Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

this video is more late than a pregnant woman's period whatever one's your girl's super what's the type how you doing happy early Halloween now if you're like me and you still don't know what you're gonna be for Halloween because you're lazy you're cheap and you know you think doing things is overrated then welcome to my tutorial on how to make these cheapest last-minute costumes one of my favorite youtubers by the name of Daily Grace has been doing this cheap dumb last-minute costume thing and I'm like what a great idea so I decided to jump on the bandwagon this bandwagon even have a wheel does now boom boom so there you have here are some last-minute cheap costume ideas put on a hat anything that feels warm makes it look like it's cold outside get a thermometer in this case I'm desi I don't have a thermometer we don't believe in sickness grab a pen next grab either a DVD or VHS trick-or-treat I'm a viral video oh oh oh for this costume you're going to need to dress completely in black black hat black sweater black ear tag and this song the eight know yellow start acting really weird start twitching stopping randomly trick or trick I'm a blackberry drop for directional arrows with an SS bottom taper to yourself throw on a junior scarf if a message or shirt that's just POTUS points get some halls medicine and tape it to yourself underneath the sign trick or treat I'm South Hall but take a piece of paper and draw as many hearts as you desire then draw a whole bunch of arrows pointing from heart to heart and that's right taper to yourself then find as much sequins shiny fabric as you can find and put it all over your body lastly grab an iPod full of music trick or treat I'm a Bollywood movie a Dunedin that a good next wrap any type of junk food I'm talking anything that's high in calories grab a ball or pad though lastly grab your phone and start yelling into it I took a treat I'm p.m. pass oh what's scarier for this costume you're gonna need a picture of your ex-boyfriend yeah that's right that effing douchebag reluctantly tape it to yourself somehow give yourself a tail if you don't have a tail wrap a scarf lastly if you have a cherry throw it in your mouth if you're like me and don't eat anything healthy ignore this step trick or treat I'm a cocktail for this costume you're gonna need a six pack of light bulbs and a marker across the six out and put a two next to it grab a flashlight and pretend you're at a rave check your treat I'm a Tupac hologram for this next one you're gonna need a small bottle alcohol you're underage good ear room wrap a pair of ears and throw it on yo head chick or treat I'm Mickey Mouse for this next one draw a Facebook poke button on a piece of paper and tape it to yourself next somehow someway find a Rasta hat a trick R treat I'm a pokemon for this next one you can keep the Rasta hat on because it makes you feel like an effin boss but this costume all you really need is a piece of paper and then it's three simple actions trick-or-treat I'm Rice Krispies was that fun or what lads mess is so much warmer clap for distance and there you have it cheap and easy last minute Halloween costume for you or them every night wanna stand alone you could go to the store and spend more $90 Potter no costume Bridgend i'ma sit here watch to bomb when you video read come and subscribe make sure you're gonna stay because every Monday and Thursday this body gotta make a new video and listen here Irie man I'm trying to disrespect nobody saw respect on good tenure in case you didn't understand make sure you read comments and subscribe because I do make meals every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that's a rat soup one listen you need to tell me McConkey how should give me a one piece of Candida you mean to tell me give me one piece okay mancom me pick me pick me we're very menu they put the costume on become a ring in a lot of them you give you one piece of candy one piece of almost like candy I want this baby like this better higher guac in this respect now make me Masha Bamba you Bessie me to Kit Kat right now I need to evaluate my life right now

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  1. For Lilly at the end of the video, don't worry. I would give you five pieces of candy because I'm so nice like that.

  2. For me, I'm being Google for Halloween. I thought about being the viral video but it would be weird. So, I'm being Google. All you need is a white shirt and to print out a Google search engine bar and tape it to the shirt. But, I might be the viral video, I think. I'm torn between those two.

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