Cheap Vintage Dresses and Petticoats Review! // Grace Karin [CC]

Cheap Vintage Dresses and Petticoats Review! // Grace Karin [CC]

Hello, and welcome to another vintage / retro brand review. If you haven’t seen the ones I’ve done already, or you would like to watch them again – because why not? – you can find them all up there in a little card. There’s a playlist and everything. I will also put it down in the description. Yay! Now, today’s brand probably isn’t one of the – what you might consider – the “bigger” brands – the more well-known brands – but you probably have seen their stuff quite a lot if, like me, you love your vintage and retro life and also go on Facebook because now, this brand is all of my Facebook adverts. The brand that we are reviewing today is called Grace Karin. They also trade under Belle Poque. I did actually look at one of their dresses all the way back last year in an un-boxing video, which again you can see here. I have really good hair in that video so you should watch it just for my hair. I’m going to be looking at five things today from the Grace Karin brand including the dress that I got last year because…comparison is good. I’ll be telling you a little bit about whether they’re good, bad, high points, low points, whether I would advise you to get them and then at the end I’m going to take you through my four points. You can also find the short links down in the description below, and those are: I think the first thing we should begin with is this dress that I am currently wearing. This dress is kind of your classic 1950s halter neck rockabilly swing-type dress. It is a particularly gorgeous front. I really, really like this front. There are some cheaper dresses that you can get that do not have the beautiful little stitches at the front that here create Hi, Tills. Hey, Tilly. Oh, she’s just going to sit on everything that I’m going to show you in a minute. Anyway! Beautiful sweetheart neckline. Do not buy a dress that is just a cut-out sweetheart neckline, I’m gonna say. No, some of those cheap dresses will try and rip you off with that. This one has beautiful stitching. It’s gorgeous. Other points to notice: the elastic in the back. I know–I’m a bit iffy about elastic in the back of a dress, because it makes me feel like I might be five. Also, it does slip down slightly on my bra, I found and that’s never a good look. However, it does mean it fits rather well and for someone with scoliosis, I guess I kind of have to give into the elastic thing. It has a beautiful full skirt, which is lovely, with or without a petticoat. Oo, I will show it to you both ways because not everyone loves a petticoat and I understand that. I really love the pattern here; I think that’s absolutely gorgeous. I would say the dress is pretty much as it looked on the picture. This dress, in particular, ranges in price from and you may be thinking, “Mm, is that a size thing?” As in, does it cost more to get a larger size? I am extra small, and it costs 20.99 for the extra small size and it costs exactly the same for the extra, extra, extra large, so ladies, my God if you are a bigger girl, jump on it because I have to say, I kind of– It bothers me when they make clothes and then it costs so much more if you buy them in large, because …not everyone’s the same size. The next dress I ordered is this Hepburn-style. Here we go. Delightful. It also has lemons. It’s a pretty fun, summery dress, I think you’ll agree. A few things of note, however. It’s–it is short. Now, I know, I’m 5’9″ so…many things count as being on the short side for me but this really–I found was just a little too much. I don’t really like… I don’t think it’s beautifully retro if you can see your knees. The material’s really good; really…quite a heavy duty cotton, actually. Very nice. I was impressed with the quality of it and also the quality of the stitching although, obviously the pattern doesn’t line up along the middle but…what are you expecting? Dear Lord. This dress retails – I sound fancy when I say that “This dress retails…” – from between depending, I believe, on the style of fabric and here you can see I’m styling it with a petticoat from Grace Karin which I’m just about to show you and then here it is without a petticoat. I think it’s actually a really lovely look, especially if you’re not a general petticoat wearer, if that is not your thing. So, this is my dress from the unboxing last year which, again, you can–card or description either / or, whichever works for you. (After you’ve seen this video, of course.) This is the Belle Poque label which they–under the same brand, I’m going to say. Under the same…I want to say the word “master.” Sorry, I’ve been thinking too much about Doctor Who, because there’s going to be a female Doctor Who, and that makes me really excited, and then I think about the Doctor, and the Master, and the lesbian implications here as well. [Crowd cheering] Oh, it’s so exciting. So, this dress, if you remember rightly, I did have a few sizing issues with. I’ve had nips and tucks of it since then. It’s still probably a little big, but it’s all right; working on it. Didn’t want to take too much off. It’s a size small. This dress has–you know, the colour’s faded a lot during the last year. It ran when I washed it the very first time so it used to be quite a bright white, but is no longer and I actually really prefer it! I really do. I think it looks a lot more vintage-y because…bright white. How did that happen in the days before Vanish? I do like this dress; I think it’s very pretty. I very much like this neckline, although, my God, does it give everything away. All right, now, this little beauty – That’s not even in any way correct. “Little” is not the word for this – is more of a tutu look. We know this because it comes straight from the waistband here. Da, da, da, daa Also, it puffs out. Boy, does it puff out. Now, wearing this underneath the lemon dress, it looked absolutely fabulous. It’s short and it’s great for that, but the… oh, the itch, the itch, the itch. The waistband, as you can see it’s straight–it’s straight onto your flesh, and that is harsh if you are not wearing full vintage undergarments. However, it gave a really amazing, full look that I absolutely loved. I actually tried it on under another dress, from a different company. Here is the dress from British Retro right here which…is beautiful. Clearly will be in my favourites this month because… You know, it’s pretty darn cheap, and depending on the size you get, it is under ten pounds. Yay. It is so full; I absolutely love it. It’s a look that normally I get by piling on three petticoats–yes, I wear three petticoats in one go. Mm, I’m thinking I’m actually going to make a video about petticoats and where you can get petticoats from and the kind of looks that you can get, and expensive and not expensive. So do let me know in the comments as well anything that you want to know about petticoats. But this petticoat, I would highly recommend. But! But. Now we move on to the final, final piece of the Grace Karin [?] So, occasionally I go slightly crazy [?] – well, not crazy, but you know – I get a little funny and I decide I want to try a coloured petticoat. So, this one is navy. I did originally want the buttermilk one, but sadly they were out. So this I have purchased in the small. This, er…it grips your hips! I’ll give you that. Where the upper lining connects with the [?] (the [?] ) (I like that word) ( [?] ) it is just…itchy as hell. Itchy as hell. I could not wait to get that thing off. It has an inner lining, which is great but that doesn’t save it from the actual seam itself, which is incredibly painful and you don’t really want that on your arse. Of all the places on your body. OK, moving on to our four points of our brand review. The most important things. How did the clothes look? I would say they look rather nice. They do, they look very good. There are a range of fabrics. They’re not… they’re not necessarily the most authentic-looking if you’re going for a very vintage look. If you are going to a summer garden party-type thing – ’cause that’s a thing I do – you’re going to – and you want a really cheap dress – then these are the dresses for you. They’re lovely. The cotton’s very nice; they’re very breathable. Good summer dresses to generally have. I would wear them as just general day time dresses but, according to Clara, they are for fancy occasions. Maybe I just have a different level of formal to everyone else. Not every fabric they have is a winner. The Audrey dresses can – as with all of those kind of (“Audrey dresses” – Hepburn dresses, sorry) – as with all of those style of dress, they can be a little tight under here, especially if, like me, you are a large-boobed lady. I would say – obviously, I’ve not yet washed the two new dresses, but I have washed the old dress from last year – I would say that the crisp look doesn’t necessarily hold up but that’s quite nice; they become quite soft and I prefer a bit of a softer colour. Not all of their dresses run through the large range of sizes that some of them do. I’ve seen ones that are a extra small to an XXX Large which is a really good range, I think. Really good range. And some it’s more the kind of, “small, medium, large, extra large.” Wearability – I would say I’m…having a very nice time in this dress. It’s not itchy at all. The lemon dress I found a little constricting again up here. The petticoats. Noo. In terms of wearability, however, the other petticoat is…semi-delightful. Semi-delightful. As long as the waistband itself is not touching your bare flesh, you’re good to go. As I have discussed throughout this review, and as you obviously know, because they’re available on Amazon, these aren’t the world’s most expensive dresses. Oh, no. They are not. They’re all pretty much under twenty-five pounds. Everything is under twenty-five pounds. The petticoats are incredibly cheap, so really I don’t know whether I should be allowed to complain. Yes, if they scratch your bum this much. Yes. But the dresses themselves – for the quality, the cut, I am hugely impressed. Go for it. And especially if you’re just building your vintage wardrobe you do not really want to be starting at the top end. Start down here, OK? Buy some things from Amazon; try some different styles; some different cuts. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Even, like, play around with colour. You know, go crazy. Buy a petticoat in a colour you wouldn’t normally…then get it…then slightly regret it. Boom! It’s from Amazon, guys! Amazon. It’s from Amazon, guys! Amazon. Come on. Probably in six month’s time, it’ll be delivered by a little drone called Kevin and it will be with you within an hour of ordering, or something stupid. I’m pretty sure I got these, if not the next day, then two days. Oh, yeah, ’cause after… Obviously, it depends on whether you order after working hours or not. Yes, so my point is that, you know, sometimes a really cheap thing can actually be quite good. Shockingly and if you’re the type of person who just wants to wear a petticoat once, for one event, yeah, go ahead, buy these – they are cheap; they do work. Wear big knickers; you’ll be OK. And there we go. Ending the video with some knickers. Until next time! Mwah!

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  1. I also would love a video on petticoats! Particularly a section on different petticoat volumes, so you know ones to wear if you just want a hint of volume to full on va va voom (you know, when you give yourself a full 2 meter radius)! Xx

  2. As a poor unfortunate student, vintage clothing on a budget is ideal! Definitely love the look of the lemon dress and could imagine wearing that a ton! This vid is definitely going to come in handy when I next do some dress shopping 😉

  3. Ha I'm watching in a Grace Karin skirt! The Frida Kahlo skirt.

    I found buying almost too good to be true. It was £9.99 with no postage cost. Arrived in less than 24 hours! Like you say the quality is much better than you'd expect. The fabric costs £15 a metre, I've looked at it before because I particularly like that Frida fabric.

    Two downsides: it isn't an authentic circle skirt but it is full enough to put a petticoat under. It is bigger than the measurements on Amazon. I'm usually 14/16. Amazon sizing reckoned I needed XL. I didn't! But I add a stretchy belt (£3 from Amazon, altered because also too big!)

  4. Hey I really love your style. How did you develop your love for vintage clothing? Can you maybe do another fun video with your wife? You guys are really cute together! 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, PLEASE do a petticoats video! I'm desperately seeking a cheaper, single layer petticoat so I can wear my circle skirts and still fit through doorways and some advice would be lovely haha! Love your videos, keep rocking 😊 xxx

  6. if you do a video on petticoats, could you maybe consider talking specifically about itchiness/comfortableness? not just mentioning if a petticoat is particularly itchy but also if you're recommending petticoats saying if there are particularly un-itchy ones or if there's a petticoat you can handle but maybe a more sensitive person couldn't, etc. that'd be really helpful for people with sensitive skin & autism & sensory processing disorder & other sensory issues, i struggle a lot with petticoats because of my own SPD ❤️

  7. Thank you for your review, I didn't know this brand and I'm going to check them out. Please do the video on petticoats! It's so hard to find good affordable ones!

  8. Jessica you look delightful in all of them, but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the white one………………………… 🙂………. with roses (you wear throughout the video) the neck line is lovely. The white and lemon one is very 50s, kind of executive wifey (if you’ll excuse the non-pc expression). But clearly you have chosen these dresses on their artful ability to hide Tilly paw prints.

  9. Petticoats video: YES! I am totally working on one at the moment, making sure I have a good selection of brands to show you. Stay tuned awesome people xx

  10. The first dress (the pink and white one), the elastic bit falling down should be fixable by sewing some light boning in at the falling downingest bit.

  11. I love the first dress. That heart-shaped neckline UGH! Gorgeous! I doubt it would look that well on me, though, as I am not blessed with your bra size 😀 The second dress is maybe not my style but it looks great on you! Please do make a video about petticoats. I still just own one but that might change in the future 😉 Can't wait to meet Kevin the drone!

  12. How do you keep those types of dresses from wrinkling? It seems like I can never sit down or even touch the dress without it looking like I've never ironed it in my life.

  13. Yes yes a petticoat video yes!!! There is not enough said about any vintage reproduction underwear!! Reviews, layering, versatility, let's talk about it!

  14. Goodness, I might need to try some of these. Any time I've tried retro dresses it hasn't looked good on me at all? But I really want it to, so I might try again xD

  15. For the petticoat video: Is it worth it to spend more on one of those fluffy, frilly, fancy petticoats? Or do they honestly feel the same as the typical net/tutu type petticoats on amazon?
    Edit: nvm I found your petticoat video lol

  16. I want to wear these dresses but I'm 5'2 so most of the dresses look awful on me because they are way too long because I have to get the medium size for my tummy q.q

  17. Oh wow, I 100% agree with the elastic thing, I think many companies us it in order to cut corners so they don't need to worry too much about bodice tailoring!

  18. Has to do with third party sellers. In order for a consumer to sell on Amazon it has to be an item they already sell (most of the time), so that price range sometimes means that an individual person listed a dress they bought to sell to another consumer on Amazon (basically online thrifting). Belle Poque sells some of the larger women's sizes, and I have that exact floral Print Belle Poque dress in my closet, because we were trying to get the right sizing for my friend so we ended up with the same dress in two different sizes (one was and XL and she needed a 1X). So I kept the dress that did not fit her.

  19. I love Grace Karin for things i'm not going to wear all the time. My Minnie Mouse skirt is from her line, and i'm currently highly considering a print Christmas dress just for fun. The place her line really shines for me actually is the very cheap petite coats. I work in a library and particularly petite coats always seem in danger of catching on things and ripping, so i love wearing the super cheap ones for work. I also wear tights at work pretty much year round so i don't find itching to be a huge problem.

  20. Cry laughing because I live in an area with Amazon Prime Now and could probably actually order one of these within two hours…

  21. Oh, people are throwing such fits over the new Doctor. I'm quite excited to see how she does, just watched the Christmas episode and was sad to see Capaldi leave, but looking forward to finding out what our new Doctor is like.

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  23. if you or anybody want to donate some unused vintage retro dresses/clothes,contact me! im in need 😇❤️

  24. Ahh I want to order one of these dresses, they look so beautiful on you 😭😭I’m just so completely unsure what size would flatter me, I’m 5”1 height wise so I would be a extra small or small cause of that but i have a chubby tummy, so I’m not sure what size will fit around it .

  25. I love this type of dresses 😍😍but when I wear them people look at me really weird like I belong in the old times. 😤 I still wear them 😂😂
    Im wearing one for tonight on thanksgiving dinner 🥘
    Im buying way more for summer 😍😍

  26. I got two from grace Karin petticoats and they have a lining in them and not itchy! You can purchase them on amazon. I have a black one and a white one. Just starting my vintage collection!

  27. Found this & thought you'd love it. Rita laying on the floor on her back. Different reasons but thought I'd send you happy vibes as I too am disabled and know what it's like to need to redefine everything around u… even u yourself. I knew u <3 her & you've helped me so much already! And I'm new!!

  28. Wait wait wait… 5"9' I tall? I'm 5"9' and reeeeeally overwhieght, the only problems that I have had with clothes is finding a fat enough size for me.

  29. Love your channel, you are such a positive person! Great combination of fun fashion and style videos and more serious topics. Thank you for putting me on the trail of Grace Karin/Belle Poque, I ordered a couple of pieces and they are lovely: Pretty patterns and colors and great fit. Plus, they are mostly cotton, hard to find in the USA – polyester central, even in hot and humid Florida. Not the same quality as the dresses I have from Top Vintage and Modern Millie, but for about 1/3 of the price a great buy. While browsing amazon, I also found dresses from a brand called Roosey, similar quality, can recommend those!

  30. Having been born in 1950, I remember wearing a simple cotton A-line slip under my petticoats. It protected the midriff and thighs from the scratchy petticoat fabric. To keep the crisper look to the dresses, you can purchase a spray-on sizing or starch to use when ironing. it will restore the "hand" to the fabric and helps with the set of the skirt. If you sew at all, Butterick, Vogue and McCall's all offer reprints of vintage patterns of the 40's and 50's – those made during the war years are often simple to sew and very attractive. And look up Patterns by Gertie – she designs vintage style clothes that are easy to sew. Love your appreciation of the period – I've sewn vintage clothing and it teaches you so much about the way women made beauty in times of fewer resources.

  31. Are ‘grace karin’, ‘belle poque’ and ‘dolly & dotty’ all the same brand??

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