
we have done first is the left and is right what we have to do
is to have 11 reasons equal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and what are we going to do
eleven and finish
with the point medium
that we will wash here as we have done previously
in the chain okay and then we have facts both
now we have to knit in straight we will continue knitting straight we do not have to
use no reason better we will leave the straight now to do the back we will do what
we’ve done with the forwards we we will eat a reason and we will begin
with the three chain stitches and then we will start doing
our point is worth 3
4 5 and 6 so now if we had 24 points and
24 reasons sorry 24 reasons you see how remains
married tries to get married as well as possible it’s okay now on your back you will have
to get to 22 motives and we coronemos this idea that to the
side okay another reason we have to get to
Here are 22 reasons we turn around do not forget to go
hiding the thread inside is worth to that we do not have any mishap since
then do not undo the work and once we are reaching the end of the
back what we do see almost we we see very hurried instead of as we have
done before in the front instead of get five points or five bars today six points or six yarn bars what
what we are going to do is take 5 so that then we have a place to
point means that we have to finish with the
that we have to finish you see Y
we have eaten a reason more or less you can keep it that way
okay now we will take it we will turn around and
we will continue the whole back straight the front straight and you’re back and
the forwards doing the same considering that if we have 22
reasons we have to finish with 22 and if we have 11 then the same 11 11 to make the stroller of the
front what we are going to do is in the left part is worth I have done 4
centimeters and a half from high from the armhole to where it goes to
start the neck to 6 turns that are three strips of
reasons then what we will take it will be the first point we are going to slide
It’s worth two reasons today pieces
ok let’s slide two reasons up here
the 5 points let’s go we’ll make a point of chain and we will go sliding the 12 4
and 5 that is two reasons here you see
and then now the next thing will be to do 2 low points two half socks with which you see we have I have done in sliding the dots then
making the point down and the two stockings we have done rounds like a rounding then now to get to do the
reason what we are going to do is we will take and we will remove the bar from here
ok then here we will get another one and 1 and 2 and we will only do this reason
of 5 and we will continue we will continue until the end doing our normal death up to
get to that to the armhole ok you see how it has been so rounded and in the next round what we will do
everything all half a crochet and when come here we will have to look good
where we have finished you see the second both the two halves, that is, what
that we have made of the five points slipped the two low points plus the
two half ends and here we will finish with another half-crochet as we have
finished in all the jersey always ends with half a crochet
and now in the next back and something we’re going to do everything normal singing the three chain stitches and
doing our normal little spin with seven little stars that I have left
to me, we’ll reach the tenth back and we’ll have to have 1 1 2 4 6 8
10 and 12 laps and to do the other part the part of
the right of the striker here we have started at the beginning of the return do
the armhole but here what we are going to have what to do is finish
at the end and then we are going to do it and we are going to do the same operation but
on the contrary instead of sliding 5 points and 2 low points and 2 2 half varetas what
what we are going to do are two half pockets 2 low points and slip we will do the slip we will do the five points that
are left you also have to know that if it is that
if you have 7 left 7 or good who says I know also that 27
if you put more points if you you want to make bigger
same in a forward that in others has to stay and once we have the
points 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 what we will do what we have done in this part but at
opposite the 2 half points
It’s worth 2 points low slip we will and we will cut the thread because no longer we have to start the next round
here we will stick to the thread we will cut Ok, we’ll finish it off well and then
we will start around here again lifting the two
chain stitches and making the turns inside out to do the little rounding in the
back what we will do is work a little more that is to work 8 centimeters
up to 8 centimeters and a half worth or 3 inches and a half or in laps are 2
4 6 8 and 10 as here in the front we have seven reasons
here what we are going to do is in the last in the last round and the
last turns is worth what we will do 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 and in the other 1 2
3 4 5 6 and 7 so from there we have what to start okay
and we will do nothing but two laps we will take and we will do two more laps
but only to split the back in starting from the back one part and another I have done
what are the two laps girls round trip and now what we will have
what to do is to jump all these and as we have already counted in the seven reasons in
the other side we will do what we will do start over and start with the three
chain stitches you see in the signal that we have put that
we had seven reasons two three four five six and seven we will take
we’ll start with the 3 chain stitches and we will finish with our half point
and so we will have split in the back in two parts 4 5 and 6
what you have to have also always I’m telling you and the best peak of heavy
but always hide the threads because is that later
and then a lot of work is lost out there times
okay and it has no other mystery what is the neck is worth it
you have to do the 22 laps here and the turns to start making the hose what
first that we will have to do will be sew the shoulder and then where we have
state that we have pointed out at the beginning when we started the rectangle
ok here we will take it for reference and let’s start to take the manga
then we will start how we started until now
with three chain stitches we will collect all the points taking care that we do not take
how am I taking myself to this from here 4 5 we will go and we are collecting another okay 4 5 and we are collecting everything that is around the hand 2 4
5 h 4 5 ok we’ll pick it up A) Yes in this way and they will have to be about 21 or
20 voucher when we have reached the end of the
return what we will do will be with a knot slipped we will hook
one part with the other have left me twenty
reasons worth 20 and stars
so now what we have to do is to turn around and let’s work for
within the work we are going to work for the left hand and not
let’s work round because because as we have done Jersey
one pass of the right and another passed the we have done the opposite if we do everything in
round we would stay all right and it would be very noticeable what is the
the work is worth then we will now take we will turn around we will work for
inside it’s worth and we’ll raise both chain stitches and we will be working
with the midpoints that are the the second round is worth
but inside the alagón and we will finish the round with
also sliding the joining points pain at the other end and now we will turn again and we will start again with the point I
20 stars left this you have to take into account
in everything in everything that is the work the jersey because you always have to be
counting the points I tell you by It’s not about giving us more work but because
it’s convenient because there’s a since you eat points without truth that without
know then it is good that it contains from time to time and that if you start with
20 you have to finish with 20 I feel be very repetitive but then what happens
what happens and I have already reached the end of the
hose that as I said I had 5 inches had to do 5 inches of
long and 5 inches that are 13 centimeters to 5 inches and a half
once we have finished what we are going to to do is I’m going to finish it all
what he is Carl Zeiss in white with a spin
round another reason that is two laps in white but here in
the sleeves what we are going to do is collect them is worth so that the
fist a little more closed then what what we are going to do is instead of taking
six strands of and the six vague that I I call earl let’s get seven for well
be able to pick up the little fist a little bit then we will start the same
and doing the the same but instead of 6 we are going to catch
7 and then okay
we will pass everything and we will do exactly equal 2 we will remove from here the third the
quarter 5 and 7
and so we will have It’s worth the most closed chick then all
these threads you have to take everything and finish everything well and then the
next turn and we will do the return will be as we have done all the
point from a point half a point worth but instead of taking six vague
we will take seven to collect the fist and stay a little longer
closed 6 6 and the one that continues 7 and later
what we will do will be around all the little jacket we’re going to do about 12 laps
or is a strip of reasons why is around for the stroller and everything and
we will start behind the neck so that we stay straight as you see
reserve take a little beige the fist of the sleeve and now to top it all around
from the hard say what we are going to do is from here from behind the back from
Half of the neck is worth we will start and but we will start with the
normal point not picking up as we have made in the fist what we are going to do is
do 6 6/6 threads as we have done done in everything the jersey is worth going doing it so that it does not stay
picking them up in such a way that does not stay neither big nor stay
We’ll take precaution to go taking the more or less as we
ask for the point okay nothing here in the back we will go catching
those here on the back so they look the points we have but for example
here in these in what is the neck and then what is the forward
and let’s do it equally possible
as fair as possible so that we do not It’s very big like that if we have very
big will stay like a bolon as with flyers and if we have very
small will shrink us then we will try to do it enough x
fairness equitably and then for low we will do what
how is this done It does not have another mystery good and in the end the auctions done in
This is how the jacket looks Okay wear night buttonholes are some
loops that I made with some points of net credit you see here that are
five little dots of chains you have it immediately put and collect and you
hook and you already have some eyelets I did not want to put
the goals because he did not want to be will mount one part on top of the other
like I like it like
how is it Well nothing I hope you liked it
have you liked please give the like you can also subscribe to my channel
I’m from every week thank you very much for watching me I wait for you in the
next video

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