Chino & Khaki Pants Fit Guide – Men's Clothing Fit Guide

Chino & Khaki Pants Fit Guide – Men's Clothing Fit Guide

hi I'm Ashley Weston I'm a celebrity menswear stylist this video is part of my men's clothing fit guide to see the other articles and videos in this series visit this link or click here alright so let's talk about how your chinos should fit let's start with the waist and seat of your chinos so like all your pants you want to make sure it fits perfectly around your waist so that you don't need a belt to hold them up like your jeans you want your chinos waist to sit a little lower than where your suit pants was so somewhere between mid to upper hip bone area that's where you want them to be the butt area or seat of your chinos should lightly hug your butt and not be too tight or too saggy if it feels like you're gonna split your pants when you sit down or bend over they're way too tight if it looks like you're carrying a big load in your pants just looks like a really droopy saggy butt then make sure to pull up your pants or try another brand and if that doesn't work then you got to start doing some squats to build up that butt area or take it to your tailor and have them take in him or her take in the seat or you can do both no woman will ever complain if you have a nice firm booty moving down to the thighs they should fit comfortably without feeling like they're pulling at the knees when you're walking you should be able to pinch a minimum of one inch of fabric but no more than an inch and a half of fabric on either side of your thigh if you can pinch more than that then try a different style of Chino or if possible see if you could go down a size as a last resort you can get a tailor to slim the legs but the cost is usually not worth it and lastly how long should your chinos be unlike your jeans you always want to default for chinos add a slight to no break this will look sharp and compliment every body type and height so that's how your chinos should fit to see the chinos that I think you should own based on your body type of course visit this link or click here this video is part of my men's clothing fit guide check out my website for a more in-depth article and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and if you like this video give it a thumbs up alright guys thanks so much for watching I'll see you in the next one like jeans the chinos waist shit it looks like you're having but no more than an inch of it oh if that doesn't work then you're gonna back up if that

40 Replies to “Chino & Khaki Pants Fit Guide – Men's Clothing Fit Guide”

  1. This woman is the epitome of irritating…I will never understand why women like this are considered worth bothering with

  2. I am confused, are you referring to how chinos should fit women ? Because the fit you describe doesn't look manly at all

  3. Actually, squats are not very good at building the glutes. I suggest doing hip thrust instead for they activate the butt area better : D

  4. what does pinching 1 inch from either side of the thigh mean?? does that mean, each side of the thigh should have 1inch gap( 2 inch in total)?

  5. I bought chinos from h&m and it's not proportion from my waist and calve muscle its too tight. And it's a bit baggy on a tigh area. I feel like i'm waering a jogger pants. I really wanted so badly even though i refuse to buy it but i ended up buy the pants. And now i regre it.

  6. Chinos are my go to for the summer for things like going to Mass or something like that.

    I have the length altered a bit higher since I’ll go for the sockless look and show a bit of ankle. It became my thing. I get riffed for it by the guys, but it’s cool. I recommend it.

  7. Absolutely love this video. Not only for the obvious reason, informative and on point, but also for the outtakes at the end. Love that part, hilarious. You’re the best Ashley.👍🤗

  8. I wish there is an ideal measurement for pants length according to your height. Its hard to find a good tailor 🙁

  9. Slight to no break? So is it preferable for them to be a little long down the shoe or a little short of resting on it? Don't understand fancy pants Hollywood fashion talk.

  10. Please make a video on light chinos and heavy chinos i am extremely confused how to differentiate them.

  11. Tailoring in the Philippines is dirt cheap.. Slimming of pants or basically any simple alteration except from lined garments cost about 1-2$…

  12. I feel like this waist is acceptable for twenty somethings but hardly a respectable look for forties.

  13. Should chinos have an edge, like suit trousers, or not? How to fold, store and iron them? Edge ot not? (is edge that word? – i mean that crease along the leg)

  14. what to do if I have tapered chinos and it have no pinch on the calves, and when i sit down and stand up, the length looks very short. Ihave to grab it down manually on the calves area. should i go for a longer size?

  15. Hey Ashley I kind of have a problem I'm a 16 year old short guy (5feet 8) who has tick thighs and a firmly round butt (if you know what I mean) and what I'm trying to tell is that I have problame with choosing pants. Because of my thick thighs I always have to look for a bigger size of jeans, but then I alays have to wear a belt because waist is too big for me and then as a result my pants always look like a saggy pants just as the right picture at 1:05 . Do you have any tips on what kind of jeans or pants someone of my bodytype should buy?
    ps: subscribers over her channel are also free to respond.

  16. Thing is that if I wear them as you describe many people most women look at me at my private area trust me that I used to enjoyed getting the attention from women but now is a little uncomfortable I really like the way it looks and feels when wearing the right fit jeans or chinos ,any suggestions?

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